Massa spins Alonso out in Ferrari ice kart race

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Fernando Alonso didn’t get much help from his team mate in Ferrari’s ice kart races at the Madonna di Campigilio.

As the video above shows, Felipe Massa tipped him into a spin early in the first race.

However Alonso bounced back to win the event outright. Adding a further touch of theatre he crossed the finishing line backwards as team principal Stefano Domenicali waved the chequered flag.

See pictures from the event here:

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23 comments on “Massa spins Alonso out in Ferrari ice kart race”

  1. 2:16 is the best overtaking of this race

  2. Nice touch using a Ferrari FF as the safety car. Felipe definitely needed some red turtle-shells though.

    Dovi didn’t look very happy with Alonso’s pass – race drivers! :D

  3. Terrible driving from Massa! But his crash was a racing accident. The big news is that Badoer was not last!

  4. Be the only time in 2013 that Massa is able/allowed to overtake Alonso, glad he made the most of his opportunity!

  5. Domenicali: “That’s why we have team orders”

    1. Haha, that was a good one. :D

  6. I think that looks absolutely brilliant! All the more reason to do an F1 ice race!

    1. Hell yeah! That looked so fun!

  7. I thought Red Bull were the ‘Fun Team’?

    1. Only when there’s plenty of cameras around! :P

      1. Yeah, unlike at the press junket known as Wrooom!

    2. Nah, Red Bull’s more into cliff diving and space jumps ;)

  8. ha ha ha, Alonso’s revenge will take all year long right?

  9. Seriously, Massa’s driving looked terrible througout the entire video…

    1. I disagree, we looked very solid but he kept on getting that long left hander wrong. He was faster in all other parts.

  10. I don’t really see how it’s supposed to be Massa’s fault. He held his line perfectly straight. That Alonso then decides to move right is hardly his fault.
    But great event. I think that its fantastic that Ferrari organizes this kind of thing.

    1. It’s Suzuka 2012 all over again :)

  11. It didn’t look like Massa’s fault. I think Alonso’s rear end got a little happy at the braking so they just touched a bit, which was enough to make you spin on ice. :)

  12. That looked pretty damn fun :)

  13. So basically Alonso won twice coming from the back of the field!? Pwnt. :D

    And yeah, it looked so much fun.

  14. This looks so much fun! Such a cool location for it all.

  15. this looks great :D

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