Nigel Mansell, Williams, Monaco, 1992

F1 fans?σΤιΌΤδσ classic Grand Prix videos: 1992

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Nigel Mansell, Williams, Monaco, 1992The 1992 Formula One season was one of the most one-sided contests the sport has ever seen.

Nigel Mansell pole-axed the opposition with the Williams-Renault FW14B and pocketed the title after just 11 of the 16 rounds.

His seventh win of the year came on home ground at Silverstone and the post race celebrations got a bit out of control as the videos below show.

In many respects 1992 was a watershed year: Mansell quit the sport at the end of the year, McLaren’s successful association with Honda came to an end and Michael Schumacher had his first full season and breakthrough victory.

Here’s footage from four of that year’s races shot by F1 fans.

Mexican Grand Prix

Mansell led every lap of the first round in South Africa and repeated the feat at the second race of the year in Mexico.

Ivan Capelli is the first driver to make an appearance in the first video, driving Ferrari’s F92A – a car that was as attractive as it was uncompetitive. The team endured their second consecutive winless season in 1992. Team mate Jean Alesi appears shortly afterwards.

Next into view is the Fondmetal GR01 of Gabriele Tarquini. The team made its first F1 start at this race the year before, but dropped out of F1 before the end of 1992.

Next to appear is the reigning world champion – Ayrton Senna. He used the team’s 1991 car for the final time in this race, but dropped out with transmission failure after just 11 laps. His title defence was already looking shaky.

This was the last time F1 raced in Mexico, at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Read more about the Grand Prix here:

British Grand Prix

By July Mansell’s championship victory looked like a foregone conclusion. At Silverstone the grandstands were packed with fans watching him move one step closer to it – even during the wet pre-race preparations.

When Mansell delivered the longed-for victory the place went crazy, fans spilling onto the track. Some paid too little heed to the cars already on the track – watch out for Michael Schumacher, who’d just finished fourth, revving his engine as he passed by.

In the last video you can see fans taking the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the cars after the track invasion.

Italian Grand Prix–t-s

The Italian Grand Prix was preceded by a traditional tyre test to prepare for the high-speed track.

In the first of these videos you can see Damon Hill running in an unnumbered Williams. By this point the team had already wrapped up the constructors’ championship.

You can also see – and, more importantly, hear – the McLarens running with their V12 Honda engines for the last time at one of F1’s great power tracks.

Minardi and Jordan were also packing V12 power that year – look out for their cars in the third video, powered by Lamborghini and Yamaha respectively.

Australian Grand Prix

The season finale was held at Adelaide in Australia. It was the last time Mansell and Senna faced each other on track, and the outcome was explosive.

Senna made a bid to pass Mansell for the lead at the end of lap one but braked too late and slipped back to second – as seen in the second video. On the 19th lap Senna hit Mansell from behind at the last corner, putting both out.

With engine failure ending Riccardo Patrese’s race, that left Gerhard Berger to win his last Grand Prix for McLaren.

Your F1 race videos

Have you shot any videos at F1 races? You can share your videos of last years’ races via the links below.

And if you have footage from other seasons you can also share links to it in the forum, on Twitter, through Facebook or via F1 Fanatic on Youtube.

F1 fans?σΤιΌΤδσ classic Grand Prix videos

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to permanently remove my rose tinted glasses. I’m absolutely certain now that they are responsible for blocking out the passion, romance, rivalry, glamour and sometimes vulgar excess that seem to be missing today.

    I’ve watched and followed F1 from the early seventies, and still love every race and every season, but no matter how much more competitive and safer it is today F1 as lost that little intangible something that made it so captivating for us older fans.

    1. Yes, F1’s become a commercial powerhouse: I’m envious that I have missed so many great seasons by being so young!

  2. 1992 was my first full season of Formula 1. I remember quite a few things about that year, but have forgotten many more. Thanks for bringing those memories back to life with these videos.

    I know it wasn’t safe, but those old Lesmo corners in Monza were great, and what a great place to watch the cars from (the Monza part 2 video)!

  3. I was on the track, ran from Maggots all the way round to the podium. An amazing day but unfortunately lead to the banning of track invasions at GPs in the UK.

    This was an exceptional circumstance, and feel it should be re-introduced. Keith you could maybe start a petition to bring it back?

    1. The fans were allowed onto the track immediately after the 2011 race. We got a great spot right in front of the podium. Felt sick with all the fumes coming from the cars in parc ferme!

      From what I’ve read, last year they didn’t allow fans on the track until after the podium ceremony, which is a shame. Sprinting down the start-finish straight and seeing the podium ceremony up close is one of the highlights of a Grand Prix weekend!

      1. Ah I remember now my other half was 6 months pregnant, prob why we didn’t bother

  4. Thank you so much Keith fro these vids,.

  5. Funny how this season is still fondly remembered (compare 2011 with Vettel winning, or some of the Schumi years), I guess a lot of that is due to Mansell then leaving the sport and a new era commencing with Schumacher on the rise.
    And not to forget the great sound of those V12 engines

    1. Have a look at the history of Nigel Mansell and you’ll understand why

  6. Great memories, Silverstone ’92 was my first live race when I was 8 years old. :)

  7. Don’t forget the fight at the Monaco Grand-Prix ;)

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