Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Mercedes were in the headlines this week for reasons other than Lewis Hamilton’s first public appearance for the team.

The surprise hiring of Toto Wolff from Williams was followed by speculation that he had lured Paddy Lowe from McLaren to join him and that team principal Ross Brawn would have to make way.

While all this was going on Hamilton was checking out his new team. What did he make of them? That’s for you to decide in the latest Caption Competition.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrow’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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  • 216 comments on “Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes”

    1. Who’s the boss around here?!

    2. “Lewis, I told you not to leave it parked on the street.”

    3. Lewis – “I think we need someone from Mclaren to fix this car..”

      1. Haha love this

      2. winner!

      3. @todfod I wouldn’t let those fools anyhere near my car….they do a good enough job of ruining their own chances ;)

    4. Guys, I think I’ve found the dead horse you seemed to be flogging last year…

      1. Almost fell off my chair. :)

    5. Dat ass..

    6. Lewis: Hmm, it dosent quite match Nicole`s backend but, close enough ;)

    7. “So, there’s a hole for the legs, and I must run very fast to win…”

    8. I need to get used to looking at the back of cars this year

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        26th January 2013, 10:14

        HAHAHAH good one!

        1. Nick Jarvis (@)
          26th January 2013, 12:29


      2. Genius! :)

    9. Who stole my skis?

      1. hahaha good one

    10. No secret diffuser? Crap, I’m screwed.

    11. Lewis: I still don’t see how I can put the rest of the car in that bin.

    12. “Ross! You can come out now!”

    13. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      26th January 2013, 10:13

      Lewis: “Mmmm… I like my cars, like I like my women; uncovered, and on stilts… In an expensive German factory.”

      1. lol – Fantastic

    14. If you watched the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” when that scientist said: ay ay ay ay ay…while watching his car climbed up the tree :))))) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl4tfUw–aY

    15. “Emm.. Something appears to be missing….”

    16. DAT ASS.

      1. Me gusta

    17. “That’s an unusual design for the front wing, Ross.”

    18. The tyre degradation issues at Mercedes are worse than Lewis ever imagined.

      1. good one :)

      2. So many great captions on this one. :)

    19. Driving the wheels of this car must be hard when there’s… no wheels on it.

    20. “Guys, you really think that painting rainbow-colored unicorns on the rear end will give us extra downforce?”

      1. this actually made me laugh

    21. “I don’t see where it connects to Twitter.”

      1. One more winner. :)

    22. davidnotcoulthard
      26th January 2013, 10:26

      I know that the car eats through too much of the tyres but………..

    23. I hope they have enough money to assemble the rest of the car after my fat pay cheque!

    24. Ross Brawn: “And if you need to do a clutch start, we repurposed the double-DRS vents as handles for the mechanics to grab onto to give you a push.”

      Leiws Hamilton: “Yeah, but what at the chances that I’ll need to do that?”

      Ross Brawn: “High.”

    25. Lewis: “Now where do i put that sticker saying Eat my dust!”

      1. I like this one :)

    26. Upon closer inspection of their car, Lewis realised that Mercedes definitely have the brains. The question is, do they have the Brawn?

      1. Clever one! :)

    27. “I’ve been alone with the car for twenty minutes. Why hasn’t Professor M come running? He’s usually so aware of these things.”

      1. Maybe Lewis didn’t toon into the news, Professor M stayed at McLaren ;)

    28. Hamiltona: “This Mercedes is more suitable for donuts!”

    29. “Is this what the boys at McLaren meant when they said I should get used to looking at the back of a car with a Mercedes engine in it?”

    30. This is why you don’t leave the car sitting outside in Liverpool…

    31. davidnotcoulthard
      26th January 2013, 10:37

      Tyrrell went from being the team with the most amount of tyre rubber to the team with NO rubber at all. Is that what you get from smoking cigar – have your tyres burned?

    32. Nope, no double diffuser this time.

    33. “Is that … did someone leave a half-eaten Bertie Beetle in the engine bay? No, it can’t be; Bertie Beetles are only sold in Australia. But that would mean … that would mean it was there all year. Somebody find me Ross!”

    34. “Wait, where are the wheels and the rest of the car? I thought I’d stop having to share the facilities with Marussia when i left McLaren!”

      1. Hahaha epic

    35. Lewis: Hm, they dont have this, hmmm they dont have that, this is missing……….. crap!

    36. Never seen the back of one of these before.

    37. Lewis “Oh my lovely Mercedes, since Seb is again gonna get some fast lady, i do hope that you are the top model.”

    38. Little did Hamilton know that when he said Mercedes were hungrier they were also getting poorer

    39. The car’s not finished yet? I think we’re gonna need some more people, Ross.

    40. For Sale. One owner, nice looking, goes like stink, had a few prangs………………and we’ll throw the car in for free.

      1. davidnotcoulthard
        26th January 2013, 15:05

        That’s not what TVR meant by saying something like that! Certainly not the “for free” part.

    41. Is it just me or are captions of Lewis always very boring? Has no one ever taken a funny picture of him?

    42. “Hmm, …no wonder Schumi wasn’t successfull …the car is falling apart even without moving!!!”

    43. Wow, Seb will love this angle.

    44. CarnivorousPope (@)
      26th January 2013, 11:02

      so much for ruthless German efficiency

    45. Hamilton: I hope this car can bend it like Beckham!

    46. Lewis Hamilton demonstrates how to properly sit in a Mercedes W03.

    47. Lewis “i still cant see it nico”
      Nico “hang on let me try this one……………brmbrmBRAAAAAAHHAAAHAHAH!”

    48. “Uff, the plan of building a team and car around me, wasn’t supposed to be that radical -.-“

    49. “Must…resist urge…to tweet…a picture…”

    50. Hamilton studies the new Mercedes ahead of his planned promotion to Technical Director.

    51. Lewis bows down before Mercedes, god of questionable choices.

    52. “I’m just trying to see what Nico’s view of my car will be like this year.”

    53. “Guys, this isn’t what I meant by ‘we should use only 40 percent of our resources on this year’s car’!”

    54. There’s something missing, I know there’s something missing, but what is it ?

    55. “I can see that Lauda, Wolff, Lowe and Brawn could fit, but any ideas as to how the car can accommodate me?”

    56. Lewis had something different in mind when Ros Brawn called in for a bootie call.

    57. Needs some 24″ rimz and some phat subs for my beats man!

    58. aaahhh…..so thats what the back of a mercedes looks like

    59. “Ah, Kobayashi was right, that IS what it looks like from behind….”

    60. ‘What’s the butt?’

    61. A little confused after Ross Brawn had told him the W04 would need “treating with respect”, Lewis thought bowing to his new car would be the polite thing to do.

      1. Didn’t know the Mercedes was Japanese! Oh well :D

    62. ‘…

      ‘It’s an absolute frickin’ joke.’

    63. Havent seen the back of the Mercedes all year.

    64. Lewis “So that’s what Button will be looking at this year.”

    65. Nice view! I wonder if Jenson will ever see the back of this?

    66. “Jenson told me to see if Mercedes have a mechanically-compressed positronic uptake inlet valve with an exhaust-dampened variable catalyser coil. He couldn’t tell me exactly what it looked like, but he said I’d know it when I saw it.”

      1. Now, I wonder if it this will be your last considering that for you it’s all about the dumb clueless Lewis. We got your point!…

    67. Lewis: I wish my trousers were as well-cut as that rear wing

    68. “Damn, those Monza 2011 memories…”

    69. Wow.
      So this is the Mercedes answer to the new engine regs???

    70. Lewis “wow, Ross really takes this hide and seek game seriously”

    71. Well, we’re boned.

    72. Lewis has already been leaking information about the 2013 Mercedes

    73. Hmm. Jenson said if I supplicate myself before the majesty of Ross’s read end, magical down force would appear.

    74. After their DRS problems in 2012, Mercedes were so focussed on improving their rear wing that they forgot to work on the rest of the car!

    75. Note to self: Do not leave the car in the rough parts of town.

    76. So, that’s the butt of all those jokes !!!

    77. What’s the chance this will put me in P1?

    78. “Getting used to seeing the back of Rosbergs car.”

    79. “crap.. still doesn’t look like a Red Bull”

    80. Ros Brawn- ‘Its ur job to design the rest of the car!’ Lewis: ‘No problem dude. I love new challenges’

    81. Erm paddie…hey yeah its Lewis…i am just having a look at the back of this Mercedes and i was wondering if you could send some guys down from McLarens heritage section To fix this mess because this car….. I haven’t seen technology like this since before ayrtons era!

    82. Damn! Those are too skinny !

    83. Well I was expecting this year to be hard but not this hard!

    84. Lewis-‘when I said that I like new challenges, I didnt know you take it so seriously’

    85. Damn!… Those legs are too shorty !

    86. “So… this is actually a Formula 1 car?”

    87. Photographer: “Lewis, stand behind the car and look to it as if you understand something about the design of it”

    88. “So, Ross, you say this new design was inspired by Footwork?”

    89. “Mate, we need Professor M to solve this exhaust problem. Wasn’t he also coming to Mercedes?”

      1. Already mentioned.

        Check MilleniumBug’s comment on the first page of the comments

    90. Podium is not very far !!

    91. silly me what have i done to myself !!!???

    92. “Hmm it’s good, but I still think we need a couple more technical directors”

    93. “You’ve got to be frickin’ kidding me”

    94. Lewis Hamilton is looking very hard for several tenths from his car before the season starts

    95. Lewis is plagued by the common misconception that the coke bottle zone is actually a Coca-Cola dispenser.

    96. “they really weren’t kidding about putting all their resources on the 2014 car”

    97. How can i kick the tyres???

    98. When they said they expected me to pull the team forward, I didn’t think it would involve a tow hitch.

    99. “Martin, what have you done with the Vodafone logo?”

    100. “This is frickin’ ridiculous, they forgot to put the wheels on…”

    101. “If this were a Mclaren, I’d have a face full of smoke now”

    102. davidnotcoulthard
      26th January 2013, 15:08

      Tyrrell went from running a skeleton team to running a skeleton car!

    103. I’m so tired of Hembrey trialing these experimental tyres on our car

    104. “Guys, I promise. Michael & Norbert said they were just coming in to get their stuff and leave.”

    105. I wonder if i can fit a rocket launcher here?

    106. I’d like to look up your rear wing.

    107. vuelve kowalsky
      26th January 2013, 15:23

      It has to be an unfunded rumor, because paddy lowe is nowhere to be seen.!!

    108. “Hey guys, where does the McLaren badge go?”

    109. How can I get to the other side without running into another car?

    110. “What the … You expect me to … Aw, come on, guys !”

    111. Lewis: ‘German engineering, eh?’

    112. Lewis: ‘Looks like I will be racing only Maylander’s SLS with this :(‘

    113. “Ahh, so that’s what the back of a Mercedes looks like”

    114. I am going to tweet the telemetry on this bugger too…. What have I done…

    115. Oh no, this rear diffuser looks nothing like Red Bull’s.

    116. I don’t care what technical geeks we have stolen from other teams this just ist going to be as good a back end as red bulls will be !!!!

    117. The car might lack a few bits and pieces, but at least the anti-roll bars look okay. phew.

    118. Lewis noted that Mercedes seems to be so hungry this year, that they already ate their tires!

    119. “Ross said I cost too much so i’ve got to build it myself”

    120. “Haha, ok Nico where’s the rest of it??!!”

    121. Hold on a minute lads, I think I can still faintly make out the word ‘Vodafone’ underneath the new paint job !!

    122. Guys I think we’re a bit too high on the ground clearance…

    123. Lewis stands ready for his first test in the Mercedes wind tunnel.

    124. “This one is small…The ones out their are FAR away”…

    125. “Jaysus lads im dying for a ****”..

    126. I knew their car was bad, but I din’t realise there were actual parts missing.

    127. Is this Michael’s hand-me-down car?

    128. Michael, stop hiding in there, it’s my turn now !

    129. Honestly guys, gluing my shoes to the ground is a freakin joke !

    130. Klaas de Vries
      26th January 2013, 17:23

      As a cost-cutting measure, Mercedes decided to use a less expensive wind tunnel – Now blow Lewis, blow!

    131. “All Brawn and no brains”

    132. Oops! Sorry thought I signed on with Toyota!

    133. “Hey Ross, have you added the Maldonado-proof crash structure yet? It’s on page one of my contract that you have to do that, remember?”

    134. So that’s what the back of a Mercedes looks like.

    135. So this is the view that Sergio Perez will get on lap 27 when he laps me in his McLaren

    136. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      26th January 2013, 18:12

      Where are all the chief designers hiding?

    137. Not bad for a No.2 driver!

    138. Lewis: “Nope… it’s nothing like Nicole’s…”

    139. “p..e..t..R.O.N..a..s! i guess ill never completely escape from Ron Dennis”

    140. Ross : So what do you think?
      Lewis : I’ll tell you when I’ve finished playing pocket billiards!

    141. Lewis: Can’t find that thing in the car which helped schumi in being a part of some great crashes at mercedes.

    142. Lewis: wondering how many more people will mercedes hire to complete the car before the launch date..!!

    143. Mercedes were keen to show Lewis their new car, but as usual, the rear tyres didn’t last long…

    144. “So, er, where are the bits that DID work last year?!”

    145. Ahh Master San, I bow to your Super Aguri designed double diffuser.

    146. Ahh, thats where Buttons grip has been hiding.

    147. Lewis checks out Ross’s new quadruple diffuser

      1. Ross’ (my bad)

    148. “Come on now Bernie, this really is not the time for hide and seek”

    149. Lewis scouts an area around the sponsors for his H.A.M. bumper sticker….It is not so much a sexual reference as an explaination of how difficult is is to drive this car.

      (refer to Hamilton’s aborted USGP helmet design if you missed it)

      1. “IT is”

    150. Lewis: I’m used to the left rear tyre not being on.

    151. Schumi stole more than the hubcaps..

    152. Huh, this is the budget cap version of the new car?

    153. So the rest of the car I have to pay for myself? I should have read the contract fine print..

    154. I prefer my GFs rear end..

    155. Great solution for tire degradation, using the car without tires :)

    156. meh, not worth tweeting.

    157. I think I can find some “paddy” here…perhaps they plowed the fields of Woking with this!

    158. OMG, what have I done? I think I’m going to be sick!

    159. Well…I recognize the engine, but that’s about it.

    160. Ken (@buytheredcar)
      27th January 2013, 6:44

      “Im doing my ‘Benz’ for the day”

    161. “I’ve found the solution! It’ll go faster with tires!”

    162. Sooo.
      No secrets

    163. “If we sent this to McLaren, I don’t even think they’d know what to do with it”

    164. Latest news:
      Mercedes is testing for flying F1 cars as last year’s flying-Grosjean proved to be successful in overtaking many front-starters in one maneuver.

    165. Lewis: “Hmmmm! Guys, just how tough is this rear against Massa’s Ferrari’s front wing?”

    166. VirtuaMcPolygon
      27th January 2013, 23:12

      Why does it still say Honda © on the bits ?

    167. Guys – you know we’re still running 2.7 V6 units this season? The 4 cylinder units are next year!!

    168. Lewis – “Please don’t mind me staring at the diffuser – I was advised to do a Jedi mind trick on it to get super down force that Adrian Newey can only dream of”

    169. So this is what my competition is going to see this year? Nice…

    170. Lewis “if you gaze at it long enough i am sure you can see Michael Schumachers face”

    171. Hmmm, the downforce is strong with this one, Young Skywalker

    172. LEWIS IN HIS MIND: “O.M.G… It looks worst than I thought.. Damn it.. wait, If I call Ron, I can so undo this… he can’t just forget what we have been through together.. or could he?.. Ok, I’m calling him now”

    173. Lewis: “So that is how the back of the mec looked?.. No wonder!.. well, I had it coming… why did I ever thought I was going to have a chance while racing”

    174. Lewis: I can see the light… very far away but yes I can see it.

    175. Still a better rear than Nichole’s.

    176. “So when the paint’s dry, we can put the wheels on?”

    177. I will call this the ‘Vettel View’

      1. Brill

    178. So… can we afford wheels this year?

    179. Are you sure thats where Ross put my mobile ?

    180. ‘I’m not so sure about this see thru’ seat somehow guys’

    181. gib-gas-schumacher
      24th February 2013, 19:08

      “So I guess my new nick name this year will be Fred Flinstone”

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