Bahrain was an “aberration”, says Vergne

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013Jean-Eric Vergne does not expect a repeat of Toro Rosso’s uncompetitive showing in the last race.

“We had a pretty poor outing in Bahrain but I think this was an aberration,” Vergne told Toro Rosso’s website. “Daniel [Ricciardo’s] car was the slowest on track in the race and that?s just not right, as he is definitely not slow.”

“Clearly there was a problem elsewhere. You have to think about it like this: a car does not go from finishing seventh in a race to being last in the space of one week.”

“The team is investigating it and I?m sure in Barcelona we won?t have problems like that.”

Ricciardo was at the bottom of the fastest lap times after the race. Vergne retired after 16 laps following a first-lap collision with Giedo van der Garde.

However Vergne admitted the opening races of the season had not gone to plan for the team.

“Looking back over the first four races I would say that while it hasn?t been fantastic there are positive signs,” he said. “We have a strong team of good people and they are working well together.”

“The car is essentially competitive too, which was shown with my result in Malaysia and Dan?s points in China.”

Toro Rosso set themselves a target of sixth place in the constructors’ championship this year. They are currently seventh with seven points.

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Bahrain was an “aberration”, says Vergne”

  1. Few teams polarise results as much as these guys. They can’t ever string anything together and it makes it hard to distinguish driver ability from the car.

    1. They both are huge talents, following them since F3 UK, but I think the car is difficult to drive and they will hardly repeat Vettel’s performance in 2008 due to the current regulations.

    2. They can’t ever string anything together

      In fairness, Ricciardo had a run in the second half of last year when he finished in the points 5 out of 7 races, it would have been 6 out of 7 but for a fuel pick up issue with one corner to go at Monza.

      If Toro Rosso can develop the STR8 into a competitive car he will make a few people sit up and take notice this year.

  2. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey)
    2nd May 2013, 10:10

    Oh. I was hoping he meant it in a political context.

    1. Jon (@patomilan)
      2nd May 2013, 12:19

      Yeah I was expecting the same. Hehe

    2. So do i ehehe. I follow them, and in fairness i think that they can do better. I was expecting a more competitive Toro Rosso.

    3. Yeah, at first reading the headline, I thought so as well!

  3. Sixth is a longshot I think with the speed that Force India has, but I reckon they could actually topple Sauber and Williams if they don’t get their acts together. I never thought I’d be saying this last year!

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