Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

2013 Canadian Grand Prix result

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

11Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault70
23Fernando AlonsoFerrari7014.40814.408
310Lewis HamiltonMercedes7015.9421.534
42Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault7025.7319.789
59Nico RosbergMercedes7069.72543.994
618Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari691 lap1 lap
714Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes691 lap9.385
84Felipe MassaFerrari691 lap1.994
97Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault691 lap2.691
1015Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes691 lap2.479
116Sergio PerezMcLaren691 lap1.285
125Jenson ButtonMcLaren691 lap2.622
138Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault691 lap12.504
1417Valtteri BottasWilliams-Renault691 lap21.952
1519Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari682 laps1 lap
1616Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault682 laps35.425
1722Jules BianchiMarussia-Cosworth682 laps21.717
1820Charles PicCaterham-Renault673 laps1 lap
1923Max ChiltonMarussia-Cosworth673 laps21.143
2012Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari637 laps4 laps
Not classified
11Nico HulkenbergSauber-Ferrari4525 laps18 lapsAccident
21Giedo van der GardeCaterham-Renault4327 laps2 lapsAccident

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Timing data ?? Formula One World Championship Limited 2013

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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58 comments on “2013 Canadian Grand Prix result”

  1. That was a pretty emphatic victory! The championship is looking good for Vettel!

  2. Master Class From Seb

    1. Indeed. Great races from Vergne, Di Resta and Massa, too.

    2. actually there is no competition to call it a master class vettel simply has the best car and setup to win that’s obvious when alonso can catch hamilton, but not vettel

    3. actually there is no competition to call it a master class vettel simply has the best car and setup to win that’s obvious

      1. @ramysennaf1 Ugh, this again? Where was Webber then, if I may ask? The driver in your username also won all his championships in the clear best car of his years.

    4. I wouldn’t call hitting the wall and spinning yourself out while under no immediate threat a ‘masterclass’. He drove ok in a car that couldn’t be challanged today.

      1. Ludicrous. He was pushing to the limit and destroyed the field, having taken pole in a situation where his car definitely could have been beaten, but in Vettel’s hands wasn’t. If SV was only “ok”, then the other 21 classify under “awful”

        1. And that’s it precisely. What is interesting in watching one guy drive properly and 21 other guys muddle about year on year on year?

          If Google entered a robotic car that got pole and drove off at 2 seconds per lap at the start people would switch off in droves yet somehow 4 years on people still find Vettel doing it interesting…

          1. Who said what Vettel did was boring? I said, hitting a wall and spinning off while under no immiediate threat is not a ‘masterclass’, not in my book. RB couldnt be touched on sunday, and Vettel was lucky he didnt bin it. Nevermind ‘masterclass’.

          2. @N

            I said, hitting a wall and spinning off while under no immiediate threat is not a ‘masterclass’, not in my book. RB couldnt be touched on sunday, and Vettel was lucky he didnt bin it.

            It was a masterclass as he destroyed the field pace-wise, and as much as you can whinge about him running wide at one point, he did NOT bin it. He merely pushed very hard (makes a change for 2013), and won. And if RBR were “untouchable”, they would have had an easy, unchallenable 1-2. Judging RBR to have been the fastest because Vettel won is fine, but judging them to be “untouchable” is not, when such a car finishes off the podium.

  3. Dull Dull Dull

    This race didn’t feel like the Canadian GP. Some amazing drives, especially from Vettel and Di Resta. Overall though, this race just lacked any spark.

  4. Vettle being booed by the crowed on the podium. haha

    1. @aimalkhan I thought that was very disrespectful. I thought F1 fans were better than football fans than to boo someone for no justifiable reason…

      1. Indeed very disrespectful, but f1 fans can be just as nasty as fans of any other sport when their favourites don’t win. Excellent race though imo.

      2. That English is terrible by me! I thought I was under the impression (just to give it some variety) and I don’t really like the repetition of than either!

        @fangio85 apparently so, it’s a shame. Agreed a very decent race nonetheless!

        1. Traverse (@)
          9th June 2013, 23:30

          That English is terrible by me! I thought I was under the impression (just to give it some variety) and I don’t really like the repetition of than either!

          Grade: -C You must try harder! :P

      3. It’s not the first time it has happened; it won’t be the last either. To be honest I’ve booed sports-stars in the past myself, as I personally see as part of the drama.

        1. @slr I only ever do it when something unjust happens against my team – I tend to utilise the boo much more in rugby as a consequence! Booing someone whilst they’re trying to speak after winning though isn’t a very just reason!

  5. Today is Vettel’s day. I hope this is not consistent trend.

  6. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    9th June 2013, 20:53

    Great race IMO. Vettel – I
    hate to say it, but he was
    great today! And the battles
    – ALO-WEB , ALO-HAM , MAS-
    RAI – really entertaining! A
    certain fellow said Alonso
    isn’t in form right now.
    Haha, Alonso was brilliant
    today! Though Vettel was
    better (damn)

    1. @shreyasf1fan – well he proofed me wrong today. But it took Alonso 30 laps to wake up :)

  7. Eh, I think I’m done with this ‘sport’ for the time being. I grew up with Formula 1 and walked away from watching a race today for the first time in about 15 years. I’ve had enough with the artificiality of DRS. The Alonso/Rosberg/Webber battle was enthralling whilst it lasted: three cars jostling for position on one of the only ‘true’ racing circuits remaining on the calendar, only to be robbed of its thrill with two boring and anticlimactic DRS passes (devices that are laughably temperamental), that were the complete antithesis of entertainment: they were predictable. It happened disconcertingly often, and yeah, I’m truly sick of it. I will tune back in once measures are taken to purify F1 again, but for now, it pains me to say that I can’t even endure a full race distance under the current circumstances–even at a track that I enjoy almost more than any other.

    1. I’m sure we have a few exciting races ahead of us. But DRS has stolen a great part of the show in Cánada

    2. Say what you want, but in the end the fastest drivers in the fastest cars won today, I’m not a fan of DRS either but in my opinion it hasn’t destroyed F1 to the point everyone should stop watching it.

  8. Traverse (@)
    9th June 2013, 20:59

    The Vet got pole in the wet, and achieved the win in the dry, is there anything beyond the reach of this guy? He blew the field away, showing the others how to dance with an F1 car, and in the process resigned Alonso to admiring the back of his RBR from afar. He made Hamilton sweat and Aussie Webber shout STRUTHE! For only one man can cross the chequered flag first and brandish the Holy Index Finger of Truth!…That’s what I’m talking about!!

    1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      9th June 2013, 21:14

      @hellotraverse Hah. I could
      punch you in the face right
      now. To rephrase : “Is there
      anything beyond the reach
      of this car?” A slightly above
      average driver being gifted
      a top class car, and that’s
      Seb Vettel.

      1. Vettel proved in the last years that he is by far the best driver in F1 since the days of Schumacher

      2. “slightly above average driver”.
        And Webber, by these standards, is one of the worst drivers that has ever driven a F1 car, I guess.

      3. @shreyasf1fan @yobo01 @cristian

        Twenty-one minutes before this, the same Shreyas Mohanty said “Vettel – I hate to say it, but he was great today!”, which was actually commendable. Dunno why he’s done a 180.

        1. Traverse (@)
          9th June 2013, 21:44

          Maybe he realised that Alonso’s chances of winning the WDC are slim and flipped out… :)

      4. Traverse (@)
        9th June 2013, 21:35

        You could try to punch me in the face but I’d evade your forceful blow like Webber avoiding Helmut Marko! You like Alonso and that’s a fact but The Vet was the best today out on the track. He taught Alonso a lesson, thing or two, The Vet made it look like his tyres were coated with glue. He was on rails today and even you have to admit you know it’s the truth, that even Alonso at his best can’t touch the big bad wolf!

        1. Traverse (@)
          9th June 2013, 21:37

          I’ll stop now :P

        2. @hellotraverse I like the duck sauce reference – well said sir! :’)

      5. Where was Webber? Pretty sure he was also in the ‘best car on the track’…

  9. Amazing Vettel’s pace with full tank. The mediums worked perfectly. Why didn’t Raikonnen start with mediums? Could have made it to the podium

  10. actually vettel making a error in the chicane and still having
    the 14 seconds lead sums it up for another season :S:S

    1. @ramysennaf1fan he only made that mistake because he was pushing much harder than everybody else! Hence why he had such a big gap!

  11. That was a looong version of the Austrian anthem

  12. Di Resta might be complaining all the time for all the right or wrong reasons but he’s in a class of his own when it comes to race-recoveries this season. Hats off. Also great race from Vergne and absolutely gutted for Bottas. He deserved better than being swallowed by the whole field in that dog of a car.

    Oh, and by the way, did McLaren’s huge points streak just end?

    1. Oh, and by the way, did McLaren’s huge points streak just end?

      Yes, yes it did!

  13. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    9th June 2013, 21:13

    @hellotraverse Hah. I could punch you in the face right now. To rephrase : “Is there anything beyond the reach of this car?” A slightly above average driver being gifted a top class car, and that’s Seb Vettel.

  14. Pleased to see Lewis back on the podium this weekend. Feel a bit robbed of the fight back to Alonso when DRS was disabled late on, but 3rd is still nice and it was not a certainty that he would have been able to re-overtake the Ferrari.

    There were plenty battles throughout the field which kept the race pretty entertaining, regardless of Sebastian’s strong performance and well deserved victory.

    1. +1. Surprising, too, to see just how vital Lewis was to McLaren. They are yet to find themselves….where’s Button’s famed ‘thoughtful input into the car’?

  15. TV coverage showed Alonso passed Gutierrez under caution on lap #39.
    Why wasn’t this penalized?

    1. I picked that one out as well immediately: are the rules different possibly for lapping, or maybe there was a green flag akin to Vettel in Brazil?

    2. NBC showed this quite clearly. It was not even investigated during the race though so I doubt anything will come of it.

    3. I thought Alonso passed him before the flashing yellow light.

  16. Amazing how Mercedes seem to be so much better on their tires today… Monaco was just because no one could pass, but today showed they improved because of that “secret” test.. My feelings obviously but today was what I was waiting for to see if there was an improvement… There clearly was..

    1. I no you have the reason to think that but i still think on high load corners, Siverston etc? they will struggle, they have ovi kept up with devolopement this year so in that case im sure their going to get better on the tyres, they cant be consistently bad for 3 years surely not?

      Im really impressed that they have stayed quick in qually and ok/good in the race that means they have not done as bad as last year in terms of development last year they were bad after Monaco, and now I think they will be quick until summer break at least.

      I really am optimistic Ham and Ros will be flying next year, their is two many good people their for it not to happen I predict MCL will not be strong until 2015.

      Next year new regs Ferrari and Merc may steal a march that usually happens after a cycle of dominance, Merc remind me of Renault in 2004 in 2005 they new theyd be quick. RBull will obviously be up their I just think Merc are looking really good.

      I mean what they have done so far this year is great, sorted their drivers at last. 4 pole’s is great and and 1 win and 3 more podiums is good for Merc.

    2. Tell it to Rosberg. If the major players weren’t put back massively in qualifying then it would have been similar for Hamilton too. He finished 15 seconds behind the winner and got run down by Alonso from P6. Mercedes had good fortune here as much as anything. So I’m not sure this result proves anything.

      1. huh what, put back massively?, Webber was 5 seconds down on Ham for most and then it went to 8 then he got past Rosberg and came back halfway through. Lol Ros done one more stop but he nearly got lapped Ham was very close in comparison, only 15 seconds behind the winner and 2 seconds off alo in a 70 lap race. Alo was through the traffic at the start in no time lost about 5 seconds altogether just did not have the pace until each end of the stint.

        It took ages even in clean air after the first pit stop for Alo to close Ham down. Ros was just not as good today all wkend Ham as been quicker apart from fp1 when ham was 4 seconds down.

    3. @bwells88
      This circuit isn’t a high tire wear circuit, Mercedes struggle with tire wear due to the way their car performs in high speed corners – this circuit doesn’t have many of those.

  17. Very true… I guess we’ll wait another GP… Lol… I still think they did better but truly time will tell… 8)

  18. Not happy to say it.. but Vettel was the class of the field today. He had a 2 sec advantage over Hamilton by the end of the 2nd lap, and showed no signs of slowing down. It looked like a 2011 style performance by him today with a typical pole to finish race.

    This performance was up there with Alonso’s performance in Barcelona as the drive of the season so far.

  19. fantastic stuff by force India.
    mclaren who? lol

  20. Did anyone see what happened to Gutierrez? Suddenly, he was in the barriers at turn 2 but there’s been no replay of what happened there during the race.

    1. According to himself, his cold tires locked on braking as he was coming from the pits, he lost it and went on the grass, he could not recover on the grass, and smashed the wall.

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