2013 Spanish Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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The Spanish Grand Prix crowd mainly had eyes for one man: Fernando Alonso, who features heavily in this collection of fans’ videos from the race.

Rain in practice

Practice for the Spanish Grand Prix began in wet conditions.

Caterham pit stop practice

Caterham perform a pit stop drill. During the race their best was almost a full second slower than that of closest rival Marussia.


Nico Rosberg holds the lead at the start as Sebastian Vettel passed Lewis Hamilton.

Fifth-placed starter Fernando Alonso gets away from the line well but is unable to pass Kimi Raikkonen on the run to turn one.

Alonso’s double pass

Alonso lines up Raikkonen and Hamilton for a pass at the exit of turn two following the start.

Lap one


Footage from Mark (@Marlarkey) of the cars filtering through the tight final sector at the end of the first lap. Look out for Jenson Button splitting the Williams drivers at the chicane having fallen behind them both at the start.

Alonso in the pits

Alonso makes his first of four pit stops. His fourth and final visit was the fastest of the race.

Ferrari fan

A Ferrari fan in full voice. “He did this all race long. What a great guy,” says the person who uploaded the video.

Applause for Alonso

The crowd clap Alonso as he celebrates his third F1 victory on home ground.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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    Keep up the good work!

  2. A Ferrari fan in full voice. “He did this all race long. What a great guy,” says the person who uploaded the video.


    1. Look his reaction when Vettel pass and then he encouraging Raikkonen to pass him …ahhaha

      In this other video is even more fan, when he try to show the nr.1 finger to Vettel…:)

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