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Giancarlo Fisichella scored his first F1 career win in a rain-drenched Brazilian Grand Prix ten years ago today.

Fisichella was originally awarded second place when the race was red-flagged due to crashes involving Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. But following the race the FIA realised its own rules had been applied incorrectly, and reinstated Fisichella as the winner in front of Kimi Raikkonen.

Fisichella eventually hung up his helmet at the end of a long career spanning 229 races. But how well do you remember his time in Formula One?

Tackle this new F1 Fanatic quiz with 20 questions on Fisichella to see how much you know:

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8 comments on “Take the F1 Fanatic Giancarlo Fisichella Quiz”

  1. Nice one! 16/20 for me!

  2. 6/20… worst result so far. But I also encountered some bug, the timer was at 2:50 when I clicked “Start the quiz” instead of 5 minutes.

    1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      6th April 2013, 14:39

      I wasn’t aware of the timer but I’m sure it wasn’t 5 minutes. Bug!
      My score is 5/20 though. Embarrassing enough for 2000s fan :(

  3. I submitted my score at the exact moment I ran out of time and got 15/20, but it says I have completed it before and that my “original” score is counted in the rankings, which is 0 because the quiz assumed I had run out of time.

  4. I can still remember Fisi briefly “thinking” he had won after getting out of the car and throwing up his helmet in the air. He was denied the podium celebration but at least we had that!

  5. as a Fisi supporter, i’m truley embarrassed with 19/20 O.o have absolutley no idea which question was too tricky…

  6. He won a race!??

  7. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    7th April 2013, 18:02

    I saw his picture and thought it was Jon Richardson at first.

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