2013 Spanish Grand Prix in Tweets

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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Here’s how the Spanish Grand Prix unfolded through the eye of teams, drivers and media on Twitter.


The teams arrived back in Europe for the first time in 2013, while Kimi Raikkonen made his feelings about any home advantage for Alonso abundantly clear


Practice showed up more concern over Pirelli tyres durability for Paul Di Resta, but it was Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel that shared the spoils in the practice sessions.


Final practice seemed to confirm Alonso as favourite for pole, but the Mercedes pair came to the fore and locked out the front row of the grid for the second time this year.


Buoyed by his home crowd support, Fernando Alonso cruised almost effortlessly to victory in Barcelona for the first time since 2006. Mercedes had a woeful afternoon, while Kimi Raikkonen’s second place closed the gap to championship leader Vettel to four points.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2013 Spanish Grand Prix in Tweets”

  1. Looks like Hulkenburgs passenger is holding a gun XD

    1. haha lol. I’m sure the spanish officer didn’t even realized it was an F1 driver. He thought about a drug dealer driving a thug BMW

  2. Is that for real – they actually breathalysed him on the way to the GP?

    1. They probably thought it was Kimi :lol:

  3. I missed this in the broadcast, but why was DiResta being told where to use the DRS at the end of the race? Hadn’t he been using it all weekend already?

    1. Presumably the beep in the driver’s ear that tells them when they can use it stopped working.

  4. A lot has been made of Hamilton’s “I can’t drive any slower”, but he said the same thing once already, in Valencia 2011, which was shortly followed by “I can’t drive any faster”, if I remember correctly.

    1. thank you for that – I remember Hamilton saying exactly that, but couldn’t quite place the race.

    2. With the general hate for the 2013 tyres, it is a lot easier to make Pirelli and 2013 spec tyres the villains by quoting these type of radio messages.

      The tyres have an operating window and if your car punishes the tyres by making it work in a higher temperature you get higher degradation. Remember that we had graining when these tyres were tested in winter at much colder temperatures? If Merc/RBR fail to operate within the window then it is the problem with the designing of their cars. Period.

  5. is there a guy at Lotus who really resembles Kimi or am i missing something in that tweet ?

  6. Maybe Force India should give their mechanics T-Shirts that read: “Keep calm, and don’t screw up the pit stop”

  7. Why do you want us to share tweets from the Australian Grand prix, @KeithCollantine?

  8. The headline of the article says “while Kimi Raikkonen made his feelings about any home advantage for Alonso abundantly clear”…

    Am I missing something, what did Kimi do via twitter?

  9. Dickie Stanford is using Skype durig the race? Conspiracy theory: Williams is using Skype to avoid the official team radio :-P
    But still a great picture! Love it! So much information in it!

  10. Really enjoyed that piece Kieth. A great insider’s view – gotta love Twitter!

  11. Much preferred the articles when the formatting included the pics and links to twitter profiles…

  12. The way Lotus is using hash-tags for each race and considering the fact that Kimi is just 4 points short of Vettel, I am tempted to say that the hash-tag for next race in Monaco should be something like #TametheBull? :P

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