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Today is the final day of F1 testing at Jerez. Here are pictures of the action of the track.

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31 comments on “2013 F1 testing day 4 in pictures”

  1. Will be interesting to see what DLR can do in the F138

    1. I think the last picture shows how his days going

    2. I think here is your answer :)

  2. What is that thing that looks like a little radiator on the Marrusia? (rear left wheel)
    Ferrari was also running that on their car.

    1. Sensors usually, it will be measuring the airflow to the diffuser

    2. Thats a measuring device to measure the airflow around the car. They probably work like the pitot tubes on aircraft. Tells the team if the aero devices they are using are working as they should. Not just Ferrari and Marussia a lot of teams use them during the tests. Some teams even use movable ones so that they can change it while the car is in motion. Here are some links of the devices:
      Force India
      Force India (Non movable device)
      Here you can see the movement mechanism
      On the McLaren

      Hope that helps :)

      1. Oh yes, fantastic pictures. Thank you very much for the links!!

  3. what is that fiery thing coming out of the red bull’s right hand side exhaust? :-O

    1. is it some kind of misfire or unburnt fuel or something mapping related? the reason i ask is flames are hardly seen these days! –> https://www.racefans.net/2013/02/08/2013-f1-testing-day-4-pictures/redb-vett-jere-2013-3/

      1. @rp It’s probably just fuel getting into the exhaust. Why and what it means? I have no idea.

        1. yup..it is most likely unburnt fuel in the exhaust, the only doubt i have is how come it is happening in the pit lane at low engine loads and when there are no aggresive gear shifts? Is it possible that there are some mapping differences which are coming to light now? differences between engine dynamometer maps and the maps they use for the track? I don’t remember reading anything about redbull pulling into the pits because of a fire, so this probably looks like a temporary event! good shot though! :-) @keithcollantine, any idea as to this?

        2. yes, it is most likely unburnt fuel in the exhaust…my real question is how come there is some unburnt fuel going out? are the maps still in a tuning stage? The reason i ask is because they would tuned the maps on the engine dynamometer and is this the result of a difference between what worked on the dyno and what is needed on the track? not really sure. @keithcollantine, any ideas? I am more confused escpecially since the car is in the pit lane ,meaning low engine loads and without aggressive gearshifting going on…

          1. sorry for the double post..something weird happened after my first ‘submit’ attempt.

      2. Definitely unburnt fuel. I quick lift off can sometimes let some unburnt fuel out through the exhaust valves and when it hits the hot exhaust pipes it catches on fire.

  4. anyone else realise what a nightmare its going to be to spot rosberg from hamilton this year… :/

    1. No Rosberg has a lighter yellow

      1. im not sure a slightly lighter yellow will be noticeable at 200mph

        1. Seriously. Even in HD there are times when it’s far away and I couldn’t tell Lewis from Jenson! The only thing that helps is as Max says below — the camera mount.

          I just wish Perez’s helmet was another color because I’m going to keep thinking Lew is back in the McLaren. hehe

        2. The camera on the top of the air vent is red for Rosberg and yellow for Hamilton.

    2. @burgy – no, the helmets are a noticeably different shade (Hamilton’s) (Rosberg’s). If that can cause confusion for you though (and I guess also @scuderia29) the onboard camera above the roll structure is different for each driver (one being fluorescent red and the other fluorescent yellow) which easily distinguishes the two from any off-board shot.

  5. It’s amazing, even in the pictures in action on the track, the Marussia looks much bigger than the other cars, specially since there are pictures taken from very similar angles.
    Does anyone know where and if we can see the details spec of the car? I am very interested in comparing the dimensions cause “huge” is the word that comes to mind every time I see a picture of the car. I guess it’s the very simple and straight lines of the sidepods and nose that gives that impression…

  6. Now here’s something brewing in the Indian media about Force India’s 2nd driver.

    Any thoughts if at all it turns true? Lewis & Bernie patted the idea last season at eve of Indian GP though.

    1. Sorry here’s the direct link:

    2. If it doesn’t open one can search the link in google though !!

    3. i think thats going to be disaster for force-india!! Although Narain i think has never driven a car with KERS in it.. it would be a huge development for him.. but for FI.. i dont think so!! he s better off as reserve if u ask me!!

  7. seems Ferrari has a cooling problem – Massa had troubles the last 3 days and today the engine blew.

  8. Nick Jarvis (@)
    8th February 2013, 17:30

    Ferrari got a new colour from launch?

  9. People keep talking about how Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton has similar helmet design, but has anyone else noticed how Esteban Gutierrez and Luiz Razia also have remarkably similar designs? It’s not a problem since they’re racing for different teams and will probably qualify ten grid places apart on a regular basis, but I just thought that it was an interesting observation.

    1. Gutierrez’s helmet has a lot of blue on it, and I think it is clear to distinguish between the 2, even when trying to ignore the different car.
      Gutierrez: https://www.racefans.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/saub-guti-jere-2013.jpg
      Razia: http://cdn-6.motorsport.com/static/img/amp/400000/430000/431000/431400/431446/s1_16849.jpg

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