2012 winners collect their trophies at FIA Gala

2012 F1 season

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Formula One world champions Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull collected their trophies at the FIA Gala yesterday along with several other F1 prize winners.

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen attended to collect their trophies for finishing second and third in the drivers’ championship.

The Formula One promotional trophy for a race was won by the Indian Grand Prix organisers for the second year in a row. Sky Sports were awarded the prize for top broadcaster.

The Deustcher Motor Sport Bund, Germany governing body of motor sport, was awarded the Bernie Ecclestone Trophy for the club whose drivers scored the most points.

Silvia Bellot, a graduate of the FIA’s trainee steward programme who has worked as several races over the past two seasons, was given the Outstanding Official Award.

FIA Gala prizegiving in pictures

2012 F1 season

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44 comments on “2012 winners collect their trophies at FIA Gala”

  1. looks like they havent updated the constructors trophy photo in 12 years! the last winner on it is ferrari in 2000.

    1. Same for the drivers’ trophy: Schumacher in 2000.

    2. It’s the same on the drivers’ trophy – Schumacher is the last winner on it – but I suspect Keith is using archived photos of the trophies provided by the FIA.

      1. @prisoner-monkeys These are the most recent photographs issued by the FIA.

    3. Looks like they haven’t updated the photo of the Driver’s and Constructor’s championship either … ;)

  2. The Formula One promotional trophy for a race was won by the Indian Grand Prix organisers for the second year in a row.

    That’s strange – for the past four years, the promoter’s trophy has been awarded to the event that joined the calendar that year. In 2008, Singapore won it. In 2009, it was Abu Dhabi. South Korea won in 2010, and India in 2011. In light of this trend, I thought that Austin would have won it, especially considering that they were actually able to have the circuit ready before the deadline of ninety days before the race – unlike Korea and India – and the way the event was a runaway success.

    It’s strange, then, that India would win it again. I suppose politics played its part again – I have a difficult time accepting the idea that Austin fell out of favour because of the stop-work order and legal wrangling over the rights to the race – with the sport trying to tie itself further into India.

    1. @prisoner-monkeys I guess it has to do with expectations. People didnt expect a world class event from India. For 2012, Jaypee went a step ahead and even built an expressway to the circuit. There were many improvements to an already good event.

      1. @malleshmagdum it wasn’t like there was no traffic to and fro the Indian GP..i was stuck both times for 45 mins..and the expressway is meant to bring down travel time between Delhi and Agra..not specific to the circuit..
        the only thing they did was no toll collections for the weekend for better vehicular movement..didnt help much IMO

        1. @forcef1 when they opened in 2011, it was only for circuit. Now, they opened the entire Agra-Delhi stretch. Where was the traffic jam? On the main expressway? And are there ppl driving on the wrong side? Jaypee’s ads show like its an autobahn!

          1. traffic management at entry and exit points to the circuit were a real problem..i agree that there were thousands of cars and one cannot expect free flow..but it wasn’t as rosy as an autobahn..lol

  3. Any idea if the F1 Season Highlights video they make for the Gala is available anywhere online?

    1. @browny I suspect it’ll be on the official F1 website shortly.

      1. @vettel1

        It’s still last years one currently.

        1. Sorry, I thought you meant the season highlights video. Ignore me.

    2. Yeah I’m looking for the season highlights video, its still only got the 2011 one on there now

  4. @malleshmagdum It wans’t a world class event.Attendance was low compared to last year.Track was still awaful thanks to dust.Air wasn’t very clean with a tonne of fogg & polluted air.And the racing it produced was utterly boaring.

    If its a ‘promotional’ award, FIA is saying that despite failing to attract more crowd, India was better than Austin which had produces a great race with sellout crowd,& a better track.What nonsense!

  5. @sushant008 Any event can be considered a world class event if the facilities provided match up to(or exceed) world standards. Going by this, Indian GP was indeed a world class event.
    Dust wasnt as big a problem as last year thx to astroturf installed. Unlike Korea astroturf did not fail.

    Smog, crowd and boring racing are factors beyond organiser’s control. Now, can u describe Abu Dhabi as a failure just bcz temp is 45C? Or can u blame Malaysia organisers for the washout in 2009? NO….

    Remember, the award is for best organisation of a GP. It is Not for the best race.

    1. Then why did Korea win in 2010?

      1. exactly!.why did korea & abu dhabi win in 2010 & 2009 then?

        i’m not saying that organizers of IndianGP did a bad job.i’m just saying that Austin didnt won the award despite doing a true great job..

      2. @sushant008 @blockwall2 Korea won in 2010?? Certainly not the right decision at the time.
        Coming to 2012, we all know FIA is pushing F1 in India. But that doesnt mean that Indian GP organisers didnt deserve it.

        1. @malleshmagdum so your saying that Austin doesn’t deserve it?

          1. @sushant008 India, Austin, Abu Dhabi (considering their technology) were evenly matched when it came to organising. But India went a step ahead. Accommodation provided came in for praise from everybody. Plus u rarely see a race were an entire was built ahead of schedule just to ensure smooth traffic flow for a sports event.

            People at Austin reported problems with shuttle and parking, unlike the Indian GP. It probably was considered by the jury while awarding the prize.

          2. an entire *expressway

          3. I think they should award it to whatever race has the best organizers for the year, no matter how old the circuit is. Here’s how it should have been:
            2008: Singapore (for organizing first F1 night race)
            2009: Abu Dhabi (for investing over a billion $$$ in F1)
            2010: Canada (for bringing back one of the best events on the calendar)
            2011: Great Britain (for re-locating pit straight)
            2012: United States (for promoting F1 in the US, and building one of the best new tracks since 1999 when the Malaysians built Sepang)

  6. I think the Formula One promoters’ trophy should go to Spa every year.
    Alas that is the stuff of kids’ dreams!!! Sigh!!!!

    1. @chicanef1 How’s that? I don’t think they do a very good job of promotion, hence how it nearly fell off the calendar!

  7. I just watched the Gala video on the oficial F1 site and is it just me or does the crowd make a bigger roar when Alonso was getting his Trophy than SV?? Certainly seems that way…. Anyways…. i feel masively proud of the season Fernando and Ferrari had.
    Sometimes second place just feels better than second! Congratulations to all!

    1. @catracho504

      does the crowd make a bigger roar when Alonso was getting his trophy

      Honestly that wouldn’t surprise me at all. He himself has said that has probably the best he’s driven over the course of a season and rightfully so he should be applauded for his efforts!

    2. @catracho504 @vettel1 Actually I think they turn off the volume for SV, since you can see in the video that he get an standing Ovantion…

  8. First place: bow tie.
    Second place: neck tie.
    Third place: no tie.

    1. Yes yes yes yes, no tie, no tie, I do that everywhere.

    2. I know @estesark , it is so annoying! Wearing a black neck tie to a black tie function is acceptable (so Nando is ok), but not wearing a tie at all is bang out of order. I’m glad Seb wore a tie this year, he didn’t in 2010 and it annoyed me no end. Kimi, you’ve been warned! :p

    3. Interviewer : Er . kimi why didnt you wear a tie

      Kimi : I was having a ****

      ( interviewer cuts in)
      Interviewer : thank you ,kimi that will be all .

  9. Sky won the braodcaster trophy? Seriously? Goodness me, what’s happening with this world!?

    1. @joao-pedro-cq

      Don’t let yourself get worked up, it’s clear enough to the world that they simply bought it.

    2. @joao-pedro-cq
      SKY have created a dedicated F1 channel, shown every single session live, give several hours of build up before the race and analysis afterwards, show classic races and past season highlights as well as making loads of behind the scenes programs about the teams, drivers and the sport in general.
      SKY have done a better job with F1 than any UK broadcaster ever has in the past and the SKY F1 channel is brilliant.

      You may not like having to pay to watch F1 live (I don’t either) but that isn’t the fault of SKY, that’s down to poor management at the BBC and corporate greed from FOM and doesn’t take away from the fantastic job that SKY have done since gaining the rights to broadcast F1.

      1. I’m not talking about quantity, but quality. Their broadcasts are terrible, Simon doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Georgie seems like a robot asking stupid and obvious questions to Anthony Davidson, and while some of their features are nice and interesting, most of them are dull, stupid and lacking the soul of those from BBC. And don’t get me started on comparing the season reviews.

        1. @joao-pedro-cq
          I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one mate, personally I like Georgie and think she does a good job, Simon may not be the best commentator but I’ve certainly heard worse.
          I also like the SKY features and reviews.
          What’s more there’s no Eddie Jordan on SKY (and for me, that pretty much justifies the cost of the SKY subscription).

          1. Opinions are opinions, we just have to respect each other. But I agree with you on Eddie Jordan, and I don’t know to what length I’ll be able to put up with him without Jake there to control him.

  10. Why is Gebhard Sanne standing on a box? Oh, wait a minute…….
    Looks like Classic Kimi thought “black tie” referred to his shoe laces.
    It might be an old photo, but the Promoters’ trophy still looks cheap and nasty.

  11. all the trophy look really expensieve.

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