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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa said he was caught out by a bump when he crashed during practice for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Massa’s Ferrari ricocheted off one barrier into another in the crash during today’s final practice session and was heavily damaged. That kept him from participating in qualifying meaning he will start from the back of the grid.

“I am disappointed not to have been able to take part in qualifying and it was really frustrating,” said Massa. “This morning in the final practice session, I braked on a bump, the car bottomed and unexpectedly both front wheels locked up and from then on, there was nothing I could do.”

“After hitting the guardrail I was waiting for the next impact with the barriers. Fortunately I’m okay, I’ve just got a bit of muscle strain, but the car was very damaged and the mechanics efforts
to try and repair it in time came to nothing.

“It was a lot of work for the team, they all made a huge effort and for this I really want to thank them. It’s a real shame starting from the back, especially on a track where it’s so difficult to overtake, but now we need to be optimistic and concentrate on tomorrow’s race.

Massa has previously started from the back row at the Monaco Grand Prix while driving for Ferrari, in 2006, after he crashed during qualifying.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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14 comments on “Massa caught out by bump in crash”

  1. I suspect that he caught the bump in an awkward angle applied the brakes and just slid into the barriers.

  2. Caught out by a bump? At Monaco? No Felipe sir, you must be joking sir.

    1. @pielighter

      Because he should damn well be expecting the fronts to lock at any moment and have a plan for what to do when his brakes stop working…. Because he knew it was gonna happen for sure.

  3. He had all four tires locked and the car looked completely out of control like a rear suspension arm broke. I was surprised to hear it was just a goof. I guess it shows how high the level of skill and concentration has to be here. Just the slightest misstep or lapse means a yard sale crash.

  4. I thought Anthony Davidson found a better reason: he braked too late, locked up, and drove into the barrier.

  5. It looked like from Ant’s analysis on the sky pad that he just completely missed his braking point – he was very late on them and at a bit of an awkward angle.

  6. I’ve watched the footage ten times now and yes there seem to be a bump when he starts to lock up and go straight onwards. That doesn’t mean Antony Davidson was wrong though.

    1. Probably a combination of all factors. It did look like a steering fault though to me. His front right just seemed to have no turn angle whatsoever. Probably just as the camera is off centre. I don’t think Ferrari are lying or anything. Just looked like more than a driver error on the face of it.

  7. Brazilian media suggests that Ferrari will change his gear box and might try to change other things on the car and he could start from the pit lane.

    1. He has changed his gearbox: it was damaged in the crash! I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed other parameters though but it’s Monaco of course so a change of set-up wouldn’t really help overtaking anyway!

      1. @vettel1 I was going to suggest they give him mighty short gears, but I suspect all the teams would do that anyway as standard seeing as it’s Monaco.

        Good chance for Caterham tomorrow if they try a radical strategy like we discussed a week or so ago.

        1. @nick-uk 15th’s a good starting point, and if there is a crash on the first lap (which is quite likely) then we could see a points score – I do hope we do!

      2. And even if it wasn’t damaged, taking the 5 place grid penalty won’t hurt him, but a brand new gear box always will be a good thing.

  8. Luis Carlos Romoli De Oliveira
    27th May 2013, 9:25

    everything is a bit suspicious. we just need ferrari to tell us exactly what happened and if they hide anything or cheat us, this is motorsport no more, but a criminal mafia gang.

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