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Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Jules Bianchi was pleased with his first run in the Marussia MR02 after signing for the team yesterday.

“The car is really good,” he told media in Barcelona. “We for sure miss a bit of downforce, maybe, but we’re still working, we still have some good solution to come, so I’m confident.”

“I don’t say we’re going to do the points but for sure we’ll try to do our best and we never know what will happen.”

Bianchi has had an eventful week after missing out on a chance to drive for Force India, then taking over the place at Marussia previously held by Luiz Razia.

“It’s been special for me because it was a bit up and down,” he said. “Now it’s up, so I’m really happy.”

“I really need to thank Marussia for the opportunity, and the French Federation, Ferrari as well, who helped me with the Acamdemy.”

Bianchi said he tried not to get dispirited when the Force India chance passed him by:

“I’m still young, I’m 23 years old, so after that – yeah, I was a bit down it was not easy – but I was keeping pushing and trying to get something and obviously for Marussia is a really good opportunity and I’m really happy to be here.”

Bianchi joins fellow rookie Max Chiltnon at the team, but he believes his previous testing experience will help the team:

“Of course it’s helpful for them as well because I have experience. Not only last week, but I drove also last year in the free practice and sometimes with Ferrari as well.

“Of course I didn’t do any races but I have some experience in Formula One so I think we can do a good job and even if we can do two rookies with Max, I think we can build something to the team.”

2013 F1 season

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  • 19 comments on “Bianchi encouraged by first Marussia run”

    1. I have high expectations for Marussia. I think they could well beat Caterham this year, considering all the work they are doing, and how close they got last year.

      That first points finish might still elude both of them, but they are working very hard ! And it ended up great for Marussia in the end, to have Bianchi in instead of Razia…

    2. I have a bit of a soft spot for Marussia, so it was a shame for them to miss out on 10th last season, but I really expect them to be faster than Caterham this year, and despite having two rookies, I think they might be able to score a point this year, if they can develop the car well. It’s said every year, but these teams are getting closer.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Marussia definitely need a new engine! Had they been able to somehow worm their way out of their Cosworth contract a year early, and managed to secure a Ferrari engine, then that would have given them a far better chance.

      1. I’m fairly certain that Ferrari engine would be worth probably almost a second over a Cosworth, because engine is not simply just 8 cylinders, but all accompanying parts, and I’d find it hard to believe that running Ferrai, Merc and Renault wouldn’t give them at least a second over Cosworth.

        1. Yeah, I agree. I mean, it was clearly evident how much performance gain it gave Williams to switch from Cosworth to Renault, and it can’t be all down to aerodynamics, as they went from scoring 6 points, and their worst season, to getting a win in the next.

          It’s a shame really that they haven’t been able to utilize a stronger engine.

          1. So how come Caterham only marginally, if at all, benefited from their non-Cosworth engine?

          2. @jamiefranklinf1
            It didn’t do much for Caterham going from Cosworth to Renault…

            1. Good point…

            2. Nick Jarvis (@)
              2nd March 2013, 23:08

              but look at the ct01’s sidepods. they are huge.. like.. yo mama huge. much bigger than their predecessor Lotus’s.

          3. In all reality, there is probably less than half a second between any of the engines.

      2. Even if they could, it’s way too hard to replace the engine just like that, when the chassis is designed around another one.

        1. What about the brawn designed for a honda engine, switching to a merc engine last minute? Didnt that win a drivers and constructors championship?……

    3. Ferrari deal isn’t done. Bianchi is driving for the team this year, but nothing says he will be with Marussia again next year. So the Ferrari engine in a Marussia car is not still a deal done, I believe.

    4. It just occured to me that we’ve gone from no French drivers on the grid to a million of them.

      1. @victor – yep, I think Crofty said this of last season: “French drivers are like buses; you wait for one for ages and then three appear at once”! Obviously not those exactl words, but you get the picture! ;)

    5. I expect Bianchi to destroy Chilton. I didn’t expect him to do so much against Di Resta, but against another rookie he should be ahead pretty much every weekend I think.

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      1. A dollar a day,
        Keeps the adverts away,
        To the chequebook
        Heh, heh, heh!!

      2. If you think the adds you are seeing are too agressive ones, post some screenshots and info to Keith through the form for reporting those F1fanatic reacts to those quite swiftly and stringent to get advertisers in line with the add policy of the site.

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