Schumacher to race ex-team mate’s son in karts

2013 F1 season

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Michael Schumacher will return to racing at the wheel of a go-kart in the WSK Euro Series.

Schumacher will drive for the Tony Kart team in the KZ1 category at the La Conca circuit in Italy on Sunday. See video of him testing at the track above.

Among the 44-yer-old seven-times F1 champion’s rivals is 15-year-old Max Verstappen, son of Schumacher’s 1994 Benetton team mate Jos Verstappen.

Schumacher won the German and European karting championships in 1987, four years before he made his Formula One debut for Jordan.

Schumacher made several returns to karting after graduating to Formula One. He competed against Lewis Hamilton in 2001 and made another appearance for Tony Kart prior to his 2010 F1 comeback.

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31 comments on “Schumacher to race ex-team mate’s son in karts”

  1. Will this be on any UK Channels? Sounds like a Motors TV kind of show

  2. Who is number 13, I believe, that tries to pass schumi?

    1. @deurmat I don’t know, but I’ll support any driver using number 13!

    2. actually, driver’s number is 131
      here is list of participants

  3. April 1st already then?

  4. Great to see him doing what he loves most.

  5. schumacher will enjoy this more than his mercedes career , good to see him having fun. Wish I was one of the kart racers so I can have a chat with him

    1. Wish I was one of the kart racers so I could race him! :)

  6. ** Waiting for a race between Schumacher and Barrichello’s son $$

  7. Waiting for a race between Schumacher and Vettel’s son :)

    1. I think a race between Schumacher’s son and Vettel would be more likely…

  8. Let’s see if Max can keep away from his fathers tradition of running into graveltraps :)
    We in Holland always joke about Jos’s gravelcollection. :P

    1. With the slow but steady removal of gravel trips, that is probably one record he will for always keep.

        1. I suddenly see a meme coming up….Jos sliding towards a load of gravel, and that guy from Star Wars shouting ‘Its a trap!, It’s a trap!’

    2. Speak for yourself.

      Not everybody in holland makes such stupid jokes about the best Dutch F1 driver to date…

  9. I set my cards on Max Verstappen in this one. No lack for respect for Schumacher here but, the kid is almost unbeatable.

    Great to see two generations race ;-) says a lot about Schumacher qualities.

    1. +1
      It’s almost unbelievable how successful Verstappen Jr. is, also thanks to his father and his engines. But I hope Schumacher does well, it’s nice to see Schumacher versus Verstappen!

  10. Check my avatar to see who I’m rooting for!

    1. Because your name didn’t give it away? ;)

      1. I meant the picture, which is futureproof… It’s Max!

  11. When I read the headline the first person I thought of was Nelson Piquet Jr!

    1. Imagine how impressive his career was! Partly because of Schumacher decided Piquet Sr. to retire, but even Nelson Piquet Jr ‘retired’ before Schumacher did.

  12. During his ‘first’ F1 career, I was not really rooting for Schumacher, for several reasons. But now I have a great respect for him. It’s been a privilege to have seen this legend drive. Furthermore, he seems to be a friendly and relaxed guy.

  13. Nice to see Schumacher taking on the young generation (again, you might say).

    I was wondering though, what are the rules regarding the weight of the kart and the driver together? I imagine Schumacher is quite a bit heavier than the other drivers after all the fitness training he has done over the years.

    1. Google is your friend! For KZ1, the minimum weight is 175 kg with driver. I suppose the kart itself will be around 90-100 kg. Schumacher with gear (helmet, suit etc) will probably be around 80 kilos, so he will most likely be just fine. Max Verstappen, who is smaller will probably need to add 15 to 25 kilos of lead!

  14. This man is a true racer, that’s why he is the seven time champion. Massive respect to him

  15. Indeed its nice to see the passion the man has for the sport. To me the video also demonstrates he is as blind on this track as he sometimes seemed to be in his second F1 career, with regards to driver 131.

    btw, still anxiously awaiting “The Sutil News”!

  16. Glad Schumi enjoying him.

    With regards to Max, saw one of the Championship races, he won first heat rather easy, but was overtaken by an Australian boy during second heat. This led him to do a crazy kamikaze move for a first just to ruin his and other boy’s chances. I think race was in Lugano, not sure.

    1. Max is 15 years old. And he wants to win everything. The combination of these two factors can indeed lead to a crash once in a while. It was his his fault indeed, but **** happens some times. It matters if he learns from it.

      1. Sorry for the swearing Keith, will not happen again.

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