2013 Spanish Grand Prix championship points

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2013 Spanish Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Whatever’s happened to Webber? Barcelona is supposed to be a track he is better than Vettel. He qualified half a second behind and finished one place behind. He has half of VET’s points now. Even without the 14 point swing of Malaysia, he has only about 60% of Vettel’s points.

    1. It all comes down to the Pirelli’s I suppose. They are turning out to be more pain than fun.

  2. Thank Massa.

  3. Closed the gap but still long way to go for Alonso. However good result from Massa is really boost for Ferrari. If Massa can finish race consistently in front of Webber or even Vettel, long waited constructor’s title is not just a dream at all.

    1. I think Massa will have his best post-comeback season this year and can score a lot of good points. Webber seems to be struggling a bit this year and Grosjean has been rather unlucky and uncompetitive as well. I like both of them, so I wouldn’t like to see them also aiding Ferrari to a constructor’s title.

      And if any top team has been waiting long for a constructor’s title, it’s McLaren. The last time they won a constructor’s championship, Britney Spears had just released her first single, Will Smith just had a daughter named Jaden, Hugo Chaves was about to become president of Venezuela and Seinfeld ended 6 months earlier..

  4. Great race from both of the Ferraris and of course from Raikkonen, closer to Vettel now. Good show from Di Resta, Gutierrez and Sutil (who recovered the 30s lost when pitting and could have been ahead of Rosberg…). McLaren and Mercedes should do the homework and Caterham for ruining what it seemed the best race of Giedo van der Garde. And Williams… what are they doing there?

  5. Motor_mad (@)
    12th May 2013, 15:37

    Safe to say Grosjean is ruining it for Lotus, although they let him down today.

  6. Alonso needs a few more of these type of races before the red bull toys arrive in Asia .

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