Webber to start from pits after set-up changes

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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Mark Webber will start the Chinese Grand Prix following the pit lane after Red Bull made extensive changes to his car’s set-up.

It comes after Webber was went to the back of the grid for running out of fuel on track during qualifying.

Changes were made to the gearbox, gear ratios and rear suspension which means the car must now start from the pits as per article 34.5 of the Sporting Regulations. Among the other elements changed on Webber’s RB9 were his rear wing and clutch.

The aim of the alterations will most likely be to improve the car’s straight-line speed and increase Webber’s potential to overtake as he fights his way through the field.

The team made similar changes to Sebastian Vettel’s car in Abu Dhabi last year when he was also sent to the back of the grid following a refuelling error in qualifying.

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Webber to start from pits after set-up changes”

  1. Not surprisingly, given how they found out what difference it makes last year in AbuDhabi!

  2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    14th April 2013, 7:02

    So there’s been 3 fuel related penalties to top teams this year and last year, and Red Bull have accounted for two of them.
    Perhaps Red Bull’s new weakness is their Total Fuel bowsers.

    They’ve sorted their alternator issues, but now this.

    1. Its THEIR bowsers for Total fuel rather @tophercheese21. Who knows, maybe they have tweaked them for faster filling :-)

      1. @bascb – I like the Benetton reference, but it’s not quite as important fast fuel delivery now! ;)

        1. maybe it could in theory help them have a tiny bit more time for setup though. You know what with the team covering angles really well to be up there on top @vettel1 ;-)

  3. Did they break the curfew?

  4. Now we just need a couple of Safety Cars to add to the spice.

    1. Grosjean and Maldonado will most likely provide those!

      1. I wish people would leave Grosjean and Maldonado alone. This year, and for the last few races last year, Perez appears to be involved in or causing more incidents, yet they appear to be forgotten.. Whereas Grosjean and Maldonado are showing they’ve reformed and are still being ridiculed…

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