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The 2012 F1 season featured more races and more world champions than any previous year in the sport.

It saw a triumphant comeback for Kimi Raikkonen, a less triumphant departure for Michael Schumacher, and a brilliant third world championship for Sebastian Vettel.

But how well do you remember the season that’s just finished?

Take this brand new 20-question quiz in five minutes and find out. And look out for a bonus second quiz on the season just gone coming up later.

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to leave clues about the questions!

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14 comments on “Take F1 Fanatic’s 2012 Formula One season quiz”

  1. Let’s see if I can break my record of 3/20!

  2. I’m never any good at these quizzes!

  3. 16/20 Quite disappointing, really. I thought I did better than that.

  4. 14/20, not bad for me!

  5. 16/20. Strange, other than who led the championship and laps at Singapore I was convinced I got the answers right. Expected at least 18.

  6. Since i was not happy with the score i got(11/20), i tried playing “identifying the missing car(not HRT)” in the pic above! :)

    1. Rosberg.

  7. 17/20. I thought I had 20/20 because I answered all the questions correctly. I think.

  8. 19
    Easy squezy lemon breezy.

  9. 19. Finally a quiz that does not make me feel like a complete idiot ;-) Thank you, Keith.

  10. 16! my best yet

  11. How can anyone score 20? Valterri Bottas and the Buddh International Cicuit are not in the drop down box!

    1. Sorry, wrong track and duplicate comment

  12. How can anyone score 20? Valterri Bottas is not in the drop down box!

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