Podium, Monza, 2012

Are you going to an F1 race in 2013?

2013 F1 season

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Podium, Monza, 2012We’re just over a month away from the start of the 2013 F1 season – so will you be going to watch any of it for yourself?

For the 16th time the season starts in Melbourne, Australia. The championship begins with back-to-back races as the teams will be in Malaysia one week later.

The championship arrives in Europe for the Spanish Grand Prix in mid-May. The Monaco Grand Prix has its traditional place at the end of May, sharing a date with the Indianapolis 500.

Last-minute shuffling of the calendar means there is now a three-week gap between the Canadian and British Grands Prix, which is followed a week later by the German round. That was to be followed by another race two weeks later but Bernie Ecclestone has said recently that race will not go ahead.

That will leave a three-week break before the Hungarian Grand Prix followed by a four-week gap to the Belgian Grand Prix. But after that it’s a hectic end to the season with six races in eight weeks.

You can find the 2013 F1 calendar below and add the dates of all this year’s races to your mobile device with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar:

If you’re planning a trip to any of this year’s races you can contact other fans who are going and get advice and information from those who have been before on F1 Fanatic’s dedicated forums. Find them all here:

Are you going to an F1 race in 2013? How far will you be travelling to get there?

Have your say below and join in the discussion in the forums.

Going to a Grand Prix

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2013 F1 season

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  • 64 comments on “Are you going to an F1 race in 2013?”

    1. No. I’ve try to save money for Spa, but it’s still too expensive for me.

    2. I am going to be in Florida when the season starts and I’m not even sure if I will be able to watch on TV, I have Comcast cable with SpeedTV which used to serve me OK but I have no idea which channel will be brodcasting F1 this year!

      1. NBC Sports Channel now has the rights to Formula 1 broadcasting in the US. Check to see if you already have it, but Comcast does offer the channel.

        1. @suave, thanks, but aren’t there several varieties of NBC sports channel? I’ll have to scrutinize the channel list.

          1. You may be right. I just know they got the broadcasting rights to it.

          2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
            12th February 2013, 20:02

            @hohum – NBC Sports Network is offered on every Comcast package, so you’ll get it.


      2. It’s easy to get both the BBC and SkyTV broadcasts on the interwebs, although you have to deal with the time differences.

    3. William Brierty
      12th February 2013, 16:42

      I personally will be spending late June sitting on the international pit straight in Silverstone, before parking myself at the foot of Eau Rouge in August; a little taster of my annual petrol-head pilgrimage.

    4. Thinking about a short hop over to Belgium if I can find the money. If not then maybe Le Mans instead.

    5. I’m going to the Belgian GP!

      Whoop Whoop :)

      1. Belgian F1/GP2/GP3 races, popopo!
        Belgian FR3.5/FR2.0 race 2 aswell!

        1. I am going to SPA too, What other races are there on the Sunday before the GP starts ?

      2. Great race to go to. Don’t forget to bring rubber boots and a raincoat! :-)

    6. I’m going to Monza again with my father! :)

      1. nice which seats? I might go as it’s one of the cheaper races i think.

        1. Alta Velocita (6B) this time, last year we had seats in the Vedano (24) grandstand, that one was quite nice too :)

    7. Off to Melbourne for the season opener – woohoo – and then Singapore later in the year as it’s where I live.

    8. Going to Spa. 9 of us going for my 30th :)

    9. Going to the Hungaroring. Can’t wait!

    10. Since the inaugural race in 2011, i always wanted to go to the Indian Grand Prix. Delhi is just 3 hours from Bangalore and accommodations are easy to find. I couldnt visit the last two years because of commitments at work and home. But this year i plan to do so. Its my only new year resolution! The western media talked about how F1 is expensive in India and how people cant afford it for 2 year. Hopefully this time they realize that expensive or not, people will watch it if they want to. I sure will!

    11. Michael Brown (@)
      12th February 2013, 17:47

      I’ll be going to the Canadian Grand Prix, sitting at the exit of the hairpin.

      1. Excellent location, envious!

      2. Me too, as is usual. It’s the best weekend to be in Montreal.

    12. I lack the financial ability to do so. It’s very bad that you can’t watch your favourite sport on site. Very bad.

    13. I would usually be going to Montreal, Have been every years there’s been an F1 race held there since 1989 but after the last 2 years I’ve decided not to attend this year.

      Reason I won’t be going is purely down to the DRS wing. We have always sat at the hairpin because thats where all the best action tended to be, However the last 2 years there has been nothing going on there because nobody wants to complete a pass just before the DRS zone which seems to be ridiculously effective at Montreal.
      I saw tons of example in 2011 & 2012 of drivers having a good run to pass into the hairpin yet backing out the pass to ensure there behind at the detection line, Including when Hamilton was looking to pass Alonso late in the race where both seemed to be intentionally trying to slow down to try & be the one to get DRS, Utterly ridiculous!

      Also consider that there are no grandstands down the long straght so all the DRS-Ing happens where fans at the track can’t see it (Not that its exciting to watch anyway).

      I think this highlights an issue with having ‘overtaking zones’, It puts drivers off racing elsewhere round the track, especially if DRS is really effective on that track.

      1. The first GP in Montréal was in 1978.
        But yeah, you are absolutely right on the DRS zone. It really screwed up one of the most exciting Grand Prix on the calander.
        If it was up to me, there would be no DRSat all in F1 but, if it has to be there, it should only be used on tracks that actually needs it. Like Abu Dhabi and Valencia.

    14. I would like to go to a race, but I’ll miss the entire European race sequence due to working abroad in Madagascar during that time. Of all the races though, I’d like to go to Sepang, maybe next year in 2014 (I did Spa last season which was great, was my first race).

    15. I’m going to the Canadian Grand Prix! Will be sitting at turn 1.
      No need to travel as I live in Montreal. :-)

    16. Planning to go to Hungarian GP from Estonia, because it is “only” 2000km by car :) Why? Closest race to Estonia and also to Finland – lots of finnish fans also there cheering for Kimi and #BOTTAS. Tripping by car in Czech and Hungary in the middle of the Summer – why not!

    17. I’m going to the Spanish GP in Barcelona in May. Mainly to see Vettel make the whole tifosi cry. ;-)

        1. @chris
          You mean cry in joy or cry in laughter? :P

            1. @Kingshark Heheh you know what I mean. Although if I remember correctly, it was Alonso crying tears of joy on the podium last year, after winning his ‘home’ race. (A lot of Catalans wouldn’t consider themselves ‘Spanish’, so Barcelona maybe isn’t ‘home’ to Alonso). Anyway, let’s hope for a good battle.

    18. Off to Belgium with my brother and old man – first time to Spa so really looking forward to it. Haven’t been to a Grand Prix since the 2008 British GP.

    19. Hungary for me! Never been before.

    20. Off to Barcelona for 2nd year in a row. Weeks holiday All-Inclusive at the sea side, sunny weather and all for a lot less than going to Silverstone for the weekend :)

      1. It sure was great weather last year! Hope its as good this time. Sadly not going to Barcelona this time myself…

        1. Funny enough I bought a sun shelter earlier, ready to take. Got caught out last year by how much sun cream we needed :)

    21. Not unless I win tickets or something. Costs stupid amounts of money that goes to a bad cause.
      World Endurance Championship at Spa in early May looks tempting though…

    22. I’ll be going to the Hungarian GP. Went last year for the first time and had a great time, it’s also one of the more affordable in terms of tickets for good seats. Planning to go for all 3 days plus a few extra before to spend in Budapest.

    23. Silverstone and Austin for me this year.

    24. Going to the Melbourne GP for the 12th time, but I am bit disappointed as I am just about to start a new job & will therefore miss the thursday/friday action, and miss taking my 5 month old son to his first GP – he has a little Ferrari outfit already!

    25. I am going to my 12th Melbourne GP. Looking forward to it as always although a bit disappointed as I am just about to start a new job & will therefore miss not only the thursday/friday action but my 5 month old son’s first taste of F1 on the thursday – he has hit little Ferrari outfit to wear already!

    26. maybe Japan

    27. Melbourne for me! I Live a few blocks from Albert Park, and it’s amazing how far ahead the preparations are already! Grandstands and fencing are all practically in now… very exciting!

    28. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      12th February 2013, 22:35

      Any idea of price tickets to Brazil? It’s the last one and the closest to my country, so I’ll see if I can manage to save the money (starting now!)

    29. Of to Melbourne again this year, with my now 8 year old son. My biggest problem is last year he sat on my shoulders the whole race. The stupid thing is if everyone stayed sitting down everyone would be able to watch more easily. I fear he might be getting too heavy to hold for that long now. I think it might be granstands next year. Either way we are really looking forward to it.

    30. Heading to Melbourne for my first GP. Saving up what I can for merch but I don’t think it’ll be enough – will just have to head to the casino and put it all on red!

    31. Did 2011 and 2012 at Singapore but have to give it a miss this year. If the lotto numbers come up I’ll spend the whole year going to every race.

    32. I might go to Austin since is the closest GP where I live

    33. I live in Melbourne and will be going to Fri and Sat sessions.
      I will watch the race at home with laptop and the iPad live timing app running.
      That way I see more on track action, also there are less people there, less of the rent a crowd types that only turn up because its an event to be seen at, instead of ‘real’ fans that actually want to see the cars.
      (eg Same with Melbourne cup horse racing, too many ******* not interested in the horses.)
      I also figure that if my favorite driver crashes on the first corner and I’m on turn 9, I will only see him past once on the warm up lap, going on practice days they do lots of laps setting up the cars.

      1. Why can’t you watch on TEN/ONE will be providing us the coverage in HD. As they will broadcast FP1, FP2 (on ONE) FP3 (on TEN) and the race (on TEN)

        1. I do watch TV, and I have the laptop with the timing screen, and the iPad app with the car tracker in a full screen

    34. Off to my 2nd Australian Grand Prix. This year I got Gold GP Advantage + Free tickets to the Official Breakfast to be seated with 1980 WC Alan Jones. 4 Day Waite Grandstand Tickets (Turns 11 & 12 Chicane)

      2012 I did a 4 day grandstand rotation. Day 1 was main straight, day 2 was inside turn 1, day 3 was turn 9, day 4 (race) outside turn 1. Got a great shot of Senna’s tangle with Dani.

    35. the Indian GP is too expensive for a student like me. I am better off watching on TV

    36. I’m going to Singapore this year, my second GP after Monza in 2011. Really cannot wait – September seems an age away!

      Also planning on taking my 7 year old to some F3 at Brands Hatch – much closer to home :)

    37. I’m going to Spa with my future wife. It will be her first coming to a F1 race, and my last since 2005.
      I absolutely want to hear the atmospheric engines one last time before they are replaced by turbos in 2014.
      And it will be 21 years already since my first coming there, in 1992 (and Schumacher’s first win)… I’m getting old :p

    38. Booked for British GP last week, 3 days with camping. Fingers crossed for good weather!

    39. unfortunately :( I have been twice in Ä°stanbulpark at 2010 and 2011! I want to Spa and Monza so much but
      haven’nt enough money maybe after a few years :)

    40. Definitely Montreal, it’s an hour and a bit away, maybe Austin, maybe.

    41. I’ll try for Spa, but I’ll be certainly in Monza in September…

    42. Melbourne and Silverstone for me (can’t be too many races further apart in distance than these two!) plus almost certainly Austin.

      I’m gutted I can’t go to Montreal this year after having an amazing time in 2012 (despite the student protests). If only every F1 venue embraced the GP like Montreal!

    43. I’m heading to Melbourne for not only my first F1 race but my first ever live motor race!

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