Mark Webber, Red Bull, Sepang, 2013

Caption Competition 30: Mark Webber

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Sepang, 2013

Mark Webber got an unwelcome surprise during the latter stages of the Malaysian Grand Prix – and it looks like it wasn’t his first surprise of the weekend.

What has startled the Red Bull driver in this picture? It’s over you to explain all in our caption competition.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrow’s round-up.

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216 comments on “Caption Competition 30: Mark Webber”

  1. “Multi 21, Mark, multi 21 — Seb”

    1. That would be “Multi 12” from Sebs perspective.

      1. Craig Packer
        2nd April 2013, 12:29

        I’m glad SOMEONE understands the code

  2. Daniel Jackson
    30th March 2013, 10:15

    Helmut said WHAT?!

  3. CH: So Mark we have changed the meaning of Multi 21, do you want to know what it means?
    MW: Ughh yeah mate, tell me after the race mate, I’m just playing angry birds mate.

  4. Sorry for the early April fools joke Mark, there are no team orders at Red Bull

  5. The outpouring of sypmpathy for Weber after the GP meant he got more followers on his twitter a/c than that of RBR

  6. Steve Lockwood
    30th March 2013, 10:23

    note to self… take seb, off christmas card list

  7. ronnie pettersson
    30th March 2013, 10:25

    A friend request from Seb?

  8. Slept like a baby. Thanks chum!

  9. MW: ”Multi 21, Seb”

    A few minutes later… :o

  10. So Multi 22 means something completely different.

    1. multi 22 would mean care 2 ahead of car 2 that wouldn’t make sense.
      Also multi 12 means car 1 (seb) ahead of car 2 (mark)

  11. Mark looks at his phone to re-read an email from Horner a day before the GP. The email was to do with the new terms and conditions. Mark, being sensible scrolls to the bottom to click accept. Now after reading, he discovers multi 21 has been replaced with “Let Vettel win every race”.

  12. Federico da Montefeltro
    30th March 2013, 10:31

    Seb promised not to beat my high score on Snake

  13. Mark, it’s not the first time a german broke an agreement, Seb #getoverit

  14. “Blimey, is that what Multi 21 means?! Bloody Horner”

  15. MW just discovered that Vettel unfollowed him on twitter.

  16. I’m gonna win a Race ??!!!!!!

  17. “Helmet Marko has accepted your friend request”

    1. laughed so hard a little bit of wee escaped

    2. Winner!

    3. brilliant!

    4. wahahaha, AWESOME! I LAUGHED SO HARD !

    5. lol – brilliant

      1. Now that is funny!

    6. Helmut* and we have a potential winner.

      1. I think that was intentional

        1. I’d like to pretend it was but it was just a typo!

    7. Ha, brilliant effort! Winner here now.

    8. this one, definitely!

    9. hahahahahah…..good one mate

    10. i was going to enter but i cant think of anything to beat that. That was so funny

    11. Haha!

    12. Yes! This MUST be the winner!

    13. Stupidly funny

      1. Too good !

    14. After reading this one……. I’m not even having a go.

    15. This is it :)

    16. (@bpacman) clear winner!

    17. I dont think anyone can top that

    18. This made me give up.

    19. Antonio (@antoniocorleone)
      30th March 2013, 18:33

      Its deffinetely a winner.

    20. I was going to make my own try in Caption Competition, but after that it will not have any chance. It’s the best.

    21. excellent!

    22. You’re Winner!

    23. Haha! Nailed it :)

    24. +21 =))

  18. Mark, if you get in my way again, I’ll send Grosjean onto you again! Luv Seb

  19. “i accept the license agreement and want to install the Multi 21 app for the Malaysian GP”
    “Installation finished and you will get also call of duty warfare for the rest of the season”

  20. “My phone didn’t do what I told it to do and now look what website it’s taken itself to!’

  21. “Starting for dummies download complete”

    1. funny! :)

      1. nice!

    2. This one has to be the winner, it fits the picture the best and his whole career, not just recent events.

  22. Mark got message from Christian: “Not bad for a number 2 driver, Mark.”

  23. “Now how do I turn this phone down?”

  24. Twitter: ‘Sebastian Vettel is no longer following you’

    1. Didn’t get the double meaning behind it till a little later.. Brilliant one!

    2. Nice one!

    3. Dennis the menace (@)
      31st March 2013, 7:29


  25. “It’s been a week and they’re still talking about it!”

  26. Ben (@thebencourt)
    30th March 2013, 11:07

    Mark, I’ve just been watching the highlights and noticed you used the wrong finger. It’s supposed to be the index, not the middle. Love Seb x

  27. Text from Kimi: Chill, Mate. Wanna share an ice cream?

  28. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    30th March 2013, 11:11

    Mark notices his bum-chin in the reflection of his screen.

    1. I lolled..

  29. “Seb will let you win this one – CH”

  30. Chris (@eddie4102000)
    30th March 2013, 11:15

    Mark couldn’t believe his eyes…Christian had just told him he was the #1 driver…

  31. RBR releases an angry birds version and Mark realises his bird has older spec wings and is launched using an old cracked elastic band that christian found in the rubbish.

  32. Another comment on F1 Fanatic regarding me and Seb, I thought they would of gotten over it by now!

  33. “In the coming race, you will be overtaken by Seb against team orders ;)”

  34. Rick Hendrikse
    30th March 2013, 11:19

    Damn Christian, I didn’t thought Seb’s head would fit. Did it hurt?

  35. New Message from Antonio Felix Da Costa: “I’m coming for your seat Mark”

  36. Oh,a Ferrari contract! *Accept request*

  37. “Why has Helmut Marko sent me a Smiley ?”

  38. ” So, that’s the website Seb gets the names for his car from !!!”

  39. 21 new messages from Helmut Marko”

  40. “So with this ‘mobile phone’, I can call anyone anywhere at any time I like and I don’t have to be connected to a land line? Does this mean that if I see one of those amusing bumper stickers asking for feedback on somebody’s driving, I can actually call and give it to them?”

  41. “So that’s how you get to Sesame Street. Thank you, Google Maps!”

  42. Application Update Mode: How to turn down your engine, first step confirm with pit wall that the team is holding station…

  43. Text from Nicos Anastasiades: “I know how you feel bredrin”

  44. “Iphone? wow, now I know how a marussia feels like”

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      31st March 2013, 7:30


  45. “Why does my horoscope say I’ll have a bad day? I feel like I could win today!”

  46. Mark watches the Harlem Shake for the first time.

  47. Vettel to Schumacher: “Thanks for the tips on being ruthless Michael. I’m sure a few will come in handy this weekend…”

  48. Webber: “I love it when my wife sends me these pics of her in the shower, it really cheers me up after a tough…Wait a minute!?!…THIS IS SEB’S PHONE!!”

    1. i don’t think he’s married but either way, ouch!

  49. “Sebastian Vettel is now in a relationship with Ann Neal”

  50. blimey ! Seb is driving the 2013 redbull? the team said it wasn’t out yet ??

  51. I’m really sorry Mark. Hadn’t made it deliberatly, Seb.

  52. Error 404 – Team mate not found

    1. Gold, love this one

  53. Web, it’s Seb… Look, I’m really sorry about earlier – in fact, so sorry that that’s my hand you can feel now….

  54. Mark receives this picture message from Seb

  55. Sebastian Vettel has posted a photo on your wall.

  56. F1F: And the Winner of the 2013 Malaysian Driver of the Weekend Poll is……. SEBASTIAN VETTEL.

    MW: “But……. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

  57. CH: “I agree with you totally, Seb’s got no respect for the elderly”

  58. Oh blimey, Christian’s jumped in the pool naked again…

  59. Brazil 2012 Highlights

  60. Twitterconversion:
    HM: “You’re starting like a Coala.”
    MW: “Ok, I missed a Button or two, but don’t call me BackMark Webber again. or I will steal your glass eyeball.”

  61. You are fired

  62. MW: “What, His Excellence Seb’s gonna let me, a little peasant win???”
    CH: “Just jokin'”

  63. SV: “Sorry mate, I thought you were a BackMarker”

  64. Butt picture from Seb, with the text: ‘Ring ding ding, this is what I’m talking about! Kiss it, Mark!’

  65. The reply Came back, Marussia were happy with the drivers they had….

  66. “I tried to slow down but my brakes failed momentarily and I accidentally passed webber. And then he never caught up to me.”

  67. Mark couldn’t believe what Sutil was offering to do to Vettel in the club tonight to teach him a lesson

  68. It’s just his reaction to seeing a shirtless Justin Bieber

  69. So that’s what Sebastian and Hungry Heidi do late at night.

  70. Mark noticed that Vettel had overtaken him on Twitter followers
    “Multi-21 Seb Multi-21”

  71. Meanwhile after the Malaysian GP, Mark begins browsing for new jobs

    “Infiniti’s Performance Director assistant? That could be good”

  72. One of marks friends has sent him a picture of that girl in england who got a free boob job on the nhs. He’s just scrolled up and seen her face.

  73. “We think can help us with the new brand launch, Mark –
    ‘Red Bull Sour – leaves that taste in your mouth’…”

  74. Mark, this is your fortune teller, I have some interesting news. I have foreseen that you will have a good start at the next Grand Prix.

    1. Buta not so good finish…

  75. Vettel & Marko on youtube doing harlem shake.

    MW: Forever alone.

  76. Webber sneaks a peek at the web browser history on Keith Collantine’s phone.

  77. Seb @Christian Horner If Mark is to slow get him out of the way
    Seb Ups, Sorry Mark, did i send that to you?

  78. Why the hell has it gone to I only searched for Multi 21 on the Red Bull Spy App! Thought this was meant to be my year…

    1. So that’s what Horner thinks Multi 21 means: loser uses finger 2 at team-mate, winner uses finger 1!

  79. Neo and Trinity die at the end?!

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      31st March 2013, 7:43

      bahahaha..But did Neo really die?

  80. Mark tries to pull a “Brawn-style” face for his camera.

  81. Message from Seb – “Paybacks a b***h!”

    1. Payback! 12 nothing now.

  82. kowalsky is back
    30th March 2013, 15:59

    So now we know what the message from Ms mastechiz was!! Mark, vettel is faster than you, do you understand the message?

  83. Incoming text from Sebastian Vettel: “Mark, I just signed my new contract and will replace Alonso at Ferrari in 2014. I am so glad to hear that you will be my teammate for 7 consecutive seasons”

    1. :)) good one!

  84. Someone: Mark! Seb is your son!

  85. Downloading data from Sebastian Vettel’s car… (some time, much later) “Access denied, crashed on contact. Only the Number 1 driver can see this information. Insert Multi12 to return to the main menu”

  86. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
    30th March 2013, 16:46

    “She didn’t look like that last night”

  87. “OMG! Jenson has unfollowed me on Tweeter”

  88. So, he took my wife to dinner and then what!?

  89. “2 b4 1″… message sent…
    Is this “l33t sp34k” too hard too understand, Seb ?

  90. DoodleJump high-score: “21”. Lame mark, Mark !

  91. “Finger Boy sayz what?!?!”

  92. …and now my surfboard’s broken?

  93. List of drivers looking for a F1 seat… Adding “Webber” to the list… Confirm: yes or no ?

  94. “Finger-Boy just said what about me in the press pen?!”

  95. “Fair dinkum!?”

  96. “I guess Horner really is a few sangas short of a picnic!?”

  97. Mark reads a Google News alert informing him that Marko has actually criticized Vettel for once…
    MW: “Well bugger me!”

  98. Message from Seb: “I won ! And mine is multi-21 cm long ! Ah ah ah…”

  99. Now he broke my surfboard?

  100. MB (@muralibhats)
    30th March 2013, 17:41

    Hi Stefano! Remember me? Can i start from where we stopped last time?

  101. Seb is going to mirussia, really!!!!

  102. Crikey! He really does have a lead foot!!!

  103. Could not join private network “Red Bull Racing” (Dismiss)

  104. WOW Vettel’s girlfriend has my name tattooed on her a…!

    1. Vettel’s girlfriend has Randy Torres tattooed on her a**? You lucky devil!

  105. Mark is enjoying his new blackjack application: “Seb has 12, so he obviously… Stands?! That’s silly, Sebastian. I think you should take a hit.”

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      31st March 2013, 7:41

      good one

  106. Being told to turn your engine map down while being double crossed by your team mate….Theres an App for that.

  107. Hi mark, please find listed below the finishing positions for the 2013 races, kind regards seb :))).

  108. Oh crikey, I AM a number 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Incoming text from Christian Horner: If you’re in front of Sebastian after the final stop we will use team orders on him.

  110. We’re 100% behind you Mark. Your good mate, Helmut.
    I’m 100% behind you Mark. Your Team Mate, Seb.

  111. IRBR: We’ve decided that we will be adding another Infiniti logo to your racing suits after this weekend.

  112. Infiniti Red Bull Racing has updated the Terms of Service. Click “Seb wins” to continue, or click “Seb wins” to quit.

  113. Webber: “A first class BA flight to Australia cost how much!?!…Forget it, I’ll go to Brighton instead”

  114. Text from Lewis H, ‘ that’s why I joined Mercedes, I know that I am the number 1 driver !!’.

  115. Text from Seb:

    “you mad bro?”

  116. Seb’s Twitter page: “My new helmet will feature the number 21”

  117. A pic showing how much bigger Sebs balls are compared to Marks

  118. Lewis is earning how much at Mercedes?!

  119. Webber was as suprised as anyone how much the Samsung really did out perform the iPhone.

  120. Vettel: Sorry, but I had to get away from the police.

  121. BradandCoffee
    31st March 2013, 0:06

    Ann Neal cheers Mark up by promising to do Multi 21 when he gets home.

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      31st March 2013, 7:40

      cool shirt…

    2. Yes ice-cool and it is evident that he does his workouts.

  122. “Mark! You are our number one driver… no really!”

  123. Craig Packer
    31st March 2013, 4:40

    2mins of Q3 left – time for one more lap

  124. Dennis the menace (@)
    31st March 2013, 7:37

    Sebastian Vettel
    1,158,654 likes · 11,826 talking about this

  125. Dennis the menace (@)
    31st March 2013, 7:51

    Sebastian Vettel and Helmut Marko just poked you. Poke back.

  126. “Christian wants me to re-sign!? Is he serious!?”

  127. Mark, my boy, you don’t need the fattest fuel-mode to block the outside of turn 4. Draw some inspiration from your friend,
    -The Red Marvel

  128. Game level completed successfully. Add new power-ups by coming second in the next race.

  129. Helmut Marko has accepted your friend request!

  130. LATG (@lotus-grosjean)
    31st March 2013, 15:47

    “Hello Ferrari?”
    “…………Ok Mark, Felipe is faster than you.Can you confirm you understood that message?”

  131. Hi Mark, Sorry about all the confusion over the weekend yes i am gay, Seb.

    1. I am curious to know if this comment contravenes the F1Fanatic commenting policy…

  132. Sorry mark it was mums sauerkraut from last night, it wasn’t a turtle head poking out but a giant Galapagos, couldn’t wait – Seb

  133. Helmut Marko is now following you and has sent a friend request.

  134. Seb: Sorry, did I not mention that I’m dyslexic?

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      1st April 2013, 11:35


      1. Smithmachine
        2nd April 2013, 19:33

        Dyslexia is a language problem. 21 12 numerical problems seem to be the trouble here!

  135. I lost my place at Sepang and now Infiniti names him (Vettel) as Director of Performance…

  136. “Seb got how much for his Malaysia win bonus?!”

  137. How much money will they give me for 2014 ?!?!?!

  138. SMS by BBC’s Clarckson:

    “Bernie is The Stig”

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      1st April 2013, 11:35

      haha I like this one

  139. Mark left surprised when Seb sends him a nude picture of his girlfriend in an attempt to make amends for Malaysia… ‘tit for tat?’

  140. “Markie: The rabbit died. Love Cuddles.”

  141. Is that what happened to Fernando in Malaysian GP.

    Wow I didn’t know how bad he raced.

  142. That’s not really Seb down there,is it ?

  143. Seriously Pop,
    You re-named my favourite sheep Sebastian?

  144. oppa gangnam style – Seb

  145. Smithmachine
    2nd April 2013, 19:47

    What do you mean the dog has run away to Germany?

  146. Message from Seb: I fail to believe you thought you faster then me….

  147. Say wuuuuuuut….. Vettel isn’t a team player?! Since when?!!

  148. Talking of nasty surprises … Mark reads his latest phone bill

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