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The second day of F1 testing has begun at Jerez.

Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez are among the drivers running today, along with new Marussia driver Luiz Razia.

Here are pictures from today’s test.

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37 comments on “2013 F1 testing day 2 in pictures”

  1. I see Razia is straight into the car …

  2. Lots of great looking helmets here!

    1. Welcome, Razia, to the Yellow/White/Orange Helmets Brigade. Wow, there seem to be a lot of them.

  3. That marussia looks really nice with the new paint job, lets hope its faster than it was yesterday. Now that they have KERS as well there might be some interesting racing down at the back of the grid this year.

    1. @gambisk

      That marussia looks really nice with the new paint job, lets hope its faster than it was yesterday.

      It probably will be. I think Chilton only managed to complete about thirty laps before the suspension gave way and he crashed. Based on comments from within the team on Razia’s programme, he started the day doing a ten-lap “Introduction to the MR02” mini-programme. As Chilton is also a rookie, I’d say he went through that same programme himself yesterday. So he only got about twenty laps of genuine running yesterday; by comparions, Paul di Resta did ninety laps (and it’s not unheard-of for drivers to do over a hundred in the course of a single day). It’s possible he did even less than that if the MR02 had to go through a shakedown and systems check.

      Testing isn’t about raw speed and setting the fastest lap times. It’s certainly nice when a driver does that, but it’s more important that a team gets through their test programme. Consistent slower lap times are always better than inconsistently quick laps. The teams don’t reveal details of what they are doing and when, but I’d say that as Chilton only had a handful of laps under his belt when he crashed, the team was probably concentrating on something other than raw speed. If you look at the current lap times (as of 09:39 GMT), you’ll see that van der Garde and di Resta are two seconds behind Razia, Maldonado is three seconds behind him, and Massa is fourteen seconds behind him.

      When Chilton crashed out, he was only about two tenths of a second off van der Garde’s best time. By the end of the day, he was just under two and a half seconds slow. Given that the car did not run again after the crash, it’s likely that Chilton would have at least kept up with van der Garde once he had the opportunity to put in some flying laps.

      1. O.K I didn’t realize that he had crashed. It would be great to see Marussia and Caterham really duking it out each race this year and maybe challenging Williams from time to time.

        I know that testing isn’t all about out and out speed just hoping that they have a good season.

        1. @gambisk – There is footage of the crash somewhere on YouTube. I saw it earlier today on another forum, but I can’t remember where. The crash was just a mechanical failure; the right-rear suspension gave way under brakes.

          I honestly doubt they’ll challenge Williams. They had a disappoiting season last year, but the FW34 had plenty of potential that wasn’t reflected in their results. No, if they’re going to challenge someone, it will probably be Force India (who seem to be in total disarray at the moment) or Toro Rosso (who really struggled last year).

          1. I can’t see Marussia challenging FI any time soon as u say.

          2. @prisoner-monkeys

            Sometimes your comments baffle me.
            How is Force India “in total disarray at the moment”?

          3. @1abe – They don’t have a second driver, their owner’s financial problems have been well-documented, and one of their major investors (Subhartha Roy of the Sahara Group) got hit with a massive fine a few months ago.

            On the surface, they’re fine, but underneath, there’s trouble.

  4. Hülkenberg is looking good in the Sauber. I really like the look of the car/paintjob and his helmet complements it well.

    1. I’d like it more if it weren’t for that white stripe that cuts back across the sidepod at an angle. It goes against the lines of the car, and just looks wrong.

      Speakng of Sauber’s livery, does anyone know what happened to that big sponsor announcement that they were going to make at the start of the year. They said that they and Chelsea FC had secured a big new joint sponsorship deal, and that the sponsor would be unveiled at the start of 2013. We’re now thirty-seven days into 2013, and there has been no annoucement.

  5. Caterham looks really smart

    1. I like it too :)

  6. Lewis crashes into the tyre barriers.
    Any pic of that vanity panel coming off/disintegrating?? Would like to see it.

    1. No but apparantly it was rear brake pressure problem

    2. I know Keith calls it the vanity panel, but isn’t it actually called the ‘modesty’ panel? I know I shouldn’t really care, but every time I read ‘vanity panel’ some sort of bizarre feminine product springs to mind, unfortunately a different one each time. Maybe that’s just me though… please continue.

      1. @John-H – People have different names for it, just like people had different names for the F-Duct. I only heard about it being called a modesty panel when Lotus revealed their car.

      2. @john-h, but then, modesty panel reminds me of fig leaves :-)

      1. Thanks @francorchamps17
        Wow… those panels dont seem to break into a 1000 pieces as scarbs had mentioned.
        Or was the nature of Lewis’s impact such that the panel did not detach?

  7. The shapes of the McLaren and the Ferrari look awesome. So does the Caterham and the Sauber, although I think I just enjoy the cars with less sponsors, because I’m not enjoying looking at the Red Bull as much.

  8. That rear wing on the Ferrari is quite interesting, looks like it broke into pieces but is yet still attached.
    And the rear of the Toro Rosso looks like a mess! Or is it just me? Or is it just the lighting….

  9. Brawn : I am not the reference if anything goes wrong.
    Toto : I am just a business man
    Nikki : Who should I fire now?

  10. rob from inverness
    6th February 2013, 15:38

    Have a look at Massa’s 15 lap run starting 1550h. Cf with Grosjeans long run starting 1620h or Webbers…..

  11. rob from inverness
    6th February 2013, 16:05

    I am in France so my time is +1 hr. I am watching the Jerez lap by lap timing. While the media has been concentrating on Lotus’ short runs, I have been watching Massa. He has done three 13/14 lap stints in the afternoon and they are significantly faster than anyone else on such long stints. By an average of 1.8 sec to 2.0 sec per lap……Might you check this out, Keith?

    1. because the other teams were full of fuel. And Ferrari was testing different exhaust position, i think….with less fuel. But i recommend you not to take these times seriously….

      1. rob from inverness
        6th February 2013, 18:53

        how do you manage 15 laps on low fuel?

        1. 15 laps is not a long run. Maybe others were using a fuel load for an entire race. (50-70 laps)

  12. That Red Bull looks like the ugliest car besides Mercedes.

    1. Or McLaren w/ Perez inside of it. Ugh.

  13. The Force India actually looks a lot better with the rear wing being green from the flow-vis!

    1. I thought that…
      Nonetheless, the Force India remains the most colourful car on the grid :)

  14. One thing that looks off-putting is McLaren w/ Perez inside of it. What a shame that Hamilton chose to leave.

  15. I watched 2012 GP Brazil finally this week, and it was really sad to see Button’s genuine regret and disappointment that Lewis was leaving. You could tell that he really, really wanted Hamilton to stay, and personally, I don’t blame him. I’d bet my house that the only title Perez will win is that of worst McLaren driver ever.

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