2013 Canadian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Not everyone was pleased Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix as can be seen from this collection of fans’ videos from the race weekend:

Bianchi’s car on a crane

Jules Bianchi spun during the first practice session and lost the chance to gain mileage on a track he hadn’t raced at before. Here’s his Marussia being returned to the pits on a crane.

Straight-line speed

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is known for its long straights and high speeds – here are the cars accelerating onto the long back straight.

Second practice

The track was wet during first practice but the rain stayed away afterwards. That meant the second session got off to a busy start as teams made the most of the opportunity for some dry running.


The rain returned for qualifying – here are the drivers negotiating the first corner in tricky conditions.

The start

A close-up view of the front row of the grid as they start the race.


Webber gets around the outside of Bottas as the cars file through the first corners.

Ferrari pits

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa make pit stops during the race.

Vettel booed on podium

Not everyone was pleased to see Vettel score his first win in Canada.

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2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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28 comments on “2013 Canadian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. That booing is so pathetic and unsportsmanlike: I’ve never booed someone purely because they beat the driver/sportsman/team I was supporting.

    1. I booed once like many others. Austria 2002. was an awful day for the sport

      1. @foleyger that was genuinely shameful though, so it’s perfectly just!

        @davea86 I know, you’d like to think people would at least respect that much!

    2. For me it’s not just the fact they booed Vettel, but they booed during the German national anthem. That’s pretty poor form.

      I’ve been to podium ceremonies where the winning driver is someone I don’t particularly like. Instead of booing I just didn’t cheer for them and gave some slightly unenthusiastic applause.

    3. The closest I have felt like doing it (even though I haven’t) was when Eddie Irvine won in Melbourne in 1999. I am not a fan of EI and it probably had more to do with me having a dollar or two on another driver to be on the top step.

      But after the podium presentation I was in fits of laughter: some Italian chaps had broken into Charlie Whiting’s starting gantry and began pressing the hooter that sounds when a light goes out on the grid. They tried to press it in time to the Italian anthem. Hilarious.

    4. (@vettel1)

      I’ve never booed someone purely because they beat the driver/sportsman/team I was supporting.

      That’s not why he’s being booed though.

      1. @sgt-pepper then enlighten me then, as I see no other reason to justify it…

        1. As you are already aware of my personal feelings I’ve found this collection of opinions instead – http://amplicate.com/hate/vettel . The majority aren’t exactly that concisely enunciated, but you get the general idea. Also, I think the real turning point was Malaysia – it appears to have turned many on the fence against him, and given those already critical further ‘ammunition,’ if that helps.

          1. @sgt-pepper honestly, all that blog envokes in me is pity for those who result to insulting drivers instead of disliking them yet respecting their abilities.

            I emphatically do not doubt Alonso’s credentials as a driver and I’d say he was better than Vettel last year, however personally I cannot stand the aura that surrounds him! He also just smacks to me of someone who spends most of their days admiring themselves in the mirror!

          2. Still, no reason to go booing someone on the podium. That’s just tasteless.

          3. (@vettel1)

            honestly, all that blog envokes in me is pity for those who result to insulting drivers instead of disliking them yet respecting their abilities.

            I agree with you that it’s quite pathetic, and the majority of it just seems to be personal dislike of him with little to back it up, I felt it might help elaborate slightly why there is such a deep vein of dislike towards him throughout much of, though certainly not all, of the F1 public. I’d actually put the public into three camps, after having spent hours on various F1 forums;

            1) Those who respect his abilities, but dislike him personally (this appears to be the largest group from what I can tell)
            2) Those who dislike him, and don’t respect his achievements thus far – myself included (this group appears smaller, but more vociferous than the first)
            3) Those who respect his achievements, and personally like him (which appears relatively rare).

            I don’t have huge quantities of data to back this up, although some polls on this website do support this to some degree – it’s just a general impression of popular opinion.

  2. These are the people that riot after winning hockey games, so I’m not too surprised of such a pathetic show of disrespect. Lost faith in humanity, but not too surprised…

    1. @mnracer sadly yes: in fact very recently my local football team had their buses attacked by the opposing side on the return journey. I’m fine with booing over a poor decision or over an offence being committed (such as a dangerous tackle in rugby, the on sport I really boo at!) but not when somebody’s won perfectly fairly and righteously. That’s just sour-tasting.

    2. Where I live there is a soccer stadium. There are two avenues you can go through to get there. One “belongs” to one of the local teams, the other one “belongs” to the other one. People have died because they took the wrong avenue.

      1. @austus that’s pretty appalling. The main rivalry we have here is between Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers which often results in fights but thankfully rarely anything as major as that!

  3. Could Vettel be the most divisive champion ever? Don’t think I’ve ever known a driver who is both so loved and loathed, not to mention a triple champion who still has so many people cynical of his abilities.

    1. I don’t think so. Schumacher in his days (after some banging with Hill and Villeneuve) was on a different level compared to Vettel.
      I’d also say the rivalry between Prost and Senna divided fans equally. For a lot of Senna-fans, Prost was the devil in disguise.

      I’m sure going back through the years there are more examples.

      1. Yeah, but the negativity for those particular drivers stemmed more from, as you say, the rivalries. Vettel seems to attract hatred even though he doesn’t really have any bitter rivals. If that makes any sense.

        Also, even during his years of “villainy” Schumacher was still probably the most popular driver in F1, and I don’t recall ever seeing him booed. Although I suppose being part of the most popular team helps…

        1. @jackysteeg

          Schumacher was still probably the most popular driver in F1, and I don’t recall ever seeing him booed.

          He was in Austria in 2002 after Ferrari ordered Barrichello to let him win. Though you could perhaps make the case they were booing the entire team!

          I think booing when that sort of thing happens is fair enough. If you’ve shelled out your hard-earned cash to see a sporting event and the result is fixed, showing your displeasure at that is fair enough.

          But what had Vettel done wrong on Sunday? It seems to me the people who were booing him got up that morning and went to the track with the intention of booing him no matter what happened. I think there’s something sad about that.

          1. D’oh! How could i forget that one? But I do agree with your final point – those booing him probably just downright loathe him no matter what he does. Anyone who knows me knows I am far from being Vettel’s biggest fan but I still wouldn’t feel the need to boo him. And I think it’s a terrible shame that there are people who do.

  4. In those videos you see a LOT of red hats. With that said its one thing to be bitter he won (fairly and comprehensively) but to boo the guy because your driver didn’t win is quite immature. Still bummed I didn’t make it to the race. I’m aiming for Austin to the last of the v8 era.

  5. I can’t stand booing sportsmen (or cheering if somethign goes wrong for them), particularly in F1. The fans at Abu Dhabi booed Vettel a bit and cheered when Hamilton retired, it’s just uncalled for.

  6. It sounded on the TV on Sunday like the boos were followed by chants of “A-LON-SO! A-LON-SO!”. This reminded me of Monza last year, when Hamilton was booed during the post-podium interviews after winning.

    Not particularly classy.

  7. Did I just saw the crane with Esteban Gutierrez’s car? Creepy!

    1. Gut is on a Sauber

  8. This is proof that Ferrari and Alonso fans are unintelligent louts.

  9. what the hell is with the booing? sure get in your car and head head if your favourite driver didnt win, but booing just makes YOU the loser, and shows your weakness as a person that you cant take sport for what it is. especially booing during a national anthem. shame on those people. it is just jeaulosy and hate, showing their deficiencies.

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