Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Canadian Grand Prix

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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212 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. 4/10

    Ditch DRS, KERS & Racing to Delta times!!!!!

    This aint racing

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      9th June 2013, 20:40

      Did you even watch the race?

      They didn’t drive to a delta time the entire race. Tey were finally able to push.

      1. @tophercheese21

        So you are happy with F1 right now then? Webber being told he can race on lap 49

        Please don’t tell me that is acceptable racing or I don’t know what race you were watching mate

        1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
          9th June 2013, 20:47

          ^ Implying he was told not to race before then.

          Why are you watching it if you don’t think it’s “acceptable racing”?

          They were pushing the whole time. Not like Spain.

      2. Martin Whitmarsh said very clearly after the race (Sky interview) that they blew Button’s race by giving him a “much too slow” target lap time for his second set of tyres.

        1. That’s just McLaren being rubbish again though.

      3. It was certainly better than the previous ones this year! The low grip nature of the circuit meant that they didn’t kill the tyres after 3 laps at full tilt! Maybe that’s the answer. Replace all track surfaces with the same stuff down at Montreal.

    2. Matt (@superf1fan)
      9th June 2013, 20:41

      Without DRS and KERS this race would have been worthy of a 1. Which would you prefer?

      1. They have proved they can overtake without the use of DRS & KERS so I would rather not have that in F1 thanks.

        We might have had alot better battles without it as with 1 detection and 2 zones the car in front has no chance to defend. Without DRS they would have the chance to defend.

        DRS is fake, it hasn’t done what it was intended to do. Too hard to implement as they keep changing how it is used at each track each season.

        DRS is great for computer games but not for real racing

        1. Why do people constantly bash DRS… It does what it was intended to do, it allows cars that are noticeably faster to get to the position they should be in. It prevents the Trulli-train effect that allowed drivers to drive purely defensively and have a massive gap break out infront. Sure there might be the odd pass for true position that is made easier with DRS, but there’s a hell of a real passes that are made possible by DRS…

        2. What this race proved was that even with Kers and DRS, overtaking was very hard to do around this track. Alonso couldn’t overtake Lewis or Webber on that massively long back straight with DRS and had to use Kers on the tiny pit straight.

          Take away DRS and Kers and the car with the better traction would be impossible to overtake. Honestly, go watch the races from about 5 years back to see why DRS and Kers are so important.

          1. @joshua-mesh

            I agree with you. I have always maintained that when the top guys go head to head, passing is not as easy or fake as people make out to be. The pursuing driver needs to get it absolutely right. We have seen this time and again. The guys at the sharp end of the grid have the experience and ability to place their cars in positions where overtaking is made very difficult.

            DRS prevents the Trulli trains of old, which I used to hate. Faster cars can dispatch the slower ones with ease, but not a car on equal pace.

        3. get over this DRS is fake crap already, just because all teams have a button to do it doesn’t mean it’s fake. remember the f-duct? that’s essentially the same thing, a drag reductions system. teams always come up with crazy methods to get an advantage, rather than letting them all do some kind of rear wing blowing that’s potentially dangerous (hand of the wheel to activate), they all get a zone and button to do it.

    3. No need for two DRS zones really. One is alright, but two makes overtaking far too easy. It was sad to see Hamilton get overtaken by Alonso so easily towards the end (right before DRS was disabled, effectively preventing Hamilton from doing the same). Can’t we just have a more powerful version of KERS instead?

      1. We’ll have that next year, don’t worry. But the driver won’t be able to use it any time he wants because it’ll work for the entire lap, together with the engine. Ferrari has put a same system in the new LaFerrari

      2. I wouldn’t describe that overtake as easy.

    4. Come on now, it was a nice race, many overtakes, nice lap times, it was great. It’s true that Vettel kinda ruined it by leading the entire race but it still was a nice race. Alonso-Hamilton and Alonso-Webber duels were the best part for me, also Massa’s overtakes and also Sutil’s funny spin.

    5. Even Horner said they pushed the whole race this time. It was actually a great race I thought (apart from their being no real battle for the lead).

    6. @bobby-balboa, I agree that the DRS spoilt several good battles but I gave it a one point above average “6” purely because the tyres were largely irrelevant and I saw very little of the “delta” driving you mention even though I think LH lost 2nd. due to an excess of caution by the team.

  2. Get ready, they said… It’s gonna be a close season, they said…

    1. @nickf12013 Alonso said if the Ferrari were slightly slower than the Red Bull, he’d beat Vettel with ease…

  3. Not good enough. 6 for me.

  4. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    9th June 2013, 20:39

    Very solid 8.

    So good to finally see the drivers able to push!
    That’s how Formula 1 should be!

    Probably didnt need the second DRS zone, but still the best race of the year.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      9th June 2013, 20:42

      meant *7*, not 8.

    2. My thoughts exactyly. not sure what these other guys were watching! awesome first few laps and a commanding drive from vet. can’t take that away from him.

    3. @tophercheese21

      “That’s how Formula 1 should be!” You really believe that F1 should be about racing from lap 49 for 21 laps when the positions are pretty much sorted??????

      “but still the best race of the year.” We clearly have very different ideas of what F1 is about

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        9th June 2013, 20:53

        Well aren’t you a happy person. Lol

      2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        9th June 2013, 21:07


        I honestly don’t know what you were watching if you thought that they had to drive to a delta time.

        Example #1: Paul Di Resta
        Started near the rear of the grid, and made only 1 pitstop, all the while making it into the points.

        Example #2: Vettel/Webber/Alonso fastest laps:
        All throughout the race these three were exchanging fastest laps of the race. Not sitting back and preserving.

        Example #3: Lewis’s rear tyres:
        When Lewis was defending from Alonso, his race engineer came on the radio and told him he can take even more life out of the tyres because the looked really good. This was towards the end of the stint, and despite having pushed hard to keep Alonso behind.

        1. silly me for watching the race with my eyes closed. I will try my hardest to watch the race before I make my comments next time.

          Do forgive me

          1. Yes, silly you for continuing not to post anything solid when Chris has been giving you good examples.

          2. So when Horner said after the race that Vettel was pushing every lap that was a lie was it?

            So when Vettel hit the wall actually trying to race what was that about… driving to a delta?

            This guy won the race.

            This race should be celebrated for actually having some drivers (not all, granted, but some) pushing to the limit for a change without the tyres falling to bits.

    4. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      9th June 2013, 20:51

      There were quite a few good battles, but my rating of the race is very strongly influenced by the fact that they weren’t having to conserve the tyres, and could actually push hard.

      Also, people rating it low just because Vettel won is just poor.

      He deserved the win. Masterful drive.

      1. I pretty much agree with you Chris, great to see drivers able to push without melting the tyres but I gave it one less point for being overly affected by DRS.

        1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
          10th June 2013, 7:22

          I agree.
          They really could have done without the DRS down the back straight.

          Overtaking is easy enough on the back straight w/o DRS.

          A single zone on the pit straight would’ve made the race an 8 for me.

  5. That awkward moment when Canada isn’t very good.

    3/10. Not much happened. There were some battles but I hardly saw them, as the director was too entertained showing the first 5 guys.

    I bet in the midfield it was a lot more entertaining.

  6. 7.
    A very 2011-esque race. Win was secure after turn 2 and good racing elsewhere.

  7. Yawn. A 5 from me. Absolutely demolishing performance from Vettel was notable, but the distinct lack of serious wheel to wheel racing for most of the race left me a bit bored.

    Tyres played little to no part in the race, which was a bonus, not because I’m fussed about the tyre debate, but hopefully, for just one race this season, we won’t have a whingefest about the tyres.

    1. It did turn out to be quite 2011 like, didn’t it @mouse_nightshirt!

  8. 5/10.

    Another DRSfest that has poisoned a perfectly good race track.

    1. I really don’t like the artificiality of DRS, but Hamilton made an interesting remark post-race. He said that after Alonso passed him — so Hamilton had the advantage of DRS — he couldn’t get back past Alonso because he was on the rev limiter. That to me says that Mercedes blew their choice of final ratios, or at least that Ferrari made a better choice. Car set-up does count when DRS is the exact same thing for every car and driver.

      1. Mr win on lose
        10th June 2013, 13:36

        Probably Mercedes didn’t expect this to happen – they were more likely to defend than to attack, given their starting positions. Maybe their high starting positions were a result of well-chosen gear ratios.
        But even if Hamilton would have overtaken Alonso, he would likely be repassed later on.

  9. Aaaaand we’re back to the mid 00s borefest…

    a solid 1

    1. @tmekt really? I found it very refreshing seeing drivers playing dare with the walls during the race for once!

      1. @vettel1

        Yeah to me it was terribly boring, some DRS overtakes but hardly any action. It’s rate the race, not rate the tyres.

        And before someone says, it’s got nothing to do with who won or didn’t won (I’m not a Vettel hater; and though I’m a Kimi fan it wouldn’t have been a slightest bit more exciting even if he had been in the place of Vettel)

        1. @tmekt well the tyres have a massive influence on the quality of the races these days so the fact drivers were actually pushing (Vettel with his brush against the wall etc) greatly improved the racing IMO. This is the tyre balance I like personally, with the ability to gain places due to alternative strategy (eg Di Resta) but with it not dominating the races with drivers being able to push (eg Vettel).

          It was nice to see drivers trading fastest lap by going all-out instead of relying purely on the state of their tyres!

    2. I agree….one driver winning is why I stopped watching after a while of intermittent watching. Haven’t seen a live race for 2 or 3 and came back to Vettel winning….

      1. @georgetuk if you have such a big problem with “one driver winning” then why are you complaining? Vetted hasn’t even won half the races this season so far!

        1. *Vettel obviously!

        2. Its not that he has one set amount this year, he is winning the championship again already and that was further consolidated this weekend, and now winning at traditionally weak track does not bode well for open competition, the manner of the winning does not make great TV either, he had a full put stop in hand!

          I understand the sport and its impressive what Red Bull has achieved but it doesn’t often make for exciting racing or a exciting season. But then neither should they artificially change it, it’s up to the others to get closer!

          Its weird to explain but you get excited for each race only for the same thing to happen and it just wears thin.

    3. I don’t and probably never will understand this point of view.
      Personally, I don’t care if one driver drove into the distance (even if it’s one I don’t particularly like) so long as it’s actually a race.
      I guess F1 will never be able to please everyone though. Let us people have our feed and we’ll get back to the crumbly tyre races again soon :)

      1. @john-h

        What is it exactly that you don’t understand with the point of view?

        I can understand that as the drivers are now closer to being able to push at 100% (I don’t know what the percentage was this weekend. 90? 95? 99?) makes it seem more “real” but to me that doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference in terms of how entertaining the race was, and neither does the fact that a certain driver won. I couldn’t care less about those things.

        The only thing that matters is that I was terribly bored watching the race. There was nothing surprising, nothing interesting and the little action that existed was either due to terrible driving standards or DRS and that doesn’t really strike to me as good “racing”.

        1. I guess it’s all about what you find interesting in F1, and each to their own I guess was my point… but I will never understand how this race was a 1.

          I personally don’t need loads of action to make a race a good one. Just snippets will do.

          Massa provided some nice battles. Sutil’s staunch defensive driving was excellent to watch, and Alonso catching Hamilton was great. The tense situation when backmarkers appeared. Ok, Drs ultimately ruined it, but it wasn’t the overtaking but the feeling as Alonso lap after lap ate into Hamilton, like we were building up to something.

          I wasn’t terribly bored, but I guess that’s why we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

  10. 5 – how can anybody rate this a 9 or 10? Too much like 2011. Seb is running away with this, RBR 1-2 in the next race.

  11. 6/10 for me. Not sure that it was worth getting up at 4am for that one.

    Great effort from Vergne btw. The intra-team battle at Toro Rosso is really hotting up.

    1. I got up at 1.30am to watch Network Ten’s coverage with AJ, Daryl and Rusty

      1. Had an early night and watched it on the iPlayer this morning, and it wasn’t one worth losing sleep over, so good choice in the the end!

    2. Was going to do that, but ended up only just watching the replay at a more reasonable 10:30.

      Gave it an 8, purely because there was quite a bit if passing (DRS assisted or no), and the top drivers were told to do just that: drive.
      For the first time I can recall this year Hamilton was told he can take MORE out of the rear tires, yet people are calling this race a “mid-00’s borefest”. Why? Because driver’s tires aren’t falling off the cliff after 5 laps and throwing the order of positions all over the place?
      I actually enjoyed the drivers having to push quite hard, even if it meant there was less “action”.
      There were a number of really good moves set up before the DRS zones and that weren’t due to horrid tires for once.
      So I gave it an 8.

  12. Seb wins, great drive by FA, Sutil was fun to watch and no safety cars.

    8/10 for me.

  13. 7/10

    Everyone sooking about the tyres can eat their words. We are now back to Vettel romping away with it.

    DRS wasn’t ridiculous this year. Perfect placement of the activation point.

    1. Everyone sooking about the tyres can eat their words. We are now back to Vettel romping away with it.

      Argggh! The people moaning about the tyres don’t care if one driver romps away with it, don’t you get that! Arggghhh!
      Ok, that’s enough for today.

      1. @john-h, obviously something is wrong if the best car/driver keeps winning races, maybe we need Nascars’ pace cars every 15 minutes. Wait ,wait ,John, put the gun down, I was kidding,honest.

        1. @hohum Lol! Ok, its safe to come out. I’ve taken my medication now :)

  14. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    9th June 2013, 20:47

    Great race IMO. Vettel – I hate to say it, but he was great today! And the battles – ALO-WEB , ALO-HAM , MAS-RAI – really entertaining! A certain fellow said Alonso isn’t in form right now. Haha, Alonso was brilliant today! Though Vettel was better (damn)

    1. No one is disputing how good Alo is, but you was calling before the race, saying Merc wont be no problem they will go back bye mid race and that he had the best pace.

      For me Alo was great in the last stint but i think Ham was more impressive Shreyas, as he kept with Alo and drove brilliant in the Merc for 2 stints. Im just happy being a Hamilton fan that he seems to be better in the race and qually today I think he is defo better than Rosberg over a season but 3 poles in a row was really getting me worried lol.

      I only started feeling better after Monaco because Ham kept with Rosberg until safety car. Not the best race imo and the commentary when they though Merc would do 1 stop lol even if when people had pitted they would of been on fresh tyres and would have always came back.

      Di Resta great drive and Sutil should notstuff off the track creep on the track he held Ham up for 3/4 of a lap. And Vettel the guy is great I never use to like him but last year and especially this year I like im more and more I would call im my 2nd fav now and I use to always cheer against im lol. Vet has been up against it this year the form is staggering imo, softer tyres have penalised them aswell the car is the quickest.

    2. Obviously, you forget about MAS-SUT, SUT-someoneelse) Race was rather good than bad.

  15. The battle out front was non-existent but I hope this is a sign of things to come – drivers seemed to be pushing pretty hard throughout the race and with Di Resta managing over 50 laps maybe, just maybe these tyres aren’t awful anymore!

    Throughout though the racing was pretty decent and the DRS not too powerful as I initially feared.

    Solid 7/8.

    1. @vettel1 I gave it a 7 too even though I told you all that it was going to be a runaway victory for Vettel.

    2. just maybe these tyres aren’t awful anymore!

      These are the same tyres that could have provoked the world war 3 after the Spanish GP, it is a solid 7/8 because we know who is the winner & the most important thing how he won it
      BTW i would like to hear to the opinion of the double standard 5 star general about the tyres after this race

      1. @tifoso1989 I’ll rephrase then, the effect of these tyres isn’t so awful anymore. I think few would argue against the fact the tyres played far less of an influence as they did in Spain or indeed any other race so far this season, so I’d like you please to elaborate how this is a case of double standards?

        1. so I’d like you please to elaborate how this is a case of double standards?

          I’m not referring to you when i said “the double standard 5 star general”, i mean Christian Horner, after all we are fans & we don’t know anything about what is happening at the track so we can made wrong judgment & that’s the whole point with discussion but i really don’t like the guys that are in charge that know the truth & try to hide it

          1. @tifoso1989 I see, my mistake! I suppose he just speaks for the team’s best interests but yea I agree I’d prefer that he stuck to his guns!

    3. What it proved was that the tyres are not as weak as certain teams made them out to be.

      1. @joshua-mesh I’m not going to jump the gun as traditionally the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is quite low degradation but the signs are improving yes!

        1. BTW i’ve watched the GP switching between the Canal+ & Sky italy & the guys were talking about some modification in the Red Bull diffuser that maybe is the secret of the Red Bull managing their tyres, i don’t think that Seb performance has something to do with the nature of the circuit, all of the race his times were unbelievable even when he was controlling the race

          1. Do you have any links on that one @tifoso1989 if at all possible, it seems quite interesting to me!

          2. Tifoso Vet was in another league, most predicted Alo would walk it which was not the case, most based it on practise which was incorrect.

            Great battle between Alo and Ham they really respect eachother a lot thesedays, they no how good 1 anothers, and Vet is just as good.

          3. @vettel1
            No sorry i don’t have links the guys were talking in live broadcast but i’m very sure in the next days the explanation will emerge , i will keep an an eye on the BBC, Sky Sport, Scrabs F1 …. & if i will find something i will post it
            I hope the battles between Lewis/Fernando and also with Mark Webber is a lesson to watch for many drivers , Alonso after the race said that he was happy with these kind of battles with intelligent drivers that even at 320 Kph he was still feeling safe

          4. @tifoso1989 that would be excellent if you could thank you – I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the round-up as well!

      2. All it means is that the tyres were OK in Montreal on a 24 degree day.

      3. Another dig at Red Bull. When will it end?

    4. I will amend my vote to an immediate 0: I cannot enjoy this race weekend anymore with the tragic news that followed the race. Up until the chequered flag, solid 7. With hindsight and the post-race events, 0.

  16. 4 for me…..not much going on during the race except for VDG messing up Webber’s race and getting a stop-go for his efforts and a run-in between the Hulk and VDG again. Rest of the race was rather run-of-the-mill in terms of genuine excitement. di Resta and Vergne were brilliant mind. Alonso and Hamilton probably extracted the maximum from their cars but the Red Bull Vettel combo was just unstoppable today.

  17. 5 from me. Boring for the most part as saving tire’s strategies dominated the race and at one point it felt they weren’t racing against each other.

    1. @zicasso I didn’t see much tyre saving honestly! It’s perhaps still not ideal for some which I can understand but personally I thought the amount of pushing was good.

      1. I remember Webber being told on his radio to hold position until the end of the stint to save his tyres

        1. That’s all? One driver gets told to save tyres and the race was greatly influenced by it? I saw Vettel touching the wall and missing a chicane, Alo avoiding wall and the guys in front exchanging best times

      2. It’s difficult to understand the massive gap Mercedes allowed Vettel to build. Red Bull and Ferrari were racing and pushing but I am not so sure about the rest. Mercedes have some work to do – more tire testing perhaps. :)
        5 is probably a bit harsh as I was a bit annoyed with LH loosing the second place. In retrospect, Vettel did a superb job and there were some fair fights which is always nice to watch.

        1. Steve McGrath (@)
          9th June 2013, 21:29

          I can’t work that out – The early gap Vettel got over the Mercs. I thought they may have been racing to a delta early on. For Lewis to get 19 laps out of the supersofts there was some sort of tyre saving going on although I don’t think the Merc is as quick with a full tank of fuel as the RBR.
          The tyre deg improvement from Mercedes is surely no coincidence!?

      3. Max what did you think of Ham today dude, I was really impressed considering he as been struggling lately Ros was really worrying me. I know its Canada and Ham is good here but Ros has also never been beat bye a teammate at this track so to be faster in most sessions and a big gap in pace all race really although Merc went diff strategy he still dominated.

        And wow at Vet like I said I never use to like the guy I now like him a lot 2nd fav perhaps behing Hammy. Everyone predicted Alo would run away with it but it didn’t happen.

        1. @danielc Hamilton had a very solid performance I thought, particularly given Rosberg’s woes! I thought he maybe could’ve pushed Alonso a bit harder towards the end but he managed his tyres well and put in a very good qualifying performance so yes he did about the best he could in the circumstances!

          It’s good to see someone appreciating a good drive also irrespective of the driver ;)

          1. Vet is a class act my friend, I don’t rate webber though as consistency is not his strong point. Id like to see Vet with a stronger teammate just to put the doubts to rest(no doubts from me).

            It would just be good to see him in a car with Alo or Ham wouldn’t it. I think if he had a 5 year run with 1 0f those he would either win 3-2 in seasons or lose 3-2, they would all be faster at diff points.

            That is the only reason I think people doubt Vet all because we have seen Alo v Ham. Its not Vet fault his records spk for their self im not sure many could have his statistics, especially qually wise maybe only Lewis.

  18. Meh, it was pretty boring.

  19. Halfway through the race I could have sworn we were back in Valencia. Very odd that Canada was such a dry affair, I mean when only the top 5 finished on the same lap, something was definitely not right. Maybe the rain caused the track to be so green that no one really wanted to push. As a result it felt like everyone was waiting for something to happen, maybe a safety car or a cloudburst. This has to be the most boring race in Montreal I have seen.

  20. Traverse (@)
    9th June 2013, 20:52

    Very good race 6/10
    I was amazed by di Resta’s ability to conserve his tyres whilst maintaining a competitive race pace, the same can’t be said for Sutil who clearly let his personal feelings for Hamilton overrule his duty as a race driver to obey the rules.

    1. very good race = 6/10? Hahahaha

      1. Traverse (@)
        9th June 2013, 22:06

        LOL! I meant “good race” but for some reason I wrote “very good”.

  21. So people are praising the fact that drivers are “able to push”. Is it just a coincidence that Vettel ploughed the rest of the grid? Do people really want to see the same thing every race? He may be one of the most talented drivers ever, but he is also one of the most consistently dull on track… Sorry Seb, but it’s true!

    1. @captain-sorbet that to me shows that Red Bull have the best car. Aren’t the best supposed to win I may ask?

      Besides, even though up front the battle was non-existent it was still there in the rest of the field just as in 2011; this is no 2004!

      1. Yeah, fair point. The best car/driver is meant to win… I just worry that people aren’t being careful for what they wish for. 2004 is certainly not what anyone wants, even someone calling themselves a ‘purist’ shouldn’t want that…

        It was a decent race, with a lot going on everywhere but I hate the thought of RB running away with it…

        1. @captain-sorbet agreed: from an F1 fan’s perspective it’s not nice to see anyone run away with it (even if I do really like the driver, who could tell by my @mention)! I suppose though at least the racing is good enough unlike 2004 as you’ve said!

  22. 6 – a little bit boring

  23. 7

    + Drivers able to push
    + Good battle for 2nd, Massa also passing a few

    1. @david-a +1 on the ratings.

      People saying that we are back to the early ’00 are completely out of touch with reality. For the first 6 races I’ve seen people complaining about drivers not being able to push, being told to race to delta times from lap one, and for once that wasn’t the case in this race, drivers could finally push or make different strategies work (look at di Resta), and I’m just glad we had a race where drivers could on a decent pace (unlike Monaco and Catalunya).

      The only bad things were the effectiveness of the DRS – as always – the lack of battle for 1st place and the ridiculous booing at the end.

    2. yeah, apart from the Lull in the middle, and DRS cutting several really beautiful defensive drives short (Rosberg, Bottas, Sutil, …) it was a solid race really.

    3. For some reason my post got cut off.

      I also meant to put:

      – Little battle for lead
      – Poor crowd on the podium

  24. Good to see everyone pushing the pace with little disregard to tyre degradation. As I said before, Lotus who were so proud that they had these tyres solved, really had nothing solved. The tyres are going to come and go, in and out of each cars sweet spot, all through the season; there is little consistency in the tyre Pirelli produces.

  25. I think this race proved DRS and the Pirellis are not the only things that are fundamentally wrong with F1 in the current era.

    We had a race where everyone was pretty much able to push and at the end of it all I can remember is seeing a bunch of drivers getting lapped, watching Massa highway-passing through the field, Alonso playing a very slow catch-up game with Webber and Hamilton, Sutil ruining his race (or getting his race ruined) three times and the Sauber guys making a fool of themselves.

    While I’m aware we finally got to see “some” proper racing, somehow I still have the feeling F1 is yet to find its balance. One weekend we’re running delta lap times and witness random shuffles in the field, the next we’re having massive early-opening gaps and all but 4 drivers getting lapped…

    In my book this was way too resemblant of the 2000-2004 era and I’m sorry to say it but this isn’t racing either, it’s just a different kind of lottery where the tyres are indeed not the decisive factor anymore…but the drivers aren’t either…

    Anyway: 5 from me. And thank god Le Mans is coming…

  26. 8/10

    Good batttles on track all over the field, despite the domination from Vettel. Good, entertaining race.

  27. Fikri Harish (@)
    9th June 2013, 21:03

    A solid 7.
    No real battle for the lead but we got to see most drivers pushing like crazy and some great battles.
    Di Resta even managed to do a 1:18 after spending 50+ laps on one set of mediums.

    Impressive performance from Vettel, Alonso, Vergne and Di Resta.
    They should’ve dropped the second DRS zone and make the first one longer or vice-versa.

  28. Nice to get a race without much mention of “rubber compound, ring-shaped wheel covers” – Canada delivers once again!

  29. Not the dullest race ever but certainly the worst Canadian GP I can remember. 5/10 simply because I can’t bring myself to give my favourite track a lower rating.

  30. I gave it a 7. It wasn’t really fantastic, but compared to what we’ve seen so far this season – one of the dismal seasons I can remember – it was decent. Tyres were not the single biggest factor for a change, which is worth a point or two.

    So, will we now see Lotus demanding that the tyres be changed immediately, and Red Bull insisting that they’re fine the way they are? Shockingly bad result for Lotus and Kimi. I was hoping Kimi would mount a strong challenge this year and save us from yet another Vettel/Alonso showdown.

    1. Lotus’ result was mostly down to bad qualifying and Kimi had technical difficulties in the race, especially with brakes (even as bad as them completely disappearing at some point).

      They opted for a dry setup which sacrificed the quali but apparently didn’t work in the race either. Certainly a race to forget for Lotus.

  31. I told you the results on Friday…At this point it’s easy to predict who’s the strongest at each venue or weather condition. I predicted on Friday a runaway victory for Vettel, today Sunday that’s the headline of the news. Red Bull have always been fast here, for some reason they never converted those 2 poles but now there was virtually nothing to take their victory away.

    1. @peartree mind doing my prediction’s championship entry then? ;) I’m useless!

      1. (@vettel1)

        RB got on top of the tyres sooner than 2012, so it’s clearly going to be another walk-over, while I pull my hair out just so save myself from the boredom/frustration of the-finger.

      2. @vettel1 I’m having a terrible champ too but from Spain onwards I started to get it, talking about that i missed the start of Q1 by 8 mins so I didn’t post mine, pathetic!

  32. I really don’t know what you guys were watching, or why you’re complaining. Many of you have been saying how you hate the tyres and the delta times etc. We got a race where drivers were pushing, there was some great wheel to wheel racing out on track, and DRS wasn’t as effective as it has been here in the past and yet it’s still boring, or not enough?

    Well, I enjoyed it. Disappointing day for McLaren, but it was great to see Alonso get up to second, and looking forward to the British GP.

    1. @JamieFranklinF1 Finally, a post I can agree with…

  33. Not The best Canadian GP I’ve seen but the warm up lap alone was better than the last race at Monaco! Gave it 8, solid race.

  34. 8/10 for me. There was no battle for the lead, but we saw plenty of good racing behind Vettel.

    1. @slr Agreed. Lots going on to keep you entertained without any long, boring lulls in action.

    2. I think 8/10 is a bit high for it @slr, there was a lull in the middle part and too many DRS passes that ended a very good battle (ROS-WEB-ALO as well as SUT-MAS for example), but it certainly was a very solid race.

  35. maybe a 5 was to much the double drs was too much should be only one. And i saw not many overtakes bad tv coverage.

  36. Maclaren must not like it(I no car is not the best but come on) that they have the same drivers for next year they need to get a new one in im thinking Hukenberg or even try get Rai back. I think if they had a choice and But was not such a great character they would probably have him only race this year and next with the new regs. I think he is gradually on the wane.

    1. @danielc

      they need to get a new one in, I’m thinking Hukenberg

      Yeah, because Hulk is doing such a greater job in that Sauber than Button and Perez are in that equally bad McLaren…
      I’m sorry but if Button and Perez are overrated, then so is Hulkenberg. None of the three are managing even the slightest over-performance at the moment, so I find it hard to imagine how one would do better than the other in the current McLaren.

      Bringing Hulkenberg in as a replacement for either Perez or Button at the moment would be like switching Grosjean for Maldonado. Absolutely pointless.

      1. ok well im sorry but Hulkenberg in the Sauber is not comparable, im not saying their bad I think Perez is doing ok I just think they could do with 1 better driver that’s all they don’t heve out and out pace in the car or driver maybe Hulk is a bad choice on this season, but PDR is doing great and in Hulks first year back after a yr out he handidly beat paul. It just must be frustrating for them, can you honestly see them even going close when the car is as fast as the others I cant. I bet they regret not having Ham he is more the future than But.

  37. 5/10
    Feels like the Schumacher era in the early 2000’s. At least tyres weren’t too much of a factor and DRS was not as unfair as expected but a lack of action all around the circuit in the end.

  38. 8.
    Although Vettel did not make it too interesting for the win, it was pretty good behind him. A bit too much DRS still, but much less than I feared when seeing the double DRS straights.

    Surprised to see only 5 cars on the lead lap (and Rosberg was not far from being lapped).

  39. 8/10 tires that hold brought us a good race. DRS was a bit stupid here and made for too many artificial overtakes, but other than that it’s exactly how F1 should be.

  40. Zantkiller (@)
    9th June 2013, 21:14

    Boring race.

    Completely sympathise with the people booing.

    1. And why were they booing? Because Seb was flying at the front? Or because DRS was the actual excitment killer one again…

  41. I voted 8, but I actually wanted to give it a 7.
    It’s a shame that there was no real fight for P1, and it was disappointing to see the top 5 one lap ahead of everyone else. And the two DRS zones were too much. I mean, we’ve been saying that since 2011 and they haven’t made any serious changes. It’s a shame.

    But we saw some awesome battles and drivers pushing hard. Especially Bottas, his defense on Alonso was terrific.

  42. Sorry but DRS completely ruined this race, yes when not considering DRS this looks like this was a great race. But 90% of the overtaking was fake. getting close on straight 1 and then go for the kill on start straight.

    2/10 for me (and I usually rate quite high but this was just not acceptable)

    If I have to justify the 2, that was for the drivers finally being able to push.

    Oh and Red Bull can start shutting up about the tyres now, they are walking away with both the championships!

  43. 5/10. It was a halfway decent race.

  44. It was an entertaining race actually. Liked it. Just missed a lead battle/change and a different second DRS zone to make it even better. On the plus side, an evening race for europeans.

  45. Bit like the curates egg, so a mid-range 6 from me. Started well but drifted off into bore-fest

  46. 1/10 for me. 2011 was too much of nightmare to forget. As for who has the best car at least we can safely say that when tires aren’t taken into account the Red Bull is the best. So FIA please get those old ridiculous tires that get destroyed after 5 laps to spare us from having to watch Adrian Newey lifting another championship.
    Recently in the Lamborghini race we saw his mistake crashing into the barriers at the warm up, I believe if he was 20 years younger would have no trouble taking the drivers title with the cars he designs …

    1. @philby

      “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

      1. That also applies in reverse: you shouldn’t rate the entire race based on your opinion on the winner.

    2. @philby – Good to see a talented comedian on F1 Fanatic.

      1. @Max Jacobson,
        I didn’t know there were rules for voting

      2. Having PIRELLI altering the tires to suit your ill-designed cars and therefore enabling you to have a stroll in Montreal park isn’t funny at all. And yes I complimented Newey which may sound contradicting but actually it isn’t. Red bull have him design the fastest car despite the tires – because that’s what he does best and better than anyone else- and then have Pirelli comply with your requirements!
        And you are telling me that this farce justifies a higher rating and it’s me who is biased…

        1. @philby

          Pirelli didn’t change the tyres for this race

          1. @ MazdaChris, Not yet obviously, I am not commenting on this race I suggest that this will be the direction of the tires from Silverstone and beyond. So we will see similar levels of degradation to those in Canada something that:
            a) Favors Red Bull and Mercedes and handicaps Ferrari and Lotus and,
            b) Most importantly comes unethically midway through the season punishing those teams who intepreted the rules more effectively and designed their cars meeting the initial requirements.
            If this isn’t a scandal I don’t know what is! In the same time Red Bull in order to avoid being in the spotlight they accuse Mercedes the one team they know they can beat no matter the tires.

  47. 8 as Alo fan and drivers pushing exchanging fastests lap times til the end of the race.
    4 for the battles we have missed with DRS in a circuit like Montreal.
    Voted 6

  48. vettel wins are a snoozefest, no fight for p1 throughout the whole race is just boring.
    kudos to di resta for taking one set of tyres over 50+ laps

    1. @rigi

      I thought Vettel’s championship winning drives at Abu Dhabi 2010 and especially Sao Paulo last year anything but a snoozefest.

      1. @baron-2 like i said, when there’s a fight for p1 during the race i can deal with everyone winning, but vettel always pulls away leaving everyone behind. his fans may think that’s great but to the average viewer it’s just plain boring.

  49. Awesome race. Teams are pushing and Alonso’s battle up is just so exciting to watch, especially vs Hamilton. Still remember his first try that wasn’t quite working so he slowed down a bit and try again. That’s fair racing!

  50. Deja vu: there was some great racing, but overall there just wasn’t any tension or excitement in the race – it felt like Vettel would always win, and the rest of the places were clear as soon as you could use DRS. Just 5/10 for me.

  51. I gave it a 6/10. Good driving from most of the championship contenders but the race itself wasn’t particularly exciting. You’ve got to credit Vettel for driving so well but it’s so disheartening to see Vettel go unchallenged for the entire race, especially when he leads the championship by 36 points. But that’s F1. The problem with F1 at the moment is that the management keeps adding a load of gimmicks to make races more exciting but sometimes races just aren’t exciting no matter what you do. This was one of them and all the DRS zones in the world aren’t going to solve it.

  52. 6 at the most. Need to rethink the tyre issue. Two types of tyres? One type would would provide max grip for 10-20 laps. Force teams to have correct amount of fuel for the race so you don’t have an option to turn down the engine to save fuel. Minimum pit stops of 2 per race. Would increase max attack racing. Where drivers can push to the time all the way through the race.

  53. Finally the guys are able push their cars to the limit.
    Hope Ferrari or Merc will ‘soon’ improve their cars to really compete with Redbull, without depending on degrad tyres.

  54. 9
    It was absaloutely enthralling, and a joy to see the cars snaking about under acceleration, and seeing some proper racing.
    Also, I thought that DRS worked pretty much perfectly, as it seemed to mostly give the person behind a small boost which drew him alongside the car he was trying to overtake.

  55. I gave it a 7/10.

    I was excited to see (almost) all cars push from start to finish again but DRS was way to easy most of the times.

    For next year they should remove the second DRS after the start/finish line… Or remove DRS all together.

  56. Could someone aside from Vettel please take a race again…..I’m sick of this guy winning. They call him baby schumi but at least Schumi was gracious in winning.

    1. @adamking4 I don’t get complaints like this. He’s won less than half of the races this year. He won a quarter of the races last year. How is that excessive?

      And what was ungracious about his performance today?

      1. And he didn’t even win several in a row this year either (we’ve just had Alonso and Rosberg being “dominant” in the last 2 races!), I think thats a bit over the top @adamking4.

        1. He’s won 3/7 races this season, and I personally don’t like him so I don’t like seeing him win. So really, it’s not all that “over the top.”

    2. @adamking4

      at least Schumi was gracious in winning.

      I always found he was the least gracious in winning.

      1. “Sebastian Vettel is definitely the favourite for the title. I don’t begrudge his success, but I find it really annoying that he arrogantly waves his finger after each triumph.” – Jos Verstappen

        And yes perhaps, Schumi wasn’t the best winner, but I still think his actions were a bit more tasteful than Vettels.

          1. Alonso doesn’t win enough for it to be annoying when he does it. And I’m not an Alonso fan.

  57. F1 fans are really impossible to please! If there are crashes then the “driver standards are bad”. If we have rare but great passes then it’s too boring. If there are lots of overtakes due to DRS and Pirelli tyres then ” this is not racing anymore….. drivers are going for delta times….. battles on track last for only two corners nowadays….. tyres suck etc.”. If the drivers can finally push and have great wheel to wheel battles then it gets boring again!

    We can’t really have Brazil 2012 all the time to give all the races a 9! I find it hard to understand how this race was worthy “of a solid 3”, sure, there was no battle for the lead nor action during every lap but still this was for me at least a seven. I do not want want to offence anyone as everyone has a the right to have an opinion, I’m just writing down my own opinions. :)

  58. I couldnt watch the race after lap 35 (damn you soccer), but they did replay Alonso overtake on Hamilton and Massa passing Raikkonen. Overall the race wasnt bad, it was pretty good. Alonso, Webber and Rosberg racing for P3 was very entertaining. Massa and Sutil’s dispute was also interesting. Even Bottas trying to get some positions back. I gave it a 7, I have no idea how the other half of the race went.

  59. I think people are actually blind, they were pushing like hell, with great racing. A race with a Vettel juggernaut winning will never be great, but there was good racing, and stand out performances eg: Alonso, JEV and PDR

  60. Some nice overtaking throughout (some artificial, I know), but the only thing lacking was any sort of challenge to Vettel out front. It was refreshing to see the cars push, and also to see the different strategies pan out, like di Resta moving up from 17th to 7th and lasting until lap 57 on the primes! I was, however, very disappointed to see McLaren’s point-scoring streak come to an end and that Williams couldn’t score again. Hoping for better things from McLaren for Silverstone.

    1. 7/10 btw.

  61. Other than Vettel’s dominance, there were interesting battles throughout the field, particularly Alonso-Hamilton and Webber-Rosberg. I thought DRS wasn’t overpowered, and I was happy to see drivers pushing on the medium tyres towards the end of the race. Overall, I enjoyed the race but it didn’t blow me away. A solid 7.

  62. Antonio (@antoniocorleone)
    9th June 2013, 22:35

    I think it was the second best race of the year (after Bahrain – never thought I’d ever say that) with lot of quallity racing and the Drivers seemed to be pushing all the time. Tyres weren’t the main factor in this one thats why I gave it a 8/10.
    It seems that when it comes to circuits that require good traction and rear tyres, Red Bull dominates, and when its all about front tyres (example: Barcelona, China) than Ferrari seems to get the best out of it. In Silverstone it will be a little bit of both and its going to be great to see who comes out on top there.

    1. Malaysia is also front though aswell as rear but I getyour point, what was weird Ham being good in Chi and bad in Spain

  63. Alo walking it based on practise was wide of the mark.

  64. yuya (@john-locke)
    9th June 2013, 22:47


    Alonso saved this race..

  65. One question – were the tyres changed before this race or not? There was an example of new tyres on Friday, I get that. And these tyres are supposed to be used from Silverstone til the end of the season if all the teams agree. But it is not possible that the tyres with the same softness level where used at this race and at Barcelona. Alonso beat Vettel in Barcelona by 35 secs or something like that. And today Vettel beat Alonso by 20 secs. It is not possible. The differnce is almost a minute. It seems that Red Bull was the one who also had a secret testing day or something cheatish again
    Also it seems that if the new tyres, which are harder, will be used from Silverstone onwards, there will be some one stoppers at the end of the year beacuse today some cars managed to do only one stop.

    1. @kossur7
      I don’t think the tires have been changed, there was no announcement on SKY.
      Barcelona and Montreal are very different circuits, for example: Barcelona is one of the highest tire wear circuits, Montreal is one of the lowest, Barcelona has some long and very fast corners, Montreal doesn’t.
      The weather conditions this weekend will have had quite a big effect too, most of the practice sessions were wet or damp so setting up the car would have been more difficult and there would have been a fair amount of guessing involved. The track wouldn’t have the normal amount of rubbering in either so it probably changed quite a bit more than normal during the race.

  66. Vettel was able to run fast because there are no high speed corners which are the strength of Ferrari and Lotus and weakness for Red Bull and Mercedes, but quite a few slow speed corners that require a good traction, which is a strength of Red Bull and Mercedes. It’s coincidence that tracks came up in this order.
    If tyre usage between teams is more or less like in Spain, you can expect Silverstone, Nirburgring, Hugaroring and Spa to be perfectly suited for Ferrari and Lotus, while Red Bull and Mercedes will have to settle for 4th or lower. Especially with Force India’s strong pace at tracks like Silverstone and Spa.

  67. I gave it an 8.

    Yes, Vettel ran away with it up front, but there were some great battles all the way down the field. Great performances from a few drivers, and plenty of overtaking without always talking about tires.

  68. 5 – The race was boring. The medium tyres lasted to long, and there wasn’t enough room for variation of strategies. The field was spread out to much. It does seem a bit reminiscent to the ’00’s years.

  69. Horrific news about the Marshall that lost his life. Tragic

  70. Good Job by Vettel. Sorry to see some of those Ferrari fans booing him. Not very Tifosi like.

    Gave the race 6/10. Not a bad one for a nice Sunday afternoon. Not too spicy , not too sweet. Just around the medium. I was expecting a little bit of rain or safety car to spice it up a bit though .

    What happened to Kimi ? He was totally out of pace .It looks like Lotus is only able to conserve tires and not race fast. it becomes a challenge for them when others are able to manage their tires.

    And the McLaren …. Jenson disappointed face after the race in the interview said it all. Being lapped, beaten handsomely beaten by Force India and Torro Rossi they are relegating themselves to midfield. Needless to say the once supreme Williams Renault is a back market now. Good Job by Botas. It is just a matter of time some big team picks him. McLaren maybe ?

    1. Some typos

      Torro Rossi = Torro Rosso

      Back Market = Back Marker

      1. Toro Rosso

  71. Very annoying actually when you remember that year when the marshals were running about in the first sector and one guy fell over. I hope they changed their protocol or improved the marshals training after that near miss.

  72. I don’t understand why so many are against DRS. There was plenty of overtaking with the drivers push ing hard and the DRS advantage wasn’t really that much, Alonso was going to pass Lewis no matter what, the Ferrari was way quicker on a straight line.

  73. I didn’t get the chance to watch the race – it was on at too impractical a time. But between the usual complaints about DRS and the tyres, and yet another victory where nobody looked like challenging Vettel, I don’t think I missed much.

    In fact, I think I’m pretty much done with Formula 1 this year. There was a time not so long ago when missing a race was almost unthinkable. Now I couldn’t care less.

    1. See ya.

    2. I think the race was certainly worth watching, if you get a chance of something like the BBC highlights, go for it.
      The defensive driving from Bottas right after the start, the nice battle for 10th between Massa and Sutil that went on for several laps as well as the battle for 3rd between Rosberg, Webber and Alonso early on were all definitely worth it, even if I feel that they were in the end cut short by DRS passes @prisoner-monkeys

    3. Completely agree. F1 has become a chore to keep up with and this race just sealed it.

    4. @prisoner-monkeys

      Other than the Vettel win, those are the same comments you see after literally every race.

      For me, it was a good race. Not a classic, by any means, but plenty of good battles and close racing, plus lots of flat out driving which people have been screaming for all year.

      A solid 7/10, though sadly overshadowed by the tragic death of one of the track marshals.

      1. @mazdachris

        Other than the Vettel win, those are the same comments you see after literally every race.

        Yeah, but the difference is that I’m the one saying them when I never thought I would. I’ve defended DRS and Pirelli extensively in the past, but now I’ve had enough. I still think the systems have merit – I’m just sick of hearing everyone complain about them.

        1. @prisoner-monkeys

          Well if that’s the way you feel then fair enough. I’d say then the best thing is to vote with your feet and stop watching. The worst thing people can do is moan and moan but keep watching. I know loads of people who, for instance, claim to hate shows like X-Factor, the Voice, and so on, yet seem to tune in religiously week after week. The only way things will ever change is if the viewership declines. I think it’s a shame you feel that way – I agree that to me, DRS is not a good thing to have, and it’s not the right solution to the problem. But I don’t have an issue with KERS, nor a problem with tyre degredation (so long as it’s within reason), but to me DRS takes away from the purity of the racing. But I still enjoy tuning in week after week, and I must say I enjoy it a hell of a lot more than I did in the nineties and noughties, because generally even a ‘boring’ race is still one where you get a lot of battling on track. Compared to ten, twenty years ago where there was virtually no action.

          But of course, each to their own, and I’d urge anyone who does feel that way to genuinely stop watching, because it’s the only way to make your opinion felt.

          1. It’s more the constant complaints that get to me. Especially when they come from teams with a thinly-veiled agenda.

        2. I do get the sentiment here, although I think I’m too ‘weak’ to leave F1 quite yet. It’s still ‘unthinkable’ for me. I always start every race thinking that anything can happen. Glad prisoner-monkeys is saying ‘this year’ though and I assume you will give it another chance next year with the major reg changes.

          For me this race wasn’t about how effective DRS was or wasn’t, and I don’t buy most people’s opinion that they weren’t running to delta times. I think many were. I think some were anticipating tire issues, due to recent experiences, even if the issues didn’t quite rear their ugly heads this time.

          For me, I still think the very existance of DRS takes something away from the racing…doesn’t matter if only a few passes were made from it in Canada…it’s there and therefore affects how they run their race. And I hate seeing ‘the inevitable’ where it’s not even a question as to whether a guy is going to be passed or not. It’s that feeling that you know he’s a sitting duck that gets to me.

          My opinion after and during this race was…so what do need DRS for again? What do we need degrady tires for again? To avoid processions? To shake up the grid? To make things less predictable? None of that happened in Canada, so it really showed me once again that they need to limit dependancy on aero and the dirty air effect as the only way to shake things up.

          The most striking thing for me was the gaps between the runners, and the fact that eveyone after NR who came fifth, got lapped. Obviously, at least for this race, crappy tires and DRS did nothing to ‘help.’ Stable grippy tires, no DRS, and much less aero, and there’d be a much closer field with seat of the pants passes.

  74. I was going to give it a 6 but after thinking about it and reading some of the negative comments I ended up giving the race a 7. It wasn’t the best race we’ve ever seen in Montreal but that’s a particularly difficult standard to live up to given some of the amazing races we’ve had here over the years.
    Vettel was outstanding and no-one could get near him for the win and DRS robbed us of a few good battles but they’re the only negatives that stood out in the race. There was plenty going on behind Vettel, most of the drivers were able to push quite hard for most of the race and there were several different strategies too with some guys stopping less than others and different compounds being used at different times in the race.

  75. I gave it a 7. There were usually some battles around, Alonso’s drive was nice to follow, especially after he was a little behind before passing Bottas, it was interesting to follow drivers like Di Resta, Sutil, JEV, Massa. To be honest, I saw a lot of good drives today.

    To be honest, my view might be influenced by never missing a race during the Schumacher era and thus being easily impressed, but it’s interesting to see a lot of commenters on here who I respect say they disliked this race and where F1 is going.

  76. 5 out of 10 – I consider this one to be good enough to keep my eye on the TV for the whole race, but a little to far to consider it entertaining

  77. People can say what they want about DRS and Kers and Tires, but in the current era of F1, that was the best race so far this year in terms of racing. I have no complaints about it. Would it have been better if Vettel had not run away with it? Yes, but it was still good.
    Most importantly though I think we need to keep in mind that the racing community lost a Marshall today. Most likely a local Montreal native who loves this race. So please, in honor of his life, no more negative comments about this race. It was a good race, the kind of race that F1 should be striving for every race weekend.

  78. Vettel Wins and i’m reading 3/10, 4/10 lol, Monaco was worst than Canada for sure, but there Seb didn’t win.
    I will give 6/10

  79. I’m afraid I can’t rate a race until there’s a race to be rated.

  80. Let’s be honest now: DRS is killing F1. Alonso’s overtake on Hamilton was a joke, looked like two cars from different formulas. Also, Massa on Raikkonen. Just lame, lame. The difference in speed was so extreme at the end of the back straight that Massa almost crashed on Raikkonen. ***!!!!
    Sorry, but this is a joke. Add KERS to the mix and the result is a show, not racing.
    This is one of my favourite tracks, but to see the effect of DRS and KERS made me sick.

  81. Steve McGrath (@)
    10th June 2013, 10:14

    I wish DRS & KERS Haters would suggest an alternative. Most people don’t want the procession the Aero dirty air used to create… so… what?? Either you accept that as F1 racing or you do something.
    To say DRS is artificial I sort of get. But all it does is hand back some sort of advantage to the following car that the lead car had thru all the twisty stuff not having to corner thru dirty air. Surely the lead cars advantage is artificial?? Its certainly different to many other Motorsport series. Watch something like BTCC / Oz V8 that is wheel to wheel racing because they don’t have the disparity in pace thru the corners of F1 cars.
    KERS on its own is no use because drivers can go like for like Attack / Defend
    DRS is a good solution though they do need to get the balance right

    1. @stevemc No alternative is needed. The change in tyre philosophy made at the beginning of 2011 was sufficient to improve opportunities for overtaking. Had they just done that and not introduced DRS I believe we’d have seen a sufficient increase in overtaking.

      And even if I didn’t think that I’d rather see far less overtaking than the artificial spectacle DRS has made of F1.

      1. Steve McGrath (@)
        10th June 2013, 12:30

        Yes. Though when the tyres start to fall off the cliff I think drivers are as easy if not easier to overtake as with DRS.
        I like DRS. Its my own opinion. I think I just went on a bit of a rant because there where a lot of comments knocking it…;-)

      2. @keithcollantine Agree very much about what you just said about DRS. I still say the tires are too gadgety. Make them grippy and degrady even…sure, but not so so limiting in how they don’t allow drivers to push. Maybe not so so cliffy.

        And I still say a reduction in wing would go a long way to tighten up the field. That is what really struck me in Montreal…how spread apart they became and how all but 5th place NR were lapped. I didn’t see a ton of difference between this race and an MS/Ferrari era procession, so let’s rethink the gadget era.

        That said, next year the scales should be zeroed so it will be interesting and intriguing to see what the new engine/chassis combos bring. I just wish they would start the next generation without DRS and too-degrady tires, and then tweak it from there if need be by dealing with aero over-dependancy.

  82. 7/10
    It was nice to see lap times drop down so much during the race, di Resta showed tyres have changed (perhaps too much) and there was overtaking all over the place.

  83. 7 from me, but thats mainly because I just didn’t really get into it.

  84. Wish it would’ve rained to make the race more interesting. Another snoozefest with Vettel leading every lap – judging by the boos during the podium ceremony, the Canadian fans thought the same. 6/10

  85. The Canadian GP is one of my favourites and it didn’t disappoint this year, I am glad that the BBC chose this race to show live instead of Monaco, Monaco may be more famous and glamorous but Canada is usually the more entertaining Grand Prix.

    I gave the race a 7.5-8 rating. It was like in any number of races over the last few years where Vettel dominated from pole and never looked troubled for the victory, which by itself isn’t very exciting, but there was plenty of action further down the field to make up for it.

    I fear that Vettel may now romp away with the title and we will be deprived of a
    great championship battle which seemed on the table in the first few races this season.

  86. 7 out of 10, absolutely finally we don’t hear drivers complaining about “I CAN’T DRIVE FASTER”… Thanks to the low tyre wear of the circuit… We finally enjoyed a race without tyre problems… Although Rosberg’s flat-spot was because of “I don’t know”… Also good to see some Battle between Lewis and Fernando…

  87. 7’s, 8’s and 9’s??? Some people are easily pleased. It was a dull race, a 5 at best.

  88. I’m going to give it a generous 7, the first section was really good lots of fighting for positions, a few incidents and what looked like a good race developing, after the first pit stop that seemed to die off and everything seemed to settle for a while until the final (or first pending on strategy) stops. Alonso, Webber and Lewis “just let me drive man” Hamilton – possibly looking for a Raikkonen-esque line in T shirt slogans kept me interested during the final phase of the race. I really like the Canadian GP its one I really want to see live before it disappears from the calender but something was missing in the middle, maybe the tyres worked too well, maybe DRS didn’t work quite as well with drivers easing off to avoid be repassed on the next straight. With those two things in mind we F1 fans are fickle creatures seeing that most of us having been cursing the last two items on my list since the start of the season. Finally following the tragedy after the race my thoughts go to the family of the marshal really cast a shad own on an otherwise enjoyable at best race.

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