FIA disables telemetry link again in Bahrain

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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The FIA will continue not to operate a telemetry link to the cars during this weekend’s race due to ongoing problems with the system.

Problems with the system since the beginning of the season have prevented from the FIA from operating it.

As in previous races, the FIA will be unable to automatically disable DRS when necessary, drivers will not receive warning message via the cockpit lights and teams will not receive automatic blue flag warnings.

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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27 comments on “FIA disables telemetry link again in Bahrain”

  1. F1, the pinnacle of motorsport.

    1. I think that F1 should be ruled by the communists. That way there would be no problems with such things

    1. Haha, like it. Seriously though, this is just a joke now.

    2. I recon all the drivers should make a pact to break the rules this race.

      But Caterham and Marussia make a deal to be good boys behind their back, so everyone else will get disqualified and those two teams can get podiums and a win :P

      1. Why? That’s not going to fix it any sooner. And the drivers have gone for three races without it, so it’s really not that big a problem.

  2. I am seriously embarrassed by their inability to resolve the issue in, what, 5 weeks now.

  3. So will drivers be allowed to use DRS under yellow flags again?

    1. Yes, if marshalls show them a green flag…

  4. That’s 4 races now, and they were having problems with it during testing. With all the money the FIA has, I hope they’ve been investigating new telemetry systems to implement instead of trying to fix what looks like a permanently broken one.

    Drivers have now accidentally broken the rules in 3 of the last 4 races due to this broken link. Not goood enough FIA, not good enough.

  5. who supplies telemetry @keithcollantine Hope it isnt Tata Communications.

    1. If I understand correctly, its an issue with the new ECU provided by Mclaren.

      1. Joshua there is a limit to how oblivious you can be.

    2. Most likely Apple

  6. I wish they told us what the exact issue is. I cant help but think its a security issue.

    1. I wish they told us what the exact issue is. I CAN help.

  7. How is this possible? I mean, even if there has been some major update for this season that isn’t working, can’t they just go back to the system that was used last year?

    1. I guess they could take out the 2014 spec ECU and put in the 2012 one.

  8. This is now just embarrassing. One race was bad enough although understandable, but four? They need to get their act together and get it sorted so we can avoid yet more farces like those of last week where cars where 8 drivers were under investigation for a rule infringement primarily caused by the FIA’s incompetence.

    1. Again and it will continue. I hope the people who use DRS in a yellow flag zone get penalised as the teams should tell them about this. By the way TEN Sport Alan Jones will be a steward for the Spanish Grand Prix

      1. @william

        I hope the people who use DRS in a yellow flag zone get penalised as the teams should tell them about this.

        That’s the thing though: last week they were using it in a green flag zone but there was supposed to be a track-wide ban. The FIA failed to get the message to the teams quickly enough, so we can hardly blame the drivers or the teams.

        If the telemetry link just worked though, it would’ve been a non-issue!

  9. Apparently cars aren’t the only thing that McLaren forgot how to build this season…

  10. How come FIA cannot fix this in time?? it can’t be that much of a problem for an organization as powerful and rich as FIA !

  11. What are they using Windows 98? DOS?

  12. For the record, The problem isn’t been caused by the new ECU, Its the equipment which sends the data from the FIA to the teams/cars.

    There using all new equipment/software from a new supplier for this year & its proved unreliable. I gather than some parts of the system have worked & others have not.
    I gather the GPS system which has been one of the things that have worked so far suffered some intermittent problems this weekend.

    Im hearing that they may be working a deal to bring the old systems back for Spain although the new stuff may be taken there as well in order to continue figuring it all out.

  13. My conspiracy theory is that the FIA are doing this on purpose to ween the drivers off of these “nanny aids” for 2014.

  14. @keithcollantine – this story is crying out for some proper reporting. Will you tackle it? We need to know why this issue is on-going, what the actual technical failure is, who’s to blame and who’s in-charge of fixing it and what their plan is to rectify the situation. Lmk if you need any help working on it or chasing down leads!

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