Pecking order looks unchanged after Spain upgrades

2013 Spanish Grand Prix Friday practice analysis

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The raft of upgrades brought by teams to the Spanish Grand Prix have so far failed to produce any significant change in the pecking order.

“We have some new parts here but the days of big, big upgrades don’t really happen now with the regulations how they are,” said Sebastian Vettel after topping the second practice session at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The team’s pre-race preparations have been disrupted by rain, which meant little meaningful running was possible in the first practice session.

McLaren, who have a lot of ground to make up on their car, did just a token few laps in the first session. “This morning’s showers limited our ability to gather any meaningful data,” said team principal Martin Whitmarsh.

“The track was only really suitable for running on the dry tyre in the last 20 or 30 minutes. As a result, we set ourselves the task of gathering a lot of data during this afternoon’s session, which meant there’s now a lot of information for our engineers to unravel.”

At the sharp end of the grid the contest for victory this weekend appears to be between Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus, with Mercedes not far behind.

Fernando Alonso was only 17 thousandths of a second slower than Vettel in the second session and said afterwards: “The feeling is definitely good and even though we are aware it won’t be easy, we are sure we can fight it out with the best.”

“I don’t expect any great surprises compared to Bahrain and I think the top group is now defined, with Red Bull, Mercedes, ourselves and Lotus, although we need to see how much McLaren manages to improve, while also keeping an eye on Force India, who have been very strong in qualifying and the race.”

Here’s the data from the first two practice sessions at the Circuit de Catalunya:

Longest stint comparison

This chart shows all the drivers’ lap times (in seconds) during their longest unbroken stint:

Sebastian Vettel89.59389.68589.94698.08790.4990.53490.95991.24391.33891.742
Mark Webber89.27989.95889.76190.47790.09890.594
Fernando Alonso89.11889.11889.07389.87994.06989.6996.12689.99190.95690.52990.799
Felipe Massa88.24288.43188.6988.85388.99993.19289.64390.56790.85495.491100.77691.17490.96392.054
Jenson Button90.77991.22191.81791.64391.70791.94291.58292.377
Sergio Perez90.97191.27291.86991.28593.76491.92
Kimi Raikkonen88.94789.23289.30790.05491.64596.7689.80996.319
Romain Grosjean88.44189.07489.46889.58389.76890.33390.29390.97191.290.69591.16391.279
Nico Rosberg90.89790.11590.1790.87296.59891.28591.39391.26991.07191.10299.02792.01291.45792.18192.191115.69
Lewis Hamilton90.80291.47391.56791.20191.95791.89692.72592.949
Nico Hulkenberg92.64192.79895.03893.02992.58692.87892.71792.11192.46792.28592.44593.47594.105
Esteban Gutierrez92.22991.96994.20592.19391.76891.34691.33991.84192.67591.97793.39994.839
Paul di Resta90.46390.57990.29590.28690.82791.606
Adrian Sutil90.21991.4390.71693.5790.7692.86391.50694.016
Pastor Maldonado92.35591.34590.9891.39592.65891.92392.35992.71492.622
Valtteri Bottas90.80191.290.3190.37491.01591.20591.4991.13991.077
Jean-Eric Vergne96.41893.25691.97791.60691.53691.95791.90191.9292.45392.24392.08392.02692.25392.71195.61694.149
Daniel Ricciardo92.24992.26992.26591.72692.83792.15392.65292.73992.95792.75798.74795.615
Charles Pic92.37792.99992.37292.47393.33692.74592.71393.27793.75294.12694.58196.927
Giedo van der Garde93.24792.57293.42393.29293.70393.65693.67895.74695.527
Jules Bianchi91.68691.58390.94491.37892.92292.28292.35292.3193.45294.568
Max Chilton99.06292.37692.37492.16694.23394.071105.826

Sector times and ultimate lap times

PosNo.DriverCarS1S2S2UltimateGapDeficit to best
11Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault23.021 (4)30.914 (1)28.769 (4)1’22.7040.104
23Fernando AlonsoFerrari22.884 (1)31.262 (6)28.679 (2)1’22.8250.1210.000
32Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault23.239 (10)31.050 (2)28.542 (1)1’22.8310.1270.060
410Lewis HamiltonMercedes23.072 (5)31.109 (3)28.724 (3)1’22.9050.2010.235
57Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault23.102 (6)31.141 (4)28.787 (5)1’23.0300.3260.000
64Felipe MassaFerrari23.002 (3)31.161 (5)28.947 (8)1’23.1100.4060.000
79Nico RosbergMercedes23.193 (8)31.378 (9)28.799 (6)1’23.3700.6660.028
815Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes23.217 (9)31.299 (8)29.324 (14)1’23.8401.1360.000
918Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari23.264 (12)31.770 (13)28.909 (7)1’23.9431.2390.115
1014Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes23.324 (13)31.469 (10)29.311 (11)1’24.1041.4000.000
115Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes23.149 (7)31.641 (12)29.317 (13)1’24.1071.4030.199
1219Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari23.440 (14)31.496 (11)29.239 (9)1’24.1751.4710.000
138Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault22.982 (2)31.291 (7)29.955 (20)1’24.2281.5241.623
146Sergio PerezMcLaren-Mercedes23.251 (11)31.786 (14)29.666 (17)1’24.7031.9990.151
1517Valtteri BottasWilliams-Renault23.714 (19)31.855 (16)29.314 (12)1’24.8832.1790.005
1612Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari23.607 (16)31.814 (15)29.533 (16)1’24.9542.2500.487
1711Nico HulkenbergSauber-Ferrari23.669 (17)32.076 (17)29.253 (10)1’24.9982.2940.169
1816Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault23.597 (15)32.083 (18)29.454 (15)1’25.1342.4300.187
1921Giedo van der GardeCaterham-Renault23.683 (18)32.419 (19)29.796 (18)1’25.8983.1940.065
2022Jules BianchiMarussia-Cosworth23.732 (20)32.427 (20)29.919 (19)1’26.0783.3740.000
2123Max ChiltonMarussia-Cosworth23.809 (22)32.748 (21)30.199 (22)1’26.7564.0520.214
2220Charles PicCaterham-Renault23.747 (21)32.845 (22)30.174 (21)1’26.7664.0620.164

Complete practice times

PosDriverCarFP1FP2Total laps
1Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’29.4571’22.80845
2Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’25.2521’22.82555
3Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’29.4731’22.89157
4Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault1’26.6141’23.03053
5Felipe MassaFerrari1’25.4551’23.11057
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’26.3741’23.14054
7Nico RosbergMercedes1’26.6211’23.39866
8Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’26.2121’23.84061
9Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’25.6671’24.05856
10Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’26.7551’24.10441
11Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari1’26.9401’24.17558
12Jenson ButtonMcLaren1’24.30641
13Sergio PerezMcLaren1’27.1351’24.85437
14Valtteri BottasWilliams-Renault1’26.4561’24.88858
15Nico HulkenbergSauber-Ferrari1’27.0611’25.16762
16Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’27.5761’25.32156
17Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari1’27.2501’25.44163
18Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’26.0421’25.85157
19Giedo van der GardeCaterham-Renault1’28.6001’25.96349
20Jules BianchiMarussia-Cosworth1’28.8871’26.07845
21Charles PicCaterham-Renault1’26.93035
22Max ChiltonMarussia-Cosworth1’26.97026
23Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault1’28.37314
24Rodolfo GonzalezMarussia-Cosworth1’30.31413

Speed trap

#DriverCarEngineMax speed (kph)Gap
13Fernando AlonsoFerrariFerrari318.8
215Adrian SutilForce IndiaMercedes315.23.6
314Paul di RestaForce IndiaMercedes3153.8
420Charles PicCaterhamRenault314.24.6
54Felipe MassaFerrariFerrari314.14.7
67Kimi RaikkonenLotusRenault313.75.1
76Sergio PerezMcLarenMercedes313.15.7
823Max ChiltonMarussiaCosworth312.95.9
95Jenson ButtonMcLarenMercedes312.86
1010Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes312.66.2
1116Pastor MaldonadoWilliamsRenault312.56.3
1221Giedo van der GardeCaterhamRenault3126.8
1311Nico HulkenbergSauberFerrari311.67.2
149Nico RosbergMercedesMercedes311.67.2
1517Valtteri BottasWilliamsRenault311.57.3
168Romain GrosjeanLotusRenault310.97.9
1718Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoFerrari310.38.5
181Sebastian VettelRed BullRenault310.28.6
1919Daniel RicciardoToro RossoFerrari3108.8
202Mark WebberRed BullRenault309.59.3
2112Esteban GutierrezSauberFerrari308.510.3
2222Jules BianchiMarussiaCosworth306.911.9

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18 comments on “Pecking order looks unchanged after Spain upgrades”

  1. Ferrari and Lotus race pace looks pretty mighty – assuming they qualify fairly close to the front then I think it’s fair to assume they’ll be on the podium.

    1. Grosjean in Particular is looking menacing. After 3 races there were whispers that maybe he wasn’t good enough 4 F1, I think the sky team even had a discussion on who might replace him next year. They completely disregarded the fact that all the upgrades were going to Kimi. Now he has got basically the same car he is showing all just how good he is

      1. Both Romain and Kimi had same parts overall with Kimi having new exhaust in Malaysia and Romain having new front wing and new bits in China.

        To say all new upgrades were on kimi’s car alone is more than misleading.

        Romain had said that he had trouble finding his own setup. The car is fine, but tricky to driive.

      2. Kimi didn’t receive a single new parts last year from valencia to hockenheim period. he had to wait until hungary….guess what, Kimi outscored Romain big time and earned more podiums than him. Why nobody notice???

        Both drivers has take turn to receive new parts in malaysia and china. Apart from that, they have the same bits all the time. In china, despite running with damaged old front wing, Kimi pulled out a gap of 50 seconds to Romain who was running new bits and new front wing.

        Yea, blame the upgrades. Its obvious E21 is too tricky to drive and Romain suffer because of it.

  2. I’m somewhat surprised to see the running order so unchanged. Last year Ferrari really turned around their season here by making a big leap forward, so far it doesn’t look like anyone has managed to replicate that.

    1. Well, that’s to be expected. There simply isn’t that much capacity for development left considering they had all of last year year to exploit the same regulations. From that point of view one can understand why MacLaren brought out a new car!

    2. Well the 2013 chassis are obviously evolutions of the 2012, this season is seemingly an exception as we’re heading towards th biggest technical regulations in the history of the sport, irrespective of how early we’re into this season, the teams already have one eye on 2014. You could say it’s likened to the 2008 season, with the 2009 aero changes

      The evolutions I believe are approaching the end of their development paths and are bringing ‘smaller’ parts to see through to the end of the season, this ties up strongly with why McLaren decided to begin a ‘new development curve’ and go revolutionary with their 28

    3. That’s because they were struggling with their car’s performance last year. It is much easier to significantly improve a car with some grave issues than a car that is already competitive.

  3. The Big Bulls vs the Red Horses Head on eh ? Looking forward for a good weekend.

    1. Eh, what about Lotus. That’s my bet for the race, having seen the degradation on track. I had hoped Merc would be that much closer but at least they look like they are clear of the Force of India

  4. wow, Torro Rosso giving McLaren a run for their money; what is the world coming to?

  5. Fernando is quite a bit faster than everybody else and of course whom I think is going to be is main rival here, Sebastian Vettel. That may prove key…

  6. FOM had a Helmet-Cam placed on Valtteri Bottas Helmet today:

    1. 5 laps from it in FP2:

  7. The race may show the overall pattern of the coming season. Considering how unchanged the pecking order is, and how McLaren appear to still be stuck in the midfield, we may see where each team will stay for the season regarding their level of competitiveness. While this season may not have the dramatic unpredictability of the first seven races of last year, it appears we might have four strong teams at the front, hopefully competing with each other for wins for the entirety of the championship. A small upside to the fixed nature of the regulations!

  8. Interesting, Lotus and Ferrari, seem to have the quicker times over that longer stint. RBRs seem off the pace, but I have a feeling they have a bit more speed to eek out before Qualy, so they might surprise all and walk away with it.

    1. @dragoll
      Red Bull might be a slightly faster car, but I doubt anyone is going to walk away with anything.

  9. The Mercedes and Ferrari engines are clearly the fastest. Quite aptly stated by the article, for me the pecking order should be the same. With may be both the Mercedes pushing hard against their opponents. The McLaren is still in a pickle unless otherwise they come up with some miraculous performance in FP3!

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