2013 Australian GP and qualifying in pictures

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It was a busy final day at Albert Park with the race and most of qualifying held on the same day. Here’s pictures of Sunday’s action in Melbourne.

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11 comments on “2013 Australian GP and qualifying in pictures”

  1. I think it will become a new sport for photographers to get a picture of a driver with the Rolex crown above him :)

  2. I love that first picture! So much talent in that…

    1. It would be great if anyone were to get along as well as they appear to in that picture.
      So that everybody could simply acknowledge that there are several world class drivers out there, all capable of winning.

  3. Always the best selection of head-on shots of F1 cars on the Internet.

  4. Do my eyes decieve me, or have the photographer vantage points changed for this year? There are a whole lot of new camera angles for this race, and a lot of the angles used in previous years haven’t been used.

  5. Is it me, or do the cars look the best since the start of the 2009 season?

    1. They started to look better, but I still prefer the cars from 2010, when they didn’t have to have to fit a large fuel tank for a full race. the proportions were a bit nicer, imo.

      1. @dennis 2010 was already no refuelling again, I think you mean 2009, I do to prefer the short wheelbase racers.

        1. 2010 was the last year without refuelling. And personally I liked the cars from that year best. The F2010 especially. I also liked the Red Bull’s front, with those “shoulders” on the side of the chassis. But the each his own. :)

          I recently rewatched a few races from the 90’s, and I have to say I miss the 2m wide cars. A lot.

          1. @dennis

            2010 was the last year without refuelling.

            2010 was the first year since 1993 sans refuelling. The rules have stayed thus since.

  6. @keithcollantine any chance of getting full HD (or greater) pictures up, instead of the 1680 x 1120 resolution they currently are? I guess the decision may not just be down to you though??
    They would look so much better on my TV ;)

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