F1 fans’ videos from the 2013 Australian Grand Prix

2013 Australian Grand Prix

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Hamilton’s spin, Maldonado’s off-track moment and more of your videos from the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

The 2013 season begins

Lots of different angles from the first practice sessions of 2013, shot by a fan who liked to get close to the action.

Hamilton spins in qualifying

Lewis Hamilton was fortunate to be able to continue after this spin in the rain-hit qualifying session.

Parade lap

A different perspective on the track from the parade lap.

The start

The first race of the year gets underway but Mark Webber makes a poor start at his home race.

Lap one

Sebastian Vettel already has a healthy lead as the cars navigate turn two.

Maldonado goes off

Kimi Raikkonen has a look at Hamilton as lap two begins and Pastor Maldonado has his first off-track moment in the Williams.

Ferrari pit stop

Ferrari were the fastest team in the pits in Australia – here’s a view of one of their stops.

Rooftop view

Another unusual view which shows the track in its parkland setting and give an impression just how loud the race is.

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2013 Australian Grand Prix

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  • 15 comments on “F1 fans’ videos from the 2013 Australian Grand Prix”

    1. It’s funny, you know, I haven’t been to the Aus GP for 8 years, but I can tell you exactly where each video was taken. That’s what you get when you spend hours researching where the best spots for viewing each session are.

      The fifth video titled “Lap One” was shot from the Shell Marquee on the exit of Turn 2. They all huddle on the balcony to watch the first couple of laps of the race, then most of them retreat inside to reconvene at the bar/buffet to make the most of the freebies for the rest of the race.

      “Parade Lap” video from the building outside the park overlooking Turn 6 looks like it’s seen a bit of Adobe Warp Stabilizer action.

    2. I must have watched that Ferrari pitstop video about 20 times in a row and I’d happily watch it another 50 times, such is the wonder of the modern F1 pitstop. It really is a remarkable thing when done well. 21 people (by my count) working in absolute unison, each one knowing that if they perform their role 100% correctly it could save their driver the tenth he needs to leap frog another car on track. What struck me about the video is that the pit crew went about their work with the minimum of fuss, something Ferrari rarely get credit for. At the end of the stop their were no Red Bull like whoops, hollers, fist pumps or pats on the back. After the race they didn’t go on about how they were aiming for sub 2 second stops like McLaren. No, they just got in position, did their jobs perfectly, got the car back on track and hung up their air guns. If anyone has any doubts as to why Ferrari are the most successful team in the history of the sport, they need look no further than this video.

      1. It took me 4 seconds just to watch that pitstop. hehe btw how does the lights system works in the pitstop? is there a person who actually presses a button to operate it or is is automatic?

        1. They’re operated by the same person that would raise the lollypop a couple of years ago.
          It can’t be automatic because he has to check that all tyres have been successfully swapped (indicated to him by the gun man) and that it is safe to release the car.
          Other teams got both these things wrong in Malaysia.

    3. kowalsky is back
      2nd April 2013, 16:32

      lucky devils.

    4. Seems like the atmosphere in the stands was kind of tame and boring this year compared to years past. Even in general admission where I was which is usually crazy.

    5. I gotta say I really hate how people insist on videoing everything these days. You’ve payed top dollar for a seat along the pit straight and for what, so you can sit and look at a tiny screen and record what happens right in front of you, all the while missing it for real with your own eyes – only to look back at the video at home, and 90% of the time think: “Meh, not as good as I remember it being on the day.”

      1. Don’t understand it either – I like taking pictures of the events, but certainly not at the start of events and also not during the F1 races, as it’s way more fun to follow the track action than to take pictures or make videos. I got a similar grudge against people who go to tourist attractions, take pictures/videos and never look back… and then post those pictures/videos on Facebook.

        1. It looks to me as though the Jack Man has some influence over it. See the wire coming off the top of the jack? Perhaps when he drops the car the light goes green and they take off.

      2. I agree, it’s a chronic problem at gigs these days too. It’s basically just a sea of mini-screens with everyone disconnected from the actual events that are taking place. I tried it once and felt exactly that way and have never bothered since. Seems like people are doing it more for the perceived kudos than themselves, but then i don’t facebook and therefore don’t have a content hungry ego to feed . In the case of F1 however, i’m quite glad to watch the odd fan video when something interesting happens and getting a slightly different perspective of this is cool.

        1. @vodaclone

          Yeah I’ve done it in varying situations and bitterly regretted it afterwards. I don’t even take a camera with me anymore to gigs (or my proper phone – just because it could get pickpocketed or damaged etc. I have a ‘festival’ nokia for those times). I was at a gig last year where there were so many phones out that the whole crowd pretty much was standing still. There was no atmosphere at all and it ruined it completely. It’s not fair on the band either.

      3. @nick-uk I was thinking the exact same thing when watching that video of the start – literally everyone had their phones/cameras out, and excuse me for being blunt, but for what, exactly? There’s too many underwhelming fan videos on Youtube, in my opinion, often failing to send any shiver up my spine.

        @vodaclone yes, it’s the same at gigs, although I am a little guilty for that sometimes…but I don’t find the urge to upload it on the Internet.

      4. Yeah I agree. Funny though, I was seated at turns 11-12 in the grandstand and was sitting up the back and I barely saw anyone filming in front of me all weekend. I tried it with my phone once, but the cars just moved too fast. The stand was probably full of diehard fans not inter on missing 1 second of the action ;)

      5. I know what you mean. I couldn’t see any of the start of the race in Abu Dhabi for people standing taking videos. I ended up facing the other direction, towards the first corner, and was the only person who got pictures of the first corner crash….so I suppose it worked out ok for me!

      6. @nick-uk aha! True indeed. But watching it live is better than watching on a TV screen! You’ll miss all the fun, the excitement and all the die hard fans. Technology indeed had made some of the best f1 scene not so good. But hey, fans are fans! Don’t want to miss that moment you’re ‘in’ the moment, right?

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