Nurburgring to host German Grand Prix in 2013

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The location of this year’s German Grand Prix has been confirmed as the Nurburgring.

Doubts arose over the race after the circuit fell into financial trouble. However a deal has been agreed for the race to go ahead as planned.

The Grand Prix will be held in a little over six months time on July 5th-7th.

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20 comments on “Nurburgring to host German Grand Prix in 2013”

  1. At least that’s resolved, now, where will the 20th race go, if anywhere at all?

    1. @sam3110 – I believe it will be either Austria or Portugal. We will have to wait and see what happens from now to Albert Park GP in Melbourne, Australia whether or not Bernie can finalise a spot on the calendar.

      1. Austria seems to be a better choice, location wise, since the move to the Hungaroring for the following weekend is much simple and cheap.
        But the F1 “circus” already travels longer distances in a week so distance alone is not enough to rule out the Portimao circuit in Portugal.

      2. @william, how on earth could any Govt. or private entity in Portugal afford to pay for a GP.

        1. @hohum
          While the Algrave circuit has to repay a lot of debt. But it would be good for the F1 circus to go to Portugal regardless of their debt just like Nurburging. If Bernie can do it to the Nurburging to stage a race so surely he could make Algrave to stage a race

          1. @william, Bernie had no choice about a GP, in Germany, he has already contracted out the TV programming. Bernie wont do anything that doesn’t make money right now no matter how good it might be for the future of F1 or for the world, let alone Portugal.

      3. Portugal is almost certainly not going to happen, no one has any money to spend on it there, although certainly the locals would like having the event if not for the cost.

        Australia – seems the deals were not sweet enough for Bernie. Its unlikely, but not completely sure it won’t happen.

    2. Hockenheim ;)

      1. Nordschleife ;)

  2. I prefer the Nurburgring over the Hockenheimring to be honest, so good move.

  3. Good news!

  4. looking at that picture just reminds me how ugly some of those (most) cars were in 2009 aha

  5. Who would have thought that 4 years down the line the guys in P1 and P2 in that picture would have (a) been team mates and then (b) swopped teams!

    1. It’s Barrichello in P1, but I take your point :-)

    2. P1 is Rubens.

  6. Great news. One of my favourite tracks that usually springs an interesting race. Also my birthday that weekend, so it goes without saying this was in Bernie’s mind during negotiations ;)

  7. Michael Brown (@)
    31st January 2013, 15:44


  8. Bernie is talking about the importance of the history , the tradition, blah blah. Sounds to me like someone might finally have called Bernies bluff and won.

  9. Mark will be happy! So fast at Nurburgring… so slow at Hockenheim!

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