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Lewis Hamilton has made his first appearance as a Mercedes driver.

He visited the AMG factory at Affalterbach in Germany where he spoke to staff and also appeared at the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart.

See a video interview with Hamilton here

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29 comments on “First pictures of Hamilton at Mercedes”

  1. What a clutz! Hate guys with earrings…

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      22nd January 2013, 1:13

      Now that’s just nit picking. Quit hating.

  2. I’m sorry Lewis but you look ridiculous with that beard, get it shaved!

    1. The first 2 comments on this topic are about his appearence.

      I think it says more about you’s.

      1. What it’s says is we think his appearance is bordering on ridiculous: I haven’t commented on his personality, his decisions, his talent/ability or my personal view on him. If you wish to hear my opinion on any of the preceding topics however feel free!

        I was merely making a passing comment on the state of his beard.

        1. His beard is his personality don’t you think

        2. Oh no.. The guy earns stupid millions a year, drives in f1 for a job and dates a pussycatdoll.

          I dread to think how he would react if he ever finds out that you hate his beard…

          1. @Maverick232 – He will take no notice; I don’t suspect anyone actually cares about any of the comment son this site, which is perhaps why there isn’t an effective cost-cutting measure proposed and why Glock is now out of his seat! I don’t kid myself into thinking anybody does care about any of our opinions but does that mean we shouldn’t voice them?

            @concalvez00 – perhaps so! It’s okay when properly trimmed, just it looks slightly scruffy now! But yes the beard and of course his adventures in twitter ;)

  3. The factory staff look pretty excited — as well they should!

  4. I think this is a exciting time for LH and for F1…a fresh start on a new team that is not his ‘home’…yet. I think this is going to be a blast to see. I think the change from Mac was needed and should bode well for him, for Merc, for F1, and for the fans. We will get to see how LH does now that he’s gone from the nest. Gonna be very interesting to see.

    1. And for Mclaren too

    2. I can’t help but remember the Jacques Villeneuve story.. “come to BAR-Honda!.. it will be your best career move!!”

      1. I can’t help but remember the Michael Schumacher story… ” Come to Ferrari! It will be your best career move”

        History has a tendency to repeat itself, just which one’s history is always up for debate. :-)

        I think this year is going to be something special, a lot of key changes of personnel, but technical rules stay pretty much the same, so we are set up for another classic season imho.

  5. Great photos – especially the two with classic racing cars. HAM will be in seventh heaven there – I bet he wanted to drive them all.
    I hope HAM settles in well. The factory staff looked happy but expectant – “Who is this British kid who’s going to save our behinds” kind of thing. Given all the head-hunting, Mercedes is obviously pushing hard right now – if they fail badly this year I think it might be game over for the Mercedes F1 project.
    High stakes. Very exciting stuff.

    1. @tribaltalker – undoubtably, whether it will compare to driving Ayrton Senna’s McLaren I’m not sure though!

    2. Last one was Schumaher the legend abd well didnt make it happen, but maybe Hamilton is better than him

  6. LOLed at the oversized Merc Jerkin . I just hopes he pulls off something unexpected this year . But I think he can’t do better than 4th or 5th realistically. fingers crossed :)

  7. I’m not sure if it’s me or what, but he just seems immediately at home at Mercedes, and already appears to have settled in well. Whereas Perez didn’t seem so settled in his photos, though I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt he’s moved to a massive team and is much younger than Hamilton.

    1. I think he knows he needs this fresh start, so he’s probably stoked for this new challenge, and he has also been using Merc engines all along, so I think it is a good fit and should be a good new home for him.

  8. Garish coat is garish.

    1. Unsurprisingly

  9. As I’ve heard in the past,the advantage of Mercedes(and Force India),is the final speed. Give Lewis a real fast car that can cross the final line and he’ll get the job done… and not only one win,as most of us expecting. Even if I’d prefer “the job to be done” from Mc Laren…

  10. So Reebok sponsored Hamilton is out wearing a Puma Mercedes team jacket…bet his management team are going to have fun over the next 3 years!

    1. @geemac I don’t think it will be THAT big a problem. Reminds me of the NBA, where Kobe and LeBron are Nike endorsers and wear Nike shoes, but wear Adidas team jerseys and kit.

      1. Yeah, it was just a silly obsevation. It’s also sort of like Johan Cruyff, but I doubt reebok will force him to wear a different set of overalls to the rest of the team.

  11. The top photo with the roof reminds me of the Dark Knight film where Batman goes to work. Will Lewis Hamilton be the knight in shining armour is the question?

  12. Thanks for these wonderful quality pictures Keith – start of my Lewis at Mercedes album. I am so excited about the prospect of Lewis driving for Mercedes. He looks like he belongs there. Even if he doesn’t win or do well, I think he will be happy because he is free from the shackles of McLaren.

  13. I need to have that Jacket, it looks very awesome!. Has somebody already seen the Mercedes-Benz team wear ?, the polo shirt looks hard!

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