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Here are the top ten pictures from the Australian Grand Prix which tell the story of the race.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Thursday

A new dawn greeted Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne as he began his first race weekend as a Mercedes driver. With third on the grid and fifth in the race it went pretty well – particularly compared to the fortunes of his former team.

Giedo van der Garde, Caterham, Friday

Giedo van der Garde was one of five rookie drivers making his first F1 start in Australia. But he lost time on Friday when he spun into the gravel in second practice.

Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Friday

Fellow rookie Jules Bianchi had a promising first weekend at the wheel of a car he’d only driven twice before. He out-qualified Max Chilton (another first-timer) by three-quarters of a second and brought the Marussia home in 15th place.

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Friday

Twelve months ago the F2012 did not look good enough to wear a Ferrari badge and Felipe Massa did not look quick enough to wear Ferrari overalls. But it’s a different story this year – the F138 is a better-looking car in every sense and Massa was on Fernando Alonso’s pace all weekend in Australia.

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Friday

While much attention was focused on his team mate, Nico Rosberg had a quietly impressive weekend in the other Mercedes. He ran well in the wet parts of qualifying and was keeping Hamilton in range when an electrical fault ended his race before half-distance.

Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, Saturday

The weather took a turn on Saturday, soaking the track and forcing most of qualifying to be postponed.

When it resumed Nico Hulkenberg narrowly missed out on reaching Q3 but worse was to follow. A fuel pressure problem meant he couldn’t start the race. Incredibly, he is yet to complete a racing lap in Melbourne after three attempts.

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sunday

Sebastian Vettel notched up his 37th career pole position despite this off-track moment on Sunday morning.

Australian Grand Prix Start, Sunday

The cars scream through turn one for the first time this year. Vettel is out of the frame while Massa has demoted Hamilton and Alonso is preparing to follow him.

But Webber’s hopes of a podium finish in his home race are already looking faint after a poor start dropped him from second to seventh.

Adrian Sutil, Force India, Sunday

Adrian Sutil made his return to F1 after a one-year absence. He reaped the benefit of being able to start on medium tyres by taking the lead twice during the course of the race. But eventually he had to run the super-softs and slipped back to seventh in the closing stages as his tyres grained.

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, Sunday

It was an all-champions podium as Raikkonen led home Alonso and Vettel.

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    1. That one of Rosberg is stunning.

      1. +1
        My favorite from a purely photographic POV.

      2. I said exactly those words before even scrolling down to your comment. Just a stunning shot.

        1. I didnt know F1 photographers used Instagram.

    2. The Mercedes picture of the penultimate corner is amazing!

    3. Seems like Mercedes poaches any best photographers around too, aside of that bunch of technical directors.

      1. funny…. next they’ll be buying Lotus.

      2. Yeah, both the Hamilton and the Rosberg pictures are beautiful.

    4. Vettel aims the bubbly perfectly!

    5. Im going too poach the Rosberg one and pass it off as Hamilton, no one will know haha

      1. except with the number 9 on the car :D . But it’s worth a try.

        1. Shhh… still an awesome pic :)

    6. The Nico Rosberg sunset picture, and the Sunday podium picture are both class

    7. That picture of Rosberg’s Mercedes is fantastic! That and this picture: I think we could be looking at two very strong title contenders in that.

      1. @vettel1: 10 bucks say that Vettel and Kimi were trash talking to each other for a few seconds there.
        Vettel: It’s just the first race bro, doesn’t mean anything. I’m on a ******* Red Bull.
        Kimi: Funny that’s what your mother said last night.

        1. @aish – possibly, although I think more along the lines of “I’m surprised you drunk drivers are so fast” or something ;)

          1. @vettel1:

            “I’m surprised you drunk drivers are so fast”
            “I’m surprised you energy drink drivers are so slow”


        2. Not sure about that, but Vettel was definitely making Kimi laugh on the podium. The pair are said to be friends, and it was nice to see.

      2. I just hopE Lotus is able to develop the E21 as well or better than their rivals as the season winds down. Kimi deserves another WDC.

        1. @feynmam

          Kimi deserves another WDC.

          I think his talent would justify him as a word champion, but nobody “deserves” anything in my view – you win or you lose, it’s as simple as that. If you come second, just go one better the next year!

            1. I guess deserve wasn’t the right word. I agree with your point but I was more referring to Kimi’s McLaren career. Regardless, whoever wins the championship this season will surely deserve it! It’s going to be close.

          1. Easy to say when you have a car that is 1 second faster than the rest of the grid.


            1. easy to *win

    8. Rosberg picture ist geil. Sehr gut.

    9. That Rosberg picture, wow! A winner.

    10. The picture of Rosberg has all the hallmarks of a piece of Art….

      straight to desktop that one.

      1. I can’t pick which one for my desktop! ARGGGHHHH!!!

    11. Symphony and Sutilica
      20th March 2013, 3:32

      The one where Sutil is leading the race ahead of Wonder boy in the blue car is awesome.
      Nice Pic.

    12. Wow. This is why I love F1.

      What you have done with this site is a treasure to F1 fans worldwide. Thank you!

      1. I agree. The quality photos are much appreciated.

        Also, you either do a great job of moderating comments and keeping out the trolls or you seem to have attracted a better ‘class’ of F1 fan – haven’t checked out the forum, though.

        I’m currently looking for a new ‘one stop’ F1 site since Autosport has finally succeeded in driving me away. There are a few basic things that Autosport does very well that I’m looking for in my new F1 home:

        While their proof reader needs to be fired (if they even have one), the site’s organization of practice and qualifying times is extremely logical, aesthetic and user friendly. Also, they have all the team press releases as well as Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday press conferences. Essential for an F1 site IMO.

        None of that is their content so they have a lot of nerve trying to charge for it, especially when you factor in the constant, unprofessional grammatical errors. It’s just that they package and organize the info much better than most sites. From reading their forum, I know I’m not the only one looking for a new, primary F1 home.

        Anyways, keep up the good work Keith. Your passion for F1, your perfectionism and your good sense of aesthetics are all evident from this site. I know it ain’t easy being a one man show.

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