2013 F1 testing day 5 in pictures

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The second F1 test of the 2013 season has begun at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Here are pictures from today’s test.

F1 pictures

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Images © F1 Fanatic, James Moy

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13 comments on “2013 F1 testing day 5 in pictures”

  1. Everyone is talking about the Williams, but man, that Red Bull doesn’t have much in the way of rear bodywork either!

  2. Please tell me you have an overhead of the Williams because the packaging on that thing is mental.

    1. No …overhead..shot of the Williams but , i do have something interesting………….


        1. it looks ridiculous

          1. Thats a Photoshop. The actual car has a fin on top of the engine cover.

      1. Yeah the only thing that’s different is the fin has been ‘removed’ everything else is normal.. I hadn’t realised how tight it was until I saw this.. Crazy!

        1. Makes me wonder though, if they can pack it that tight, why is it still so damn long!

          1. Just because the gearbox is low doesn’t mean that it can be shortened.

  3. That Marussia is so weird, it looks like it’s from a different series.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

    2. @george indeed, it looks sort of like an indy car/F1 car hybrid.

  4. I didnt notice that theres quite alot of red on the main part of the Ferrari’s front wing – its a bit retro!

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