FIA telemetry system fixed for Spanish race

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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The FIA’s marshalling system will be operational for the first time this year at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The FIA has advised the teams that the drivers’ cockpit warning lights will be operational during today’s race.

They will also be able to automatically deactivate and reactive DRS during safety car periods or when yellow flags are waved in DRS zones. Safety Car mode will be automatically activated on the cars if the Safety Car is deployed.

The marshalling system was not used during the first four races due to problems with the telemetry link to the cars.

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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7 comments on “FIA telemetry system fixed for Spanish race”

  1. It was about time they got it working.

  2. Only taken until the European season… I thought F1 was supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport! Now they’re lucky to:

    1) Get through the race without a puncture or other tyre problem
    2) Do any racing laps within 5 seconds of their qualifying time, without a late pitstop
    3) Finish without telemetry / KERS / DRS problems

  3. At last ! Don’t know what the problem was but it seems an awfully long time for it to have been fixed.

  4. Thank god for that: if they hadn’t, I think we may have to have started an uprising against their incompetence!

  5. Hallelujah!

  6. Yay FIA.

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