2013 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2013 Australian Grand Prix

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2013 Australian Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “2013 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Hallelujah! Ferrari lead the WCC! Now here’s something I thought I wouldn’t see again over the next decade.

      1. Well, for sure that was long enough! Cheers!

      2. And to prove all critics wrong once again, there are no team orders this early in the year.

        1. there are no team orders this early in the year.

          It would be stupid to, as Massa was faster in the early stages and only really lost position due to a good strategic decision on Alonso’s part.

          1. Massa was faster in the early stages

            That is irrelevant. Alonso attempted an overtake on Massa within the first lap or two if I recall correctly, and I think that is a pretty good indicator of one driver being faster than the other! Ferrari could easily have asked Massa to move aside at that point in time, but instead chose to let them race.

            1. They couldn’t order Massa because Massa wouldn’t accept in such early stage. Massa buys the “good of the team” excuses when they are supposedly doing it because it’s the championship on the line but not right now when he can be in the championship and all is open.

    2. Kimi did well but I think Ferrari has a little bit upper hand. They have very good race pace and Kimi was a little lucky because Ferrari and Red Bull only watched each other. Still, Lotus’s tyre management was very impressive even though one lap pace is not so remarkable. Mercedes looked good but reliability is concern and tyre operating seems not optimized yet.

      Conclusion : This season gonna really interesting. Different teams have different strength and weakness.

      1. Good result for Fernando and Ferrari. In the end they only got beaten by strategy. i think the ferrari is the faster than lotus on pure race pace. However, based on todays show, Kimi just needs to be within 20 seconds of the leading driver, make one less stop and win…. obviously it wont be that simple. i just hope Redbull don’t turn to Malaysia with their magic .5 advantage back in the race.

        1. I think its a bit early to say. Race pace includes strategy. So if Reno make one less stop per race and as a result they win, then that means they have faster overall race pace due to tyre conservation.

          Of course we never saw Ferrari try to conserve their tyres because they had committed to a three stop race. So we dont yet know if they had tried, could they have pulled off a two stopper?

          1. @Aimal @robfff I think now Red Bull and Ferrari would be a little bit more concerned by Lotus. It would change their(and other top 10 drivers) strategy so we will see….

    3. This season is set to be an interesting one. Massa is really doing well. Mclaren is the surprising one.. What is going on there? Hamilton will be grinning at the lack Mclaren’s lack of pace.

      1. Actually I would say Hamilton rather looking at why they cannot make the tyres last, as otherwise they could be challenging for the podium as well. Why would he care about McLaren when they are not a competitor for him on track right now.

        1. I think Merc just lacked race pace, Ham went longer on his tyres than the other 3 stoppers, he just finished a good 30 seconds behind them.

          1. Exactly. He could easily make the same strategy as Vettel and Alonso in terms of tyres. So maybe they lacked in terms of Lotus tyre managment but not from the others. Merc problem was clearly pace. Their race pace just wasn’t strong enough.
            And thi actually quite similar to what happened to them last year in most races. Mostly they went backwards during the race while they got decent qualy.
            They must dig deep and find some race pace if they want to score good in races.

    4. @KeithCollantine Noticed an error in the constructors championship Position numbering. You started from 2 instead of 1.

    5. I think Lotus and Ferrari are looking like strong forces in the constructor’s battle: Massa’s definitely stepped up his game and if Grosjean makes more of an impression in the races those two teams will be pretty strong title contenders. Red Bull I’m not so sure of at this point because they don’t seem quite as good in the races as in qualifying, but it’s too early to be making judgement on that.

      1. OZ was not the best of the tracks for Bulls. Except for 2011. They hardly outperformed anyone. They start to flower up starting Bahrain when the temps get warmer. They did not do well in much of the rain effected races last year. As Christian said they have optimized the performance to a Temperature window. If they are not in that window they start to suffer. except for quali i don’t expect them to hold up strong in Malaysia and China too. Unless it is warm and there are no rains.

        But yeah Kimi is the man. They could do some very good numbers with those mediums. Only question is will they match the development pace of McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull through the year. Only question what is the weakness window for other teams ?

        More over we are yet to understand the

        1. @tmax – very true; Australia has never been the most representative for where everyone is performance wise and I think it’s purely coincidental that 6 of the last 8 winners (discounting 2013) have gone on to win the title (either that or it is simply because the cars exerted a level of dominance in some of those seasons).

          Red Bull will undoubtably come on stronger at more downforce-dependant circuits though and also I presume when the tyres are sussed out – I think the cold temperatures gave a similar situation to testing to some extent. Come Bahrain as you’ve said I’m sure they’ll be back up there with race pace.

    6. How does Hulkenberg classify as 20th? He didnt even compete in the race…

      1. It must be due to the fact that Maldonado and Ricciardo actually competed in the race yet retired, otherwise I don’t understand that either @jamesf1.

        1. On that basis, Hulk shouldn’t even be classified. On further research, I assume it’s a mistake. Both FIA and FOM websites put him last.

      2. Since none of the drivers 19th and below have a classified finish, they are sorted by their best qualifying position so far.

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