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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Jerez, 2013The driver line-up for the first day of testing at Jerez has been confirmed.

Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez will have their first runs for their new teams on Wednesday.

Force India, who are yet to confirm their 2013 driver pairing, will run James Rossiter and Jules Bianchi alongside Paul di Resta.

Marussia will confirm tomorrow who will test their MR02 on the second two days after Max Chilton.

Fernando Alonso will not appear at the test and will make his debut in the second test at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Red BullRB9Mark WebberMark WebberSebastian VettelSebastian Vettel
FerrariF138Felipe MassaFelipe MassaFelipe MassaPedro de la Rosa
McLarenMP4-28Jenson ButtonSergio PerezJenson ButtonSergi Perez
LotusE21Romain GrosjeanRomain GrosjeanKimi RaikkonenKimi Raikkonen
MercedesW04Nico RosbergLewis HamiltonNico RosbergLewis Hamilton
SauberC32Nico HulkenbergNico HulkenbergEsteban GutierrezEsteban Gutierrez
Force IndiaVJM06Paul di RestaPaul di Resta / James RossiterJames Rossiter / Paul di RestaJules Bianchi
WilliamsFW34Pastor MaldonadoPastor MaldonadoValtteri BottasValtteri Bottas
Toro RossoSTR8Daniel RicciardoDaniel RicciardoJean-Eric VergneJean-Eric Vergne
CaterhamCT03Giedo van der GardeGiedo van der GardeCharles PicCharles Pic
MarussiaMR02Max ChiltonMax ChiltonTBCTBC

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10 comments on “Driver line-up for Jerez test confirmed”

  1. surely Razia will get Thursday and Friday. Looks like Bianchi has a big day on Friday to impress

    1. @folyeger I don’t think they’ll be looking for anyone to impress yet!

  2. I had forgotten that testing starts on the 5th! This has made me more happy than words can express!

  3. ‘Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez will have their first runs for their new teams on Tuesday’
    Shouldn’t that be Wednesday (6th) Keith ?

    1. Changed it, thanks.

  4. can someone post lnks here on how to get the tests other than autosport ?

    1. @spiderman
      Im not sure what you mean by that, for this test there will be a live text-commentary on sky’s f1 website. Last year there was the but Im not sure about this year. About the results, I sure most of the f1 related sites will post them after the seissions.

    2. FOM don’t have cameras at the circuit, so it won’t be televised officially. Instead it will mostly be individual TV networks interviews, vox pops and analysis. Sky will be doing a half hour show (including ads, so really only about 20 mins) at the end of each day which will mainly consist of Ted’s notebook.

  5. The W04 looks cheap and undeveloped. Something like the back-marker teams would design.

  6. Red Bulls car RB9 is a wonderfull car !

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