2013 British Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2013 British Grand Prix

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the British Grand Prix. Here’s what the teams and drivers shared on Twitter during the Silverstone race weekend.


Williams geared up to celebrate their 600th GP while Mark Webber announced he will leave F1 at the end of 2013.


First practice was a disappointment for fans as wet conditions kept the cars in the garage. But a busy second practice session made up for it as Rosberg set the pace.


Rosberg set the fastest time again in final practice but it was Lewis Hamilton who took pole in qualifying as both Ferrari and McLaren struggled. Paul Di Resta was disqualified for a weight infrinfgement.

But Sergio Perez’s tyre failure in final practice was a sign of things to come.


A spate of punctures during the Grand Prix brought race director Charlie Whiting close to stopping proceedings. In the end Rosberg won but his team mate was one of several drivers to suffer failures.

Share any other great Tweets you spotted during the British Grand Prix in the comments.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2013 British Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

  1. The Blade Runner (@)
    2nd July 2013, 10:24

    I’m not sure that it’s going to be good for the morale of the McLaren staff if some of the tweets that I have seen are the norm!

    1. It should have read:
      “The guys are trying to enjoy their lunch in spite of your #BelieveInMcLaren tweets on screen in the brand centre”

  2. #GodSaveOurTires Lotus hashtag ? That was ironic

    1. @hamilfan that one annoyed me immensely. I feel it was put there at the start of the weekend as an advertising slogan that they wanted to keep these tyres, which has come back to bite them significantly.

      Nice piece of irony that they had no blow-outs but it was a poorly timed “joke”.

      1. It was just mis-timed, don’t forget cars are painted well before the weekend and so is the hashtag.

        Having said that not many of them have even been amusing!! Bless them for trying! See below for a funny link


        1. @georgetuk that’s pretty good actually haha!

  3. Fikri Harish (@)
    2nd July 2013, 10:48

    It’s nice to see Di Resta could still joke about his qualifying woes.
    Are his tweets always this colorful?

  4. Love the pre drivers parade pic. Notice the Fins chatting, and the Frenchmen sticking together as well. Maybe Sutil telling Ricciardo how he plans to keep ahead in the race!

    1. I noticed that too..

  5. Whoever writes the Lotus tweets deserves a medal! great stuff all round…

  6. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    2nd July 2013, 13:09

    Can I just say Heikki, you are a very nice chap. You signed about a million autographs in the pouring rain on Friday. You where followed by the equally lovely and eternally smiley Barrichello, who, after signing an equally exhaustive amount of autographs, just hoped on one of the shuttle buses. The guy he sat next to nearly had a heart-attack!

  7. If I was Nigel Mansell I’m not sure I would be hanging around in the Red Bull Energy Station if I was attending the race as an FIA official. I’m not suggesting he’s not impartial – he probably visits lots of teams in the paddock, but it does leave him open to accusations of favouritism if he were to make a contentious decisions involving any of the teams he is friendly with.

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