Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2013

2013 Australian Grand Prix in Tweets

2013 Australian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2013@AnthonyFrench looks back on the Australian Grand Prix in Tweets.

The 2013 F1 season got off to an unusual start in Melbourne with heavy rain forcing qualifying to be postponed.

Once the rain relented the show got back on the road on Sunday morning and later that evening we had out first Grand Prix winner of 2013: Kimi Raikkonen.

Here’s a look back on the first race weekend of the year as told by the Tweets from teams, drivers and others.


The first official day of practice for the new season saw the best conditions of the weekend. But it wasn’t enough to tempt the drivers out of the garage for the first half-hour of practice which was mostly quiet.

When the finally emerged Red Bull headed the times in both sessions but it already looked like McLaren were in trouble.


The weather took a turn for the worse on Saturday. Q1 was run on a wet track but after multiple delays the rest of the day’s running was postponed to Sunday.


Sebastian Vettel started his season with pole position on Sunday but couldn’t maintain his place at the head of the field in the race, slipping behind Fernando Alonso and winner Kimi Raikkonen.

Share any other great Tweets you spotted during the Australian Grand Prix in the comments.

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2013 Australian Grand Prix

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  • 27 comments on “2013 Australian Grand Prix in Tweets”

    1. anyone else hate tweets? aha

      1. Anthony Bosley (@)
        19th March 2013, 13:06

        I hated them so much at first but now that i’ve gotten used to twitter and tweets over the past few years, I’ve started to see the benefit of them over a grand prix weekend when it comes to getting info.

        1. Same for me: I always thought it’s useless, but it’s a brilliant for keeping you up to date. With Twitter you pretty much know the news before sites like F1F publish articles.

      2. Twitter has its shortcomings, but this was a great article, and I hope it will be a regular feature this season.

      3. I have to confess they’re not my cup of tea neither…
        Part of that “look-at-me-and-what-i-am-doing” egocentric society i guess.
        Timing is now more important than substance it seems…

        1. @gwenouille yes i think thats the reason i hate them! people havent been asked what theyre doing yet they feel like they need to tell everyone because they would obviously want to know :S (conveniently only if what theyre doing is exciting or positive)

    2. Paul Hembrey seems to have almost given away Lotus’ strategy before the race. I would pay close attention to what he says regarding the tires/team in the future.

      1. Yup, now I don’t believe anyone that says that they didn’t see Kimi pulling the 2 stop!

        1. Naah, why would anyone listen, or believe some random fuy from some random tyre manufacturor? ;)

      2. +1..
        There is a Driver’s meeting every Friday in which they do also Discuss Tires..
        I am sure that Lotus told everyone there that they could do 25+ Laps on the Medium.
        Then why were Alonso/Vettel saying that they did not see a 2 Stopper coming from anyone??

      3. Antonio (@antoniocorleone)
        20th March 2013, 0:44

        I came up with that thought also…
        I think now I’m going to follow Mr. “Pirelli” and read his tweets before making my predictions. ;)

    3. Again Alonso with his funny tweets and politics. They’re mind games, obviously aimed at Vettel.

      1. As mind games go, “Nice to start like this” is really subtle.

        1. “Red Bull setting the pace, again. Their only problem in winter testing was finding a sandbag big enough”

          Were Red Bull sandbagging also in the race?

          1. Yup, they put it on Mark’s ECU by mistake

            1. @sonkky
              Haha, I almost fell off my chair! XD

      2. Not really seeing any mind games in celebrating coming 2nd?!

    4. n – currently fastest – and Jenson demonstrates again just how tactically brilliant he is in the wet!

      I presume that wasn’t sent after Q2 and Q3. Seriously, for every great decision with Jenson, there is at least one poor one… People just remember the good ones.

      1. It was presumably after Q2, when Jenson contradicted McLaren and told them to put inters on the car despite the team’s preference for sorts (and then promptly finished 4th, which is as high as we’ll be seeing an MP4/28 for some time, I’d imagine).

        1. softs. This this needs an edit feature.

    5. I think the timing of the Malyasian GP is way off..

      It starts 2 hours after the Race in Australia(as GMT).. So, technically they could start it at 6.00 GMT instead of 8..

      It rains every evening in Malayasia.. Its a system in Equatorial Countries called 4’o Clock Rain.. If it does not rain, then it is unique.. And when it rains there it Pours.. Judging by what happened in Australia, they would stop the race if it is anything more than Drizzle (The race was Red flagged for 30 mins Last Year).. So, why take a Gamble?? Bring the race forward by a couple of hours and start it in 14.00 Local Time (6.00 GMT)

      1. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
        19th March 2013, 16:15

        They call races off very easily nowadays. Just look at China 2009 they were racing in those dreadful conditions and then in Canada 2011 they don’t restart until a dry line is visible.
        If they’re going to give in to the weather so easily then they should take the necessary precautions.

    6. Dickie Standford is already counting down to the End of the Session.. Long session ahead for Williams

    7. Why have physios been banned from pit board duty, or is that a joke I’m not getting?

      1. its a new FIA regulation to limit team members at GPs

        1. how does that limit them?

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