New video shows how barrier blocked track after Chilton-Maldonado crash

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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This video shot by a spectator during the Monaco Grand Prix shows how the collision between Pastor Maldonado and Max Chilton ended up blocking the track.

Chilton and Maldonado collided on lap 45 of the race, sending the Williams into the barriers at Tabac. The impact dislodged the TecPro barrier, pulling it across the circuit.

Jules Bianchi, who was following the pair of them, was unable to avoid hitting the barrier. The video shows Giedo van der Garde’s Caterham coming to a stop to avoid the wreckage.

The race was stopped and drivers had to file slowly past the scene of the accident which left only a narrow gap for them to pass through.

Maldonado was unhurt and Bianchi was able to continue in the race after having his front wing replaced. Chilton was given a drive-through penalty during the race for causing the collision.

If you were at the Monaco Grand Prix and shot any video you can share it here:

Thanks to @Andae23 for the tip.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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41 comments on “New video shows how barrier blocked track after Chilton-Maldonado crash”

  1. From this angle it seems like a lot of good luck that the barrier did come round or else Bianchi would have connected with Maldonado with a pretty hefty hit and a pretty bad angle.

    1. definitely a good thing that happened, judging by the damage Bianchi was left with after he collided with the barrier, crashing into Maldonado probably would have been a disaster

    2. Certainly looks like the barrier formed a protective bubble around Maldonado’s car. I am sure this is not supposed to happen, but in a way it made it far less dangerous.

  2. amazing video, gives you a really good angle!

    1. Yeah. Even after playing multiple sims and watching it on tv, there’s nothing like a home-video from a different viewpoint to knit everything together and make it feel more like a real place that they’re driving around.

  3. These amateur video’s always seem to show more raw speed. Good angle indeed!

  4. The best thing about monaco crash videos is watching the marshals work. They really are the best in the world, in some countries marshals run out with the old fire extinguisher and then the are like urhhh there’s 3 of us and urrr lets try and push it. But in Monaco they stay safe, well organised and there’s loads of them. Usually they know what time window they have to work with before the car’s come round and they can crane the crash out.

    1. It really is the top of the crop in Monaco, isn’t it.

    2. 650 marshals were appointed for this race and it was quite a fast work.
      Although I had the chance to comment the race on the TV and look at the incident from lots of different angels, the world stream never showed this one, so thanks for sharing it.

  5. Really brings home the violence of that accident. Fantastic video.

  6. They are going so slowly!!!
    It’s painful to see the speed they’re taking through Tabac

  7. What the heck was the Yellow thing?

    1. If your on about the yellow car towards the end it was the Renault Megane course car thats usually parked at the harbor chicane.

      1. Sorry meant Renault Clio.

        1. Ah ok.

      2. I thought it was an HRT that snuck into the field :)

  8. Great video. Awesome perspective. Couldn’t tell at all that it was as bad as that on TV.

  9. If I could make it to the Monaco GP, that’s the where I’d like to watch it from. What a great view of the course. It’s also amazed me how quiet it becomes as the cars disappear up to Casinos square. Wouldn’t even know there’s a race on until they start coming out of the tunnel again.

  10. Very good angle of video and I like the vertical effect. Well done!

    Felt like Pastor hit a snake hiding.

  11. Looking at the video, it took little less than minute to red-flag the race.

  12. SaturnVF1 (@doublestuffpenguin)
    30th May 2013, 3:53

    That barrier came out way too easily. It looks like Pastor’s wing dug in and pulled it but I’m surprised they’re not tied back somehow to prevent that.

  13. Awesome video but please people, say NO to vertical video… geez, it would have been great if we could have gotten a wider view…. :/

    1. +1. Every phone should replace the view with a “Stop being an idiot” sign if the user tries to record video in portrait mode.

    2. I disagree. My screens are in portrait mode, too, so vertical videos are perfect for me (at least for the lunch break at work)!

    3. Wasn’t it recorded vertically for the simple reason that the orientation of the race track (which is, after all, the relevant part of the shot) is vertical from that point of view?

      1. I actually feel that the vertical works in this video for that very reason, with the layout of the track it allows you to see the run up the hill after the accident too.

  14. Dane (@n0b0dy100)
    30th May 2013, 4:50

    This guy had an awesome view of the race. Probably pays through the nose for that apartment though.

    1. I understood apartments go for about 60.000 USD for the weekend.

      1. TedEadman007
        30th May 2013, 21:19

        Do you mean $60 or $60,000? If it’s either, check your figures. LOL!

        1. That is 60.000 Ted. (do you mean you have other information about apartment rent in Monaco for the GP weekend, then please share that with us)

          1. Nah I think he was confused by the European period versus the American comma as the separator.

          2. That might be so (except its the US comma vs. the worldwide period), but I was wondering mainly about the “LOL, check your figures” part @fisha695

            Maybe Ted thought I meant the cost of buying an apartment there, as opposed to the rent for an appartment with a balcony offering premium view of the track for the Monaco weekend?

  15. Ouchie, not a nice crash at all. Glad to see Pastor escaped unharmed after such a sudden stop like that. Still can’t believe how long it took the director to pick up on the fact the track was blocked. It’s also odd that it took them so long to throw a red flag considering the track was almost completely blocked.

  16. It’s only luck that there hasn’t been a crash at Monaco where are car has gone over a fence and taken out several marshals. So many parts of the circuit where people are directly exposed. Only a matter of time before it does.

    1. Remember last year, when Derek Daly’s car almost went over the catch fencing in the GP3 race?

      1. @bascb Surely you mean Conor Daly?

        1. Lol, oops, now that would be a sight, a 65+ aged driver in GP3! Yes, you are right @wsrgo :-)

  17. BJ (@beejis60)
    30th May 2013, 16:24

    Vertical phone video ruined it for me.

  18. Great perspective, thanks to however posted it.

    When the cars come around after the crash and have to wait for the marshalls to clear the barrier out of the way, had Lewis and everyone already dove into the pits? I was expecting Lewis to sill be second and this barrier be why he took so long to get back to the pits, so now I’m really mystified at how badly he botched his safety-car speed in-lap so much slower than the others.

    1. The pit stops were around SC caused by Massa’s accident, not this one.

  19. My wife and I were there in K2 for that. I saw Maldonado touch the wall and then catch that piece of barrier. I really think it may have prevented a much worse crash the way it curled around him.

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