F1 fans’ 2013 Chinese Grand Prix video gallery

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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Now in its tenth year on the F1 calendar the Chinese Grand Prix is becoming increasingly well-attended.

That means a lot more videos from fans are beginning to appear after each race, mainly on popular Chinese video sharing websites such as Youku.

Here’s a sample of some of the best of them.

Lotus pit box

Kimi Raikkonen arrives in the Lotus pit box during practice to discover his team mate Romain Grosjean is already there.

Support for Raikkonen…

There’s plenty of support for Raikkonen during the drivers’ parade.

…and Massa

Lots of Massa fans too.

The start

The cars pass by on the formation lap and header beneath the huge grandstand to take the start.

A view of the start from turn one.

This angle of the start shows Raikkonen struggling to get off the line well from the front row of the grid.

Webber loses his wheel

This video shows various highlights from the race including Mark Webber retiring when a wheel came off.

Alonso wins

Fernando Alonso takes the chequered flag to win the Chinese Grand Prix.

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2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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    1. Alexander (@)
      25th April 2013, 13:44

      Gotta love them Kimi fans! Quite enthusiastic!

    2. Worth notice the attendance increase significantly since 2012.

      Bernie should pay Kimi some bonus LOL.

      It takes 10 mechanics to shield kimi in and out throughout the paddock.

    3. Hello everybody ! today I join you in this fantastic f1 website . I am not English but I am very keen on F1 since when i was i child , so I hope you can forgive my mistakes in writing ..anyway I am forom Italia but i am a Raikkonen fan since he started driving in f1. anyway great videos!

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