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Rare chance for rain during Friday practice

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix weather

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Bahrain International Circuit, 2012Bahrain gets a mere ten millimetres of rain on average during April. But there’s a chance a sprinkling will fall during tomorrow’s practice sessions.

A brief shower fell in the paddock on Thursday and forecasts suggest a repeat is possible on Friday. This is not unprecedented: some rain fell during the build-up to last year’s track action.

But the typically hot conditions in Bahrain mean that what little does fall is usually of little consequence. Air temperatures are projected to exceed 30C during the weekend with some cloud cover keeping them from the peaks seen in previous races.

The wind can catch drivers out on the exposed track. Practice will see the strongest gusts of up to 14kph, but that is expected to diminish as the weekend progresses.

Dust is the other factor they have to contend with. The track is not used very often and so tends to be very slippery early in the weekend and the dust adds to the problem. However it will improve and the presence of the GP2 support races will help clean the track up.

There will be regular updates on the track conditions during each session on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Bahrain

The Bahrain International Circuit lies south of Manama, the capital of the 55km long island:

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2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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  1. Nah rain in Bahrain.

    1. lol, nice one. i keep looking at that article photo with clear blue skies and sand and i can’t imagine it with rain at all.

    2. Narain in Bahrain.

  2. people criticised codemasters whenever it rained in Bahrain, looks like they were spot on

  3. It always rains during this time in the Middle East. Infact in 1995 many people died in Riyadh floods. And in 2010 ppl died in Saudi floods.

  4. It was actually raining in Bahrain last year on race day. However, the rain evaporated before hitting the track because of the intense heat.

  5. Rain is the one thing that might actually make this race interesting.

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