Bianchi wins Massa’s annual kart race in Brazil

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Jules Bianchi triumphed in the annual Desafio Internacional das Estrelas kart competition held in Brazil by Felipe Massa.

The Force India test driver won the first round of the two-heat competition ahead of former F1 racers Lucas di Grassi and Vitantonio Liuzzi.

Bianchi took fourth in the second race which was enough to secure overall victory with 40 points. Second place in the final standings went to race two winner Felipe Nasr on 35, followed by Di Grassu on 30.

Fernando Alonso had a difficult event, retiring from the first race with a faulty accelerator on his kart and finishing 18th in race two.

However he said he was keen to return again: “It was a very enjoyable weekend and I hope the spectators had has much fun as I did. Will I be back next year? If Felipe asks me, definitely.”

Massa also had trouble with engine problems limiting him to tenth and eighth. “This was probably the hardest Desafio ever for me,” he said.

“If everything is not perfect, then even a tenth can make a big difference. My engine was not at its best yesterday and I paid for that today. The most important thing is that the event is getting bigger year after year. I was very pleased that Fernando was here with us and I’m sure he had fun.”

Bianchi, Ferrari’s development driver, is believed to be in the running for a race seat with Force India this year. He won the event last year before losing his victory due to a technical infringement.

“I am very happy with this victory,” he said afterwards. “I had already won last year, but that time there was a slight mistake with the weight of the kart, but this time everything went well.”

“It’s nice to race against some of the best drivers and in front of such a big and enthusiastic crowd. I want to the thank the Massa family for everything and I hope I can come back next year to take part again.”

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28 comments on “Bianchi wins Massa’s annual kart race in Brazil”

  1. Ιs Buemi’s kart in Lotus’ colours?!

    1. Yup he is, this pic proves it:
      Buemi used to drive in GP2 for ART in 2007, and ART is getting Lotus sponsoring nowadays, so I guess that’ll be the reason. Still it’s strange to see, since that’s already 6 years ago. Somebody else has a better explanation?

  2. Αlso, Grosjean won the RoC and the next day was announced by Lotus. What will happen with Bianchi?

    1. @sigman1998 I don’t think these events can really help secure you a seat.

      1. I know. I just said it to see if there is any coincidence :)

  3. I wonder if the driver-line up competition for the VJM06 had anything to do with Bianchi’s win in this race.

    “Must prove self to Mallya, MUST PROVE SELF!!!!”

    If everybody on track is using their personal colors for the livery, why is Bianchi using Force India’s ? With the exception of the Lotuses with Red Bull uniformed drivers sitting in them of course.

  4. Massa also had trouble with engine problems limiting him to tenth and eighth

    Poor Felipe, doesn’t even make it when he organizes the race…

    1. ..And after he went to all that trouble sawing through Fernando’s throttle linkage too :D

      1. hehehe, good one.

  5. The karts look like soap bars….hate the look!

    1. Agreed, the wheels look pathetically small in comparison to the rest of the kart!

      1. I’m pretty sure they’re all standard karts with a body shell attached to them. If you look at the top-down shot of Alonso, his kart is red, white and black, but the bulky body has the yellow and blue Asturias-themed design.

        1. Yes, quite ugly. Maybe Massa is paranoid about bits falling off the karts.

    2. That is because they did this kart to put some space to sponsors

      1. @gabrielfernando i thought the same too. But most karts have no sponsor names

  6. Is this televised? Would be good to watch.

    1. it is on brazilian tv i think… i also think eurosport covers it… might be mistaken… hope to see vids up soon!

    2. @mhop There’s some (not very good quality) video in the forum:

      Felipe Massa’s Desafio Internacional das Estrelas 2013

  7. Where did Buemi finish?

  8. I hate this new bodywork….looks even more ugly than an Indy Car. ’96~2005 my favorite body kits for karts.

  9. I like how every driver’s surname is written like on a registration plate of a regular road car.

    I think F1 should do the same. It will help the casual viewer to know which driver is which.

    1. Like HRT in 2010?

      1. @xjr15jaaag

        Or Mclaren in the early 2000’s.

  10. And I wish Felipe goes back to using the orange helmet he used at Brazil. That color seemed much more ‘happier’ than this yellow.

  11. Hah! The great Alonso can’t even beat a bunch of amateurs..

    1. This is the “real” Alonso…

  12. Felipe Nasr drove superb.

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