2013 Canadian Grand Prix grid

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’25.425
Red Bull
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’25.512
Row 23. Valtteri Bottas 1’25.897
4. Nico Rosberg 1’26.008
Row 35. Mark Webber 1’26.208
Red Bull
6. Fernando Alonso 1’26.504
Row 47. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’26.543
Toro Rosso
8. Adrian Sutil 1’27.348
Force India
Row 59. Nico Hulkenberg 1’29.435
10. Kimi Raikkonen* 1’27.432
Row 611. Daniel Ricciardo* 1’27.946
Toro Rosso
12. Sergio Perez 1’29.761
Row 713. Pastor Maldonado 1’29.917
14. Jenson Button 1’30.068
Row 815. Esteban Gutierrez 1’30.315
16. Felipe Massa 1’30.354
Row 917. Paul di Resta 1’24.908
Force India
18. Charles Pic 1’25.626
Row 1019. Jules Bianchi 1’26.508
20. Max Chilton 1’27.062
Row 1121. Giedo van der Garde 1’27.11
22. Romain Grosjean** 1’25.716

*Two place grid penalty for failing to leave the pits in the order they arrived at the pit exit during Q2.
**Ten-place grid penalty for causing a collision with Daniel Ricciardo.

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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    Timing data ?? Formula One World Championship Limited 2013

    Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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    60 comments on “2013 Canadian Grand Prix grid”

    1. That was an absolutely fantastic performance from Bottas – I really really hope he converts that into a good points score for Williams!

      Also, Vettel just seems to have an extra something in these conditions – he just seemed to have more pace than anybody else could find whatever the conditions.

      1. @vettel1 I’ve predicted everything but Bottas, WoW. Williams should learn a lot with this result in qualifying. Vettel’s driving style, this track and the car make them overcome the loss of power and just shatter anyone elses hopes, still they look good in the dry so, if the weather is stable it’s going to be very easy for the Red Bull like in Bahrain.

      2. Traverse (@)
        8th June 2013, 19:21

        Vettel doesn’t get enough credit for his rain mastery. Qualifying definitely belongs to Mr Hashtag, he bossed it!

        1. @hellotraverse +1 indeed!

          That performance reminds me a lot of Hulkenberg’s Brazil pole and I think he’s a brilliant driver also, so great signs for Bottas!

          1. @vettel1
            Call me cynical, but I believe Vettel’s rain mastery has more to do with the Red Bull (along with Mercedes) being great at getting heat into the tyres more than anything else. Both Ferrari and Lotus struggle at this. Last year for example, Vet was nowhere in Malaysia nor Siverstone.

            With that being said, he undoubtedly strung together a great qualy lap, but the star of the show was Bottas. ;-)

            1. He started fourth in Silverstone, so he was definitely up there. The only occasion the Red Bull was bad in the rain last year was Malaysia.

            2. @kingshark I don’t think he was “bad” at all in Malaysia: he was on course for a 4th place certainly and a 3rd very possibly before Karthikeyan hit him.

            3. Traverse (@)
              8th June 2013, 21:49

              @kingshark Even with the puncture Vet still finished ahead of “rain master” Button.

            4. Vettel did 28 laps in total during qualifying where as Hamilton and Rosberg ran 33 laps. All other drivers in the top 10 did 30+ laps. So not only was he quick, but he did in less laps… To me this indicates that Vettel performed exceptionally well.

            5. @kingshark It’s obvious from all damp or wet sessions that the Mercedes and Red Bull’s excel, they do get their temperatures much better than anyone else, especially Red Bull with a conventional suspension.

        2. @vettel1 @hellotraverse Nobody can doubt Vettel’s rain mastery (e.g. Italy 08), although it looked like Hamilton might’ve sneaked it today until the final chicane! Also credit to Bottas and Vergne, who seems to have upped his game since Marko’s comments favouring Ricciardo.

          1. Vergne has always been brilliant in wet conditions. He played to his strength quite superbly. Wonder how much of a wet quali only setup Botas had.

      3. Hamilton was 2 tenths up on Vettels time but locked up into the last chicane.

        1. So he was slower over one lap. great!

        2. Several people, including Vettel himself, managed a better S2 time than Vettel’s best overall lap, but they all lost a lot of time in the final sector, which had gotten wetter by that point. So I really doubt that Hamilton would have managed to beat Vettel’s time even if he hadn’t made that mistake.

        3. The track was quite wet in the last sector, even Vettel was improving his time up until sector two, but he ended up slower than his best time even if he didn’t do any mistakes.

          1. Hamilton was up at the end of sector 2. And there was a couple of drivers who did improve their times on that last lap.

      4. Fernando Cruz
        10th June 2013, 12:48

        Bruno Senna was also very good in the wet and I believe he could have got Pole Position (or at least a place in first or second row) for his last race in Brazil had the track remained wet in Q2 and Q3, as in Q1 he was only beaten by Lewis Hamilton by 0,1 seconds… Bottas is also very good but he also had the luck Bruno had not at Interlagos. In Malaysia Bruno overtook almost the whole field while the track was wet. At Spa in 2011 he was 7th in the wet qualifying for his very first race in a real F1 car, when all his rivals had already raced in 11 GP.s. I think that is maybe even better than 3rd in your 7th race.

        So Bottas can be better than Bruno Senna (I think he is) but he is not more talented in the wet…

    2. Seb looked quick and the Ferrari’s seemed to be sliding all over the place.

      Good luck tomorrow RBR!

    3. Bottas, definitely my pick for the Driver Of The Day. Excellent performance, and hopefully he can get some strong points tomorrow.

    4. Great drive from Bottas, and Vergne too. Sad to see Kimi so low though

      1. I think given how the Lotus is able to keep it’s tyres cool that in this situation it would backfire.

        Expect him to move up in the race.

    5. Congrats to Bottas. But the race is tomorrow( I mean, let’s hope Williams has more race pace than we think.
      Terrible qualifying for Ferrari guys. I believe, if they don’t change their approach they will fail in winning the WDC/WCC.

    6. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      8th June 2013, 19:22

      Excellent driving by Bottas, though I am unsure if he will be able to finish in the points. Alonso, P6, is a win possible? Especially as Vettel is on pole? @keithcollantine @bascb @vettel1

      1. @shreyasf1fan well I guess that all depends on how bad the Mercedes and Red Bull’s tyre degradation is! Red Bull looked fairly close to Ferrari though on the Friday long runs so with a bit of wet weather I think they’ll be able to hold on for the win.

        I don’t think the William’s race pace is as bad as their qualifying actually so as long as he doesn’t lose too many places at the start and they nail strategy I think he should be able to finish in the top 10 (here’s hoping)!

        1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
          8th June 2013, 19:35

          @vettel1 yeah i am hoping for a dry race, the ferrari does have more long run pace than rbr..so if they nail strategy and alonso is at his best, alonso may just shave a few fractions of a second off vettel. The mercs arent a real problem, nor is bottas, they will fall back going by previous results. Let’s see.

          1. @shreyasf1fan

            I think Alonso’s biggest problem catching Vettel will be Webber.

      2. A win is possible, although I don’t think Alonso should be considered the best bet for win. I think Vettel has a good chance really, but lets see how it all goes

        1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
          8th June 2013, 19:50

          @bascb It all comes down to the track conditions i suppose. Dry – Alonso is in with a great chance with that monster pace. Wet – it is vettel for the win.

          1. @shreyasf1fan

            Haha, I dunno, if it stays wet, Hamilton and Rosberg will be right up there.

            Hell, Bottas might be as well!

            1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
              9th June 2013, 7:56

              @mike Even though the Mercs will be competitive in the wet, I think Vettel will be able to manage to keep them staring at his flickering tail llight. If it’s wet, on the other hand, the scenario will be very different. Alonso will charge right from the start passing atleast Webber within the first lap. Not to worry much about Bottas. The Mercs can be passed in between pits and of course it’s Montreal – with two DRS strips! So Alonso should be on Vettel’s tail soon enough. The problem is to clear the gap between Vettel and him, pass him, and then defend position. Vettel isn’t easy to beat. Looking forward to an epic ALO-VET battle. Hopefully ALO claiming victory. :)

            2. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
              9th June 2013, 8:04

              *If it’s dry, on the other hand

    7. Excellent quali from Bottas, full credit to him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do a Hulkenberg Brazil 2012 and throw it all away.

    8. Good to see that Hamilton seems to have rediscovered his mojo.

    9. How did Bottas manage to pull off that performance? It’s not like that Williams became third place material overnight. Is it a 2012-derived spec they are running, a new FW35 spec, did they manage to completely crack the setup here, for this weather at least or is Bottas simply feeling at home in Montreal?

      Otherwise, that’s a good looking grid there but without much of a mistery in terms of who has the first chance. It’s all down to whether it stays wet or not. If the conditions we saw today will apply tomorrow as well, it’s Vettel’s race for the taking. If it dries up, I reckon Alonso’s pace on the super softs should prove to be enough to shoot the gap to first.

      The only unknown quantity in the top 10 is Bottas who, after today, I have no idea where he might or might not end up…

      1. Not to undermine his qualifying, but I think he set a good lap very early on after which the rain came down enough to spoil everyone’s sector 3, particularly the final chicane. It meant that no one could really improve. In fact I was really surprised Adrian Sutil put in an improvement on his final run to make P8.

        1. @mahavirshah he looked very good throughout the rest of it even so…

        2. @mahavirshah: He did the same thing in Q2 as well, so it was his overall quali pace that brought him 3rd on the grid. It wasn’t a one off.

          My guess is, except for their updates which might actually be working, Williams managed to nail the setup on Bottas’ car as far as wet weather is concerned. It should be interesting to see if he can adapt if tomorrow proves to be dry afterall.

          And no, I’m not taking anything from Bottas here. He just proved what he can do in a decent car running a decent setup here.

    10. Gosh Ferrari are absolutely pathetic in qualifying…Massa didn’t even have the pace to do anything but crash, why does he have a Ferrari seat again? I wonder what wise words Domenicali will say. Maybe he’ll say for the forth race in a row that Ferrari will really focus on qualifying….again. They should focus on firing you Stefano!

    11. Well with rain tomorrow, it’s anyone’s race.

      1. Oh goodie ^^

      2. I’d LOVE to see more rain tomorrow, it makes the race much more interesting.

    12. Traverse (@)
      8th June 2013, 19:29

      Massa must hate the left side of his car because he seems to enjoy smashing the hell out of it!
      On another note, I’m happy for Bottas and Torro Rosso, both out-doing themselves and showing up the likes of McLaren in the process. Also I’m getting tyred (pun intended) of di Resta’s continual complaining, especially when his teammate keeps his mouth shut and consistently gets the job done.

      1. There is a sense of entitlement when it comes to di Resta.

      2. You’re right, di Resta’s moaning is becoming quite pathetic. In the last few races he’s been shouting down his radio and pointing the finger, but as you say Sutil is doing a better job at present, whilst keeping shtum.

      3. Di Resta has every right to complain if the problem is technical, atleast he is not like Button who keep complaining about his team mate, just because he was racing.

    13. Very happy for Bottas and Williams qualifying P3. Bottas continues to outshine his teammate and it is looking better for Williams having picked him as a driver. There is that theory about Finnish drivers doing well in the slick due to learning to drive under such native conditions. Whatever, Bottas looked very smooth and confident throughout the tricky and ever changing conditions. If the race has any mixed weather and track conditions, I’d say that Bottas has an excellent chance to finish in the points.

      With the wet track these last two days, at least most of the tire talk was about having enough inters.

    14. Great drive by Bottas,
      Just a shame that you know that as soon as DRS is enabled he’s going to drop like a rock because of how ridiculously effective the stupid gimmick is round this track :(

      Also spotted on the track map early in Q1 that the single activation zone is miles before the hairpin, An absolutely ridiculous place to put it!
      The whole DRS setup on this circuit this year is stupid, Especially considering how ridiculously effective DRS has been on this track in 2011 & 2012.

    15. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      8th June 2013, 19:55

      @gosjean Actually it is quite understandable why Ferrari aren’t doing much about it. F1 cars are unpredictable. Notch up the quali and who knows – they may end up like the stupid Mercs – taking poles and locking out the front row and **** then falling back 5-6 places.

    16. So the front row consists of the driver who is fourth on the all-time “percentage starts from the front row” list (Vettel), and the driver who is fifth on it (Hamilton). How often have these two locked out the front row?

      1. Starting sixth isn’t terrible for Alonso, given the cars and/or the drivers in front of him. Hard to see hm not getting a podium spot. But as he has said, he not only needs good results himself, he needs Vettel to have bad results.

        It seems like things are starting to slip away from Kimi and Lotus though. By this time tomorrow Lotus will likely be fourth in the constructors standings.

    17. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      8th June 2013, 21:17

      @jonsan But the thing is Montreal doesn’t really have a run upto the first corner. So his usual great starts wouldn’t play as big a role. He will surely be 2nd by the time we reach halfway through the race. The real problem is Vettel out at front. P2 is simply not enough for Alonso, especially if it is Vettel ahead of him. That would just increase the already big points gap. So let’s see.

    18. Raikkonen and Ricciardo’s penalties are curious: they get two-place grid drops but because Raikkonen received his before Ricciardo, both end up losing one place.

      Raikkonen’s penalty is applied first, dropping him from ninth to eleventh. This promotes Ricciardo to ninth.
      Ricciardo’s penalty is applied next, dropping him from ninth to eleventh. This promotes Raikkonen to tenth.

      The rules state penalties are applied in the order the infractions were committed. As it happens the stewards’ documents state that Raikkonen and Riccardo both committed their infractions at 13:47. However the document detailing Raikkonen’s penalty (#37) was issued before Ricciardo’s (#38).

      1. For an even more complicated example of this rule in action, see the 2009 Japanese Grand Prix grid.

      2. @keithcollantine The Formula 1 rulebook: defying conventional logic since 1950.

        1. @lin1876 If you have a situation where multiple drivers can received grid penalties of varying lengths than it has to work this way.

          Imagine a situation where the pole sitter gets a ten-place penalty, the sixth-placed driver gets a five-place penalty and the eighth-placed driver gets a three-place penalty. If you applied the penalties simultaneously instead of in sequence you’d have three drivers starting eleventh!

          1. @keithcollantine 4 drivers would start 11th in that scenario, I just feel sorry for the guy who ACTUALLY qualified 11th!

            1. @keeleyobsessed I was assuming that all the un-penalised drivers move forwards as happens now, but either way we’d need a wider grid slot…

          2. @keithcollantine Surely that should be a failsafe then. Surely the default should be to move the driver down x places, and only if multiple drivers end up in the same position would the time of the penalties come into effect.

            1. @lin1876 It’s complicated enough as it is, I think that would just make it worse.

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