Mark Webber, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2013

Australian Grand Prix final practice and Q1 in pictures

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Australian F1 Grand Prix - Qualifying

Rain wrecked the schedule for day two of the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

It arrived early in the final practice session and hung around until qualifying. Just 20 minutes of running took place in two hours before the stewards called off the day’s activity and postponed Q2 and Q3 to Sunday.

Here are pictures of F1’s drenched day in Melbourne.

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5 comments on “Australian Grand Prix final practice and Q1 in pictures”

  1. It was carnage out there today, and yet there is not a broken wing in sight in any of the pictures. Is this a policy not to show drivers in a bad light? Either way, great pictures as always.

  2. I’m missing the seagulls :)

    1. BIRDS! :D

  3. That first pick of Vettel is a stunner.

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