2013 Malaysian Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Malaysia is the destination for round two of the world championship and the teams are all set at the track for action to begin tomorrow.

Here’s a selection of pictures from the build-up to the race weekend.

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus/LAT, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Force India, Sauber, Caterham/LAT

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31 comments on “2013 Malaysian Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

    1. @adrianmorse Unfortunately they lost their camecorder (see here). But indeed, long time we didn’t have any caption ;)

    2. “This year’s car is definitely an improvement, but we’re not out of the woods yet!”

    3. I like this picture.

      Lewis “I thought you knew the way out of the woods?”

      Nico “What made you think that, I’m just following you, I think we are lost!”

      1. Lewis “Better get used to following me, mate!”

    4. So…………….. you and Nando still go fishing?

    5. Ros “its soo hot!”
      Ham “should of had your hair cut like mine mate ;)”
      Ros “Im sweating so much already!”
      Ham “not as much as when im up behind you on track…”

    6. The honeymoon couple were spied taking a stroll at the botanical gardens.

    7. Nico :”The wood is dangerous, how we are going to get out of it”
      Lewis:”There is a guy that can help us, he’s very strong and very comfortable here”
      Nico:”who ??”

    8. Lewis: “Am I right, Nico? There is no upgraded version of the W04 around here! You were just trying to get rid of me!”

    9. Lewis: “I heard the Oriental parlours here are rather rejuvenating.”
      Rosberg: “Well Lewis, there are certainly more happy endings there than in a season with Mercedes GP.”

    10. Hamilton spotted taking romantic walk through the woods with Britney Spears.

      1. @raginginferno lol, I nearly spat my drink at that !

    11. Brokeback Mercedes ?!

  1. Keith, any chance to have the photos of Alonso and Rivola cycling around Sepang? They’re on a flash slideshow in the Telegraph story about Jenson, but they’re really tiny and one of them looks like desktop material.

      1. Much better!

        Thanks a lot @nomore !

  2. Van der Garde’s helmet is fantastic! Are we seeing another Vettel-esque helmet changer I wonder (hopefully not)?

    1. I believe not: he mentioned on Twitter the helmet change is because Malaysia is Caterham’s ‘home race’. It does look spectacular though!

      1. @andae23 – thanks, phew! Agreed though, what a wonderful design! It’s a good deal better than many of the ones Vettel churns out anyway!

      2. @vettel1: Why can’t they keep the design if they’re good. Why do they have to make a one off deal?

        1. @aish – I’m guessing it’s either for PR reasons or because they are specifically to commemorate or symbolise something, so as much as I’d like to see certain helmets retained it’s unlikely to happen.

          For Vettel though, I do find it quite interesting sometimes to see what he comes up with his designers! I particularly liked Austin’s last year.

    2. Yeah I really like it, great style.

  3. We always hear how drivers need to be at the peak of fitness and how much of an athlete you need to be to be successful in F1, however as far as I can tell Kimi seems to have ‘let himself go’ a bit lately and yet he just won the last race? Mentally he’s clearly in a good place by eating a few pies now and again, so good for him I say! (or am I way off the mark here?)

    1. You probably are.

      Do you have any proof or indication that a WDC driving at top level in 2013 has ‘let himself go?’

      1. Nope. Purely observational data.

    2. Standing next to Grosjean will make most F1 drivers look like they let themselves go..

    3. You are way off the mark.

      I think it’s the opposite, Kimi appears to be fitter this year than last, he barely seemed to break a sweat in Oz, do you remember when he used to get out the car all red face and sweaty – not always on especially demanding tracks.

      And he is 33 now, same age as me – he’s about 20 days older than me I think, wish I was half as fit as him.

      1. Ok, my bad. Yes I’m 32 myself so perhaps its more wishful thinking!!

  4. The shades that Kimi wears are Oakley, I looked for them and they’re flippin’ expensive, not to mention Kimi’s ones are gold plated, and custom polarized, whatever that means…
    Oakley is his sponsor too.

  5. Hey can u tell kimis oakley model name , desperately need 2 buy it

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