Like father, like son: Another Rosberg win in Monaco

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Nico Rosberg’s victory in the Monaco Grand Prix came 30 years after his father won the same race. This makes them the first father and son pair to win in Monaco.

Two drivers before him have failed to follow in the winning footsteps of their fathers. Graham Hill won the race five times but son Damon never did, despite coming close in 1996. And his team mate that year, Jacques Villeneuve, also never managed to emulate his father’s Monaco Grand Prix victory.

However the younger Rosberg didn’t seem particularly interested in or even aware of the milestone. Reminded of it after the race he said: “It is special to hear that, yes but honestly that’s not what I was thinking about when I was crossing the finishing line, definitely not.”

Rosberg’s second Grand Prix win means he is now among the 72 drivers to have scored more than one world championship victory. His fellow two time winners are Bill Vukovich, Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Maurice Trintignant, Wolfgang von Trips, Pedro Rodriguez, Jo Siffert, Peter Revson, Patrick Depailler, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Patrick Tambay and Elio de Angelis.

He also set pole position for the fourth time, putting him level with Mike Hawthorn, Didier Pironi, Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella. It was his third pole position in a row, something his team mate Lewis Hamilton has surprisingly never achieved.

Rosberg led every lap of the race for the first time in his career, meaning he has now led more laps than any other driver this year: 92 to Vettel’s 86 and Alonso’s 85. Red Bull failed to lead a lap during a race for the first time this year.

Rosberg’s domination of the weekend also extended to heading every practice session. However he was not quickest in Q1 or Q2 and he did not set the fastest lap.

It was Vettel who claimed the fastest lap – his 18th, giving him the same number as David Coulthard. He also achieved his 50th podium finish in his 107th race start.

Vettel, Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg have out-qualified their team mates in all six races so far this year. Jules Bianchi has also out-qualified Max Chilton every time he’s set a lap in qualifying, though he didn’t get to in Monaco because of an airbox fire.

Jean-Eric Vergne reached Q3 for the first time in his F1 career. In the race he equalled his highest finish with eighth – the fifth time he has finished there.

Caterham had their best result in qualifying thanks to Giedo van der Garde, who lined up 15th. Their previous best was 16th for Heikki Kovalainen in Bahrain, Valencia and Hockenheim last year.

It was not a successful qualifying session for Ferrari. Felipe Massa’s crashed meant a Ferrari qualified on the back row for the third time in eight years at Monaco.

Ferrari have surprisingly poor form at the track where they made their F1 debut in 1950. Despite appearing at every Monaco Grand Prix since then (apart from in 1968) they have only won the race eight times, the last being in 2001.

The Monaco Grand Prix was won by the pole sitter for the fifth year in a row and the ninth time in the last ten years. Massa was the last driver to fail to convert pole position into victory in 2008.

Finally, Raikkonen’s last-lap pass on Hulkenberg meant he scored a point for the 23rd race in a row. He needs one more to equal Michael Schumacher’s all-time record, though regular readers will be well aware that was set before points were awarded to tenth place.

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44 comments on “Like father, like son: Another Rosberg win in Monaco”

  1. This was the second year (along with 2011) that a crash at Monaco involving Felipe Massa brought out the first Safety Car period of the season.

  2. I wondered what the relative fuss was about in (German) RTL television, yesterday, regarding Nico winning the race his father won, too.

    Damon Hill did the exact same thing, winning the 1993 Italian Grand Prix, following in the footsteps of his father Graham, who won that race in 1962.

    Incidentally it was both drivers’ 3rd GP victory.

    1. The fuss probably being that it was Monaco, the Indy 500 of F1. D. Hill never won there, though G. Hill did 5 times.

      1. That’s true.

        But I’d say that the Italian Grand Prix is also a Grande Épreuve, wich Le Mans, of course, isn’t. But that’s just me.


    2. Fernando Cruz
      27th May 2013, 14:14

      What probably also added to the fuss is that he won exactly 30 years after his father’s win there, just like Bruno Senna won (in GP2) exactly 15 years after his uncle’s last win at Monaco.

  3. barring his car issues in bahrain, this is the first time alonso has finished a race and not been on the podium since hungary last year

  4. This is what I noticed:

    – Mercedes scored four pole-positions in a row for the first time: they had a hat trick in 1955, but they have never scored four in a row before. After Renault, Williams, Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus, Ferrari, Cooper and Alfa Romeo, they became the ninth team to do so.

    – This was Mercedes’ first victory in Monaco as a constructor since 1937, when Manfred von Brauchitsch led a Mercedes (or ‘Daimler’) one-two-three, since Rudolf Caracciola (please Google him, he’s a legend) finished second and Christian Kautz finished third. Although technically, the team already won the race in 2009 with Jenson Button, when it was called ‘Brawn GP’.

    – The top seven consisted of six former winners of the Monaco Grand Prix, with Adrian Sutil being the exception. This has never happened before at the Monaco Grand Prix.

    – Two Germans occupied the first two places, which was the first time since 2004, when the Schumacher brothers finished one-two at Suzuka. The last time three Germans finished in the top five was at the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel won, Nico Rosberg finished third while Adrian Sutil finished fifth.

    – This was only the third time the Monaco Grand Prix was red-flagged on a lap that wasn’t the opening lap. The other occasions: the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, when Alain Prost signalled the stewards that the rainy conditions were just too bad (rookies Senna and Bellof completed the podium). Then we have the 2011 edition, when Alguersuari crashed in the swimming pool section. This was only the sixth time in history a race was red flagged and then restarted.

    – Williams haven’t scored a single point in the first six races, which is their worst start to any season in the team’s history. Their previous record was the 2011 season, when Maldonado first scored points in the sixth round, the Monaco Grand Prix.

    – Stefano Coletti (GP2) became the first Monegasque driver to win a (non-rally) race in Monaco since 1931, when Louis Chiron won the Grand Prix for Bugatti. The last time a Monegasque driver won a race organized by the Monegasque automobile club (ACM) was in 1954: Louis Chiron won the Monte Carlo Rally that year driving a Lancia. If you would include co-drivers, it would be Daniel Elena in the 2012 Monte Carlo Rally, alongside Sébastian Loeb in a Citroën.

    – Bernd Mayländer got to drive his first laps in the safety car this year.

    1. – Williams haven’t scored a single point in the first six races, which is their worst start to any season in the team’s history. Their previous record was the 2011 season, when Maldonado first scored points in the sixth round, the Monaco Grand Prix.

      Nah, Barrichello scored points there, Maldonado had an incident with Hamilton while running in 6th place.

      I guess that the article is complete now that @andae23 has posted his observations!

      1. Nah, Barrichello scored points there, Maldonado had an incident with Hamilton while running in 6th place.

        Always one mistake – would like to say I do it on purpose just to check if you’re paying attention :P

        1. @andae23
          – The top seven consisted of six former winners of the Monaco Grand Prix, with Adrian Sutil being the exception. This has never happened before at the Monaco Grand Prix.

          It would actually be five former winners – since Rosberg never won there, he wasn’t a “former” winner.

          1. @uan Technically you’re right: I thought writing “former winners” would be a bit clearer than “drivers that have won the Monaco GP including the one that just finished”. But you know what I mean :)

    2. @andae23 and none of the rookies have scored yet this year. is this record becoming more impressive?

      1. @sato113 In 2004, the first race in which a rookie scored points was the eighth race, when Timo Glock scored points on his debut. I haven’t checked yet if this is the record.

    3. I’m really surprised actually by that red flag statistic – that’s a very good addition @andae23!

  5. Mitchell White
    27th May 2013, 12:31

    Raikkonen has now broken the record he shared with Nick Heidfeld for most consecutive race finishes with 34.
    Him and Vettel are now the only people to have completed every lap of this season.
    Lotus continue their run of having at least 1 car in the points to 26 races. This was their joint worst result with Brazil with 1 10th place and a DNF.
    Button now has the 4th highest number of race finishes in the points with 129. This puts him 1 ahead of Alain Prost.

  6. For the first time this year the winner did not score in no time the fastest lap of the race.
    Does anyone know when was the last time that happened?

    1. Not true; Rosberg led lap 1, so he had the fastest lap of the race at that point.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        27th May 2013, 14:16

        @david-a not sure about it, since the lap counts the moment the car passes the starting line… technically, even the last car can have the fastest lap on that first lap, if they manage to shorten distance respect to the polesitter on lap1.

        1. @omarr-pepper I think the first lap is from when the lights go out. So it’s always the leader that sets the fastest lap one.

      2. the time the first round is not valid, according to the FIA

        1. He set the fastest lap on lap 2 anyway, even if it was only for few seconds.

  7. They won the Indy 500 in 1915, they won le Mans in 1952 and again in 1989, and they had won the Monaco GP before the Formula 1 era in 1933, 1936 and 1937.

    Now Mercedes-Benz can join Mclaren in having a triple crown which includes a Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix win!

    1. Not sure if McLaren can really be classified as having won the Indy 500. In 1972 Donohue won it in a Penske entered McLaren M16. The records show a Penske win… not a McLaren one.

      1. @geemac

        1976: Bruce McLaren Motor Racing, Mclaren M16E.

        1. ^ And 1974 too!

          1. Well I’ve learned something today! :)

  8. If Rosberg had just set fastest lap he’d have achieved the first grand chelem for the Rosberg name. As it stands though Vettel set the fastest lap with a 1:16.577, versus Rosberg’s pole time of 1:13.876 – 96.4% of the pole time in other words. That is the second highest value this season from the dry races and Q3 sessions (if I recall correctly, Q3 in Australia was started on inters) behind only China, which coincidently was also a fastest lap by Vettel.

  9. However the younger Rosberg didn’t seem particularly interested in or even aware of the milestone.

    I’d agree that he wasn’t interested but he was aware of it as the same reporter who asked him what it felt like to win at Monaco 30 years after his father had won in the post race interview also asked him if he was hoping to win the race 30 years after his father had won it in the post-qualifying interviews (both questions were almost word for word the same except for the “are you hoping to” and “what does it feel like” part.

  10. Rosberg did set the fastest lap at one point just before his pitstop

    1. pantherjag Rosberg was fastest on lap 30.
      But that was not the fastest lap of the race

      1. On lap 29 rosberg did a 1.19.137 which at that point was the races fastest lap however 3 seconds later hamilton crossed the line with a 1.19.127. He never held the fastest lap for long but he have it at some point…….pretty sure a similar thing happened near the end the end as well as I remember thinking he was about to do the grand chelem

  11. Personally I think this is fantastic for NR and for Merc. It must feel so so good for him. His second win now, and at Monaco where he grew up, of all places, and the venue most F1 drivers would love to win no matter what else they do in F1. Give NR the car and we see what he can do.

  12. I actually think that point system difference doesn’t devolve Raikkonens record significance. When Schumacher set his record on average 52.3% of finishers(those who got to the line, not the 90% mark) were in points, but in the last 23 races this number is 53.5%. Therefore, it’s just a bit easier to get into points nowadays and if Raikkonen passes Schumacher’s record it shouldn’t be rewarded to the points system.

    1. David Livingstone
      27th May 2013, 17:37

      If anything that just shows that Schumacher set his record at a time when there were far more retirements – a testament to the reliability of Ferrari in the early 2000s. They kept their cars together when nobody else could.

      1. Not to forget the edge Schumacher had vs Raikkonen, the teammate couldn’t challenge him for position. Haven’t looked into detail if that would actually count in some of those 23 races but just a reminder. I bet someone could look that up ;)

  13. Vettel has scored 77 points at Monaco, equalling Singapore, and just 1 shy of Japan. He has also managed 75 in Malaysia and 70 in Bahrain.

    So-called Monaco specialist Maldonado now has 3 DNFs from 3 F1 starts in Monaco.

  14. – The only other father/son combination who has won on same circuit is Graham and Damon Hill in Monza, as stated by @Lustigson earlier. The Hills both won German and Spanish GPs, but on different circuits (Nürburgring/Hockenheim and Jarama/Catalunya), The Villeneuves also won Spanish GPs (Jarama/Catalunya as well)

    – This was the first red flag which wasn’t preceded by a safety car period since Monaco GP 2000. Ignoring the red flags on first two laps, the previous time was Japanese GP 1994 due to accident of Martin Brundle, causing an injury to a marshal.

    – Valtteri Bottas and Max Chilton have finished first six races of the season, while not scoring any points. The other drivers who have done that are Rubens Barrichello (2007), Tiago Monteiro (2005), Jean Alesi (2001), Olivier Panis (1994) and Pascal Fabre (1987, with one classified retirement). Barrichello and Panis retired in race 7, Alesi scored point, Fabre went to 7 with his streak before DNF in race 8, Monteiro went to 8 before getting the podium in race 9.

  15. Rosberg and Mercedes have become the fourth driver and fourth constructor respectively to win a race this season. Raikkonen’s streak of 2nd places have come to a halt with his 10th place finish. It was Massa’s first retirement since Australia ’12. Only Vettel, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Bottas and Chilton have finished (saw the checkered flag) every race this season so far. McLaren have been classified for both drivers in every race so far, and it was also Marussia’s first retirement of the season, and this one not due to a mechanical failure. “First Lap Nutcase” Grosjean crashed on lap 61, his last collision in a race occurred at Brazil where he hit the wall on lap 5. The last driver to have been leading a race when it was red flagged who is not a world champion? Markus Winkelhock.

    1. @craig-o I really like that last factoid: good stuff!

  16. Interestingly enough it was Nico’s second career victory as it was for Keke as well, on that rainy May day in 1983.

  17. That is F1 career victory of course!

  18. Well I noticed a funny fact. Jean Eric Vergne paid tribute to Francois Cevert by wearing a helmet with the paintjob of Ceverts helmet.
    Interestingly JEV’s qualifing lap time in Monaco was a 1:15
    In Ceverts last ever qualifing, in the 1973 Canadian Gp at Mosport, he also qualified with a time of 1:15

  19. And I’ve noticed another funny fact. With an average speed of 113.378 km/h this years Monaco Gp was even slower than the average speed of the 1961 Monaco Gp (113.788 km/h). Although it has to be said. The red flag period is also counted as race time, so with that period included the average speed drops significantly. And also the lay-out of the circuit back then was a different.

  20. Webber has finished 1st, 3rd, and 4th twice each at Monaco, but is yet to finish 2nd.

    And some from

    15th is the Caterham team’s best qualifying since Spain 2011.
    First time that di Resta has missed Q2.
    Rosberg has led exactly 200 laps.
    Ricciardo’s first non-mechanical DNF.
    6th time that Massa has started outside the top 20 (after Malaysia 2006, Monaco 2006, Australia 2007, Malaysia 2010, Singapore 2010), but the first such occasion on which he has failed to score.

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