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Here are the top ten pictures that tell the story of the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

Ma Qing Hua, Friday practice, Shanghai

Ma Qing Hua, Caterham, Shanghai, 2013

A small piece of history was made on Friday morning when Ma Qing Hua, driving a Caterham, became the first Chinese driver to participate in his home race weekend.

He completed 20 laps in the session and ended up slowest, 1.5 seconds behind team mate Giedo van der Garde.

Jenson Button, McLaren, Friday practice, Shanghai

Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai, 2013

Jenson Button was the busiest driver in the first practice session as McLaren continued their efforts to improve the MP4-28.

The race provided some encouragement – Button brought the car home fifth after nursing his tyres on a two-stop strategy.

Felipe Massa, Friday practice, Shanghai

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Shanghai, 2013

Felipe Massa was the quickest driver during practice but was disappointed to only qualify fifth. He slipped back to sixth during the race.

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, Qualifying

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Shanghai, 2013

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel crossed paths in qualifying and the race. But the action on-track between F1’s two multiple champions was somewhat muted during the Grand Prix: Vettel was advised not to waste time racing Alonso as they were on different strategies.

Chinese Grand Prix Start

Start, Shanghai, 2013

Beneath the vast grandstands of the Shanghai International Circuit, Hamilton won the race to the first corner as Raikkonen started poorly and was swamped by the Ferraris. Webber started his race from the pit lane after running out of fuel during qualifying.

Daniel Ricciardo, Chinese Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Shanghai, 2013

Daniel Ricciardo qualified a strong seventh for Toro Rosso. In Bahrain last year he threw away a good qualifying position on the opening lap but he made no such mistake this time and brought the car home in seventh.

Mark Webber, Chinese Grand Prix

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013

A thoroughly miserable weekend for Mark Webber ended after he collided with Jean-Eric Vergne then lost a wheel following a pit stop.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, Chinese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Shanghai, 2013

This is what two tenths of a second looks like. That was the margin by which Vettel failed to beat Hamilton to the line, missing out on scoring his third podium finish in a row.

Kimi Raikkonen, Chinese Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Shanghai, 2013

The Lotus mechanics welcome Kimi Raikkonen home after a battling drive to second place despite front wing and nose damage incurred during a battle with Sergio Perez.

Fernando Alonso, Chinese Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Shanghai, 2013

Alonso bounced back from a disappointing race in Malaysia to score his first victory of 2013.

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    19 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix”

    1. Is the picture “Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, Qualifying” really from qualifying? I thought Alonso only ran the soft tyre.

      Anyway, great pictures again, I especially like the Caterham (at least Ma’s Helmet design is good), and Vettel chasing Hamilton to the line.

      1. That’s what I said too!! It must be practice or race

        1. You guy’s are right but just read the description

          Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel crossed paths in qualifying and the race. But the action on-track between F1′s two multiple champions was somewhat muted during the Grand Prix: Vettel was advised not to waste time racing Alonso as they were on different strategies.

    2. That one of Webber really captures the atmosphere he must experience at Red Bull. Hopefully he does leave for Porsche.

      1. Hopefully he does leave for Porsche.

        Why Porsche? Ferrari admitted that they wanted to get him this year, and Webber admitted that they made him an offer. Surely some other team would value his abilities. Maybe Lotus, if Grosjean doesn’t perform. Or McLaren, if Button should retire and/or Perez disappoint. And Ferrari might still be interested, even if Massa has turned a corner.

        More importantly, why should Webber call time early on his career just because two or three people – Vettel, Marko and (probably) Horner – mistreat him at Red Bull?

        1. Because Ferrari don’t have number two drivers…

          1. In my perfect world, Mclaren would drop Perez (sooooo unlikely) for Webber. Weber is faster and more consistent, even though he’d be leaving the quick RB9 for the dog MP4-28. Of course, then you’d have the old men of the grid on one team…. eh, maybe it’s not such a good idea….

        2. I hope Hulk joins Kimi at Lotus. That will also give them more market exposure with a German driver.

          1. Unlikely. Heulk is probably off to Ferrari in the next couple of years. Kimi probably staying put or going in to the lion’s cage this is Red Bull.

        3. Im surprised they would make an offer to Webber but tell Michael, no that is if we’re to believe Lauda

        4. True, Webber is an F1 asset and it should not be let waisted due to whatever is going on at Red Bull. He has got several options as I am sure Ferrari would love to take him…..Lotus is another very good option …though McLaren is under a bit of depression this year so far and he stay away from McLaren or it will be “out of frypan into the fire”.

    3. This is what two tenths of a second looks like.

      This is also what a damn good picture looks like.

      1. Agreed there. Almost feels like it’s been lifted from a computer game

        1. Thought that too, same with the first one of Ma Qing Hua. Almost too pristine to be real-life. Very impressive shots.

      2. Abdurahman (@)
        16th April 2013, 23:42

        Epic photo!

      3. agreed i thought it was a CGI image, we need a wallpaper sized photo!

    4. The Webber retirement & Hamilton/Vettel race to line photos are awesome! Both totally capture the moment and come across as very refreshing!

      1. +1 @kartingjimbo. Webber’s pose clearly expresses that he’s come up empty handed for his efforts.

        China isnt the most aesthetic venue for photos, but those two pics are fantastic.

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