The drivers and cars of 2012

2012 F1 season review

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As 2012 draws to a close it’s time to update F1 Fanatic’s information resources on drivers, teams and cars.

Here are the updated biographies for all 25 drivers who raced in F1 this year, plus pictures galleries of the 12 cars that contested the season.

The drivers’ biographies cover each drivers’ F1 career in detail as well as the path they took to reach the sport. The graphs showing their F1 points scores, wins and pole positions have been updated and new image galleries have been added (thanks to @Girts for doing the picture research).

Find them all below.

2012 F1 season review

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Image © Sahara Force India F1 Team

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17 comments on “The drivers and cars of 2012”

  1. The closest HRT would ever gt to the Red Bulls….

    1. Ask Vettel and Karthikeyan!

  2. Why are Kobayashi and Perez not standing next to each other? They are ruining the entire pattern!!

    1. Perhaps Perez thinks his move to McLaren means he’s that good a bet for World Champ and that allows him to get close to the front row.

    2. The highest paid drivers are at the front.

      1. That’s because they have all been World Champions.

    3. I was racking my brains trying to figure out the pattern. Front and back rows make sense, but I don’t know what’s the logic in the middle. You’d think someone would have told Webber to move if there’s no particular order to it!

      1. All they needed to do was move Kobayashi to the end of that row, next to Perez. Then that row would have been perfectly symmetrical, with teammates – loner – loner – teammates – loner – loner – teammates. For the love of God, why was I not put in charge of that photo shoot?! ;-)

  3. Is Kovalainen wearing those sunglasses for a bet? He must be sponsored by the maker surely. Nobody with any choice would pick those glasses.
    It was pretty overcast when that photo was taken. He, Fernando and Kimi should have dropped the shades.

    1. I think they look sexy. I mean, Heikki’s sunglasses. Not Fernando and Kimi.

    2. Kimi and Heikki always look like bodyguards in these photos

  4. Love the handclasps going on in the front row. Alonso, as usual for the season, is giving it 120% and is perfect. Button and Hamilton have the duly authorized McLaren handclasp, which they undoubtedly modelled and perfected at Woking. Kimi’s doing a variation on the beer bottle hold, the one used when trying to be discreet. Not sure what the two Germans are doing lol.

    Just noticed that Webber is blocking Timo Glock. I think they should refer that to the stewards.

    1. Great observation. :)
      I think Schumi and Vettel are subconsciously doing the underhand-tactics gesture. As if they are trying to make a move under the table. :) Like they are trying to hide what they’re doing with their right hand. :)
      I’m too mean…

    2. Ha, good call. I noticed lewis and jenson’s were identical, but didn’t clock the others.

    3. @uan If you look at the Germans, they’re in an uncomfortable position, and I think its down to a “functional” reason of covering up their crotch area. Schumi has gone for a “I’m trying to look relaxed, but failing” look and Vettel is going for the “Oh god, I hope no one sees how small my package is” look, and succeeding.

  5. I am a big fan of F21. I would love to drive one of their cars. How I wish! Plus it does not hurt that the drivers look so handsome.

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