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Michael Schumacher did not achieve the success his fans hoped for – and many of us expected – during his F1 comeback.

But there was a neat symmetry in his return to Mercedes. The sight of Schumacher in a Silver Arrows brought back memories of him racing their glorious Group C machines in the early nineties.

Though the likes of Bernie Ecclestone consider his return a mistake there were some highlights during his three years back in F1. Have a look back at his return to Formula One in pictures.


Schumacher originally intended to make his comeback with Ferrari in 2009 after Felipe Massa was injured at the Hungaroring. He tested for the team but was thwarted by a neck injury suffered in a motorbike race.

However his desire to resume racing had been fired up and his return with Mercedes was duly announced later in 2009. He began his preparations by testing a GP2 car to get used to the current generation of Bridgestone tyres.

His W01 sprouted an unusual twin airbox from the midpoint of the season but it failed to lift the car to the front of the field. And there was that notorious run-in with Rubens Barrichello at the Hungaroring.


In 2011 he went wheel-to-wheel with Nico Rosberg in Monaco, showed his mettle at Monza and came close to that elusive podium finish in Canada.


Schumacher finally returned to the F1 podium at Valencia in 2012. But that was the peak of an often frustrating season and in Suzuka he finally announced his retirement. Seventh place in his final race in Brazil means his career tally stops at 1,566 points.

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Here are some more pictures from Schumacher’s time in F1, including his more successful ‘first career’:

2012 F1 season review

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  1. I seem to remember a picture of Michael Schumacher, prior to his return with Mercedes, probably at a test session, bearing a striking resemblance to Anakin Skywalker, i.e. with the hood (sp.) of his coat over his head, looking upwards to the camera, quite fiendishly. I found it striking, however, I cannot find it anymore. Any clues?

      1. sorry I meant this

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    (Survivor – Eye of the tiger) :) :DDDDDD

  3. Abdurahman (@)
    12th December 2012, 5:48

    I had no clue he had tested with Ferrari in 09. Literally none. What could have been then with a car not as good as red bull and mclaren but way ahead of mercedes? Interesting. I was never a big fan of Schumi and had actually stopped following F1 for a few years during his reign, but the fact that he went and tried German Superbike and also loves competition horse riding, well, he is a nutter. And that is good in my book! ha.

  4. That 2010 nose is ridiculously curved :D I’ve actually got a model of it at home that I should get around to building…

  5. Great photos :)

  6. Great photos, Keith. Thanks for the retrospective.

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