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The official Formula One 2012 season review DVD goes on sale on Monday next week.

Victorious Vettel features highlights from all 20 races and a total of five hours of material.

It should make essential viewing for F1 fans and will help chase away the off-season blues!

For your chance to win one of ten copies of the official Formula One Season Review DVD send it your answer to the following question via the contact form below including your email and full postal address including the post code:

How many races did Sebastian Vettel win during 2012?

Please note that due to licensing restrictions this competition is only open to UK residents.

This competition has closed

Competition terms and conditions
1. Maximum one entry per household.
2. The competition is not open to employees, friends or family of F1 Fanatic, Metrodome or Formula One Group.
3. The competition is only open to resident of the United Kingdom
4. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
5. No cash alternative is offered for any of the prizes.
6. Deadline for entries is midnight GMT on 17th January 2013. Winners will be notified by email.

Want to buy a copy of the Official F1 Season Review 2012 DVD? Order it here:

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12 comments on “Win one of ten official 2012 F1 season review DVDs”

  1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    3rd January 2013, 18:09

    just UK? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo

    1. Exactly my reaction!

      1. +1 that sucked!

    2. Unfortunately its not @keithcollantine fault, it will be because of the DVD region code.

      In any case, I might have to go to my local store in Australia and pick myself up a copy ;)

      1. That doesn’t explain why rest of Region 2 (i.e. Europe) is excluded. Plus, about every DVD player can be coded region free these days.

      2. Who cares? I live in a different region as well but I’ll buy the blu ray anyway because I want to have it in my collection, of course I will have to download it illegally afterwards to actually watch it but I don’t care because it was such a great season.

      3. @dragoll @kaiie It’s not because of the DVD region code, it’s because the prize suppliers only have the rights to distribute the video in certain regions.

    3. That sucks!

    4. +111111111111 :´(

  2. Very excited! then again i never win anything, but oh well, no harm in entering :) fingers crossed

  3. At least the DVD has a decent title this year. Remember “Not In A Hurry”?

  4. Almost all of the above …. nada, nutten, zilch for the good ole’ U S of A!!!!!
    Remy n Ray

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