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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the British Grand Prix weekend.

James Rossiter, Thursday

Force India planned to give simulator driver James Rossiter a run in their car on Friday, but the plan was scuppered by bad weather.

Sergio Perez, Friday

Sergio Perez was hardest hit by the tyre failures during the weekend. He had one during practice and another in the closing stages of the race which cost him a potential points finish.

Lewis Hamilton, Saturday qualifying

Lewis Hamilton waves to the crowd before getting in his Mercedes and setting pole position during qualifying. His 1’29.607 lap was the fastest ever seen around Silverstone in its current configuration.

Williams drivers, Saturday

Williams marked their 600th race at Silverstone and team founder Frank Williams was joined by present and past race drivers.

Joining current racers Pastor Maldonado and Valtteri Bottas are Alain Prost (driver in 1993), Nigel Mansell (1985-88, 1991-92 and 1994), Nico Rosberg (2006-09), Damon Hill (1993-96), Rubens Barrichello (2010-11) and Jenson Button (2000).

Sebastian Vettel, British Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel arrived on the grid to line up third. But after 41 racing laps his Red Bull came to a stop at almost exactly the same point on the track due to gearbox failure, costing him what seemed a likely victory.

Start, British Grand Prix

Mark Webber, who on Thursday announced his plans to leave F1 at the end of the year, made a particularly poor start and lost part of his front wing as the pack squeezed into Abbey at high speed.

Felipe Massa, British Grand Prix

When Felipe Massa’s tyre burst on lap ten, two laps after Hamilton’s, it became clear there was a serious problem with the rubber. Four laps later Jean-Eric Vergne’s failed as well and the Safety Car was deployed while the mess was cleared up.

Kimi Raikkonen, British Grand Prix

Lotus ran their cars in two slightly different configurations at Silverstone, Kimi Raikkonen used their new Drag Reduction Device while Romain Grosjean used revised rear bodywork. Grosjean qualified ahead but ultimately retired due to front wing failure.

Raikkonen finished fifth though earlier in the race Grosjean was ordered to let him by. As he did the pair were hit with debris from Jean Eric Vergne’s tyre as it failed. Raikkonen ran second in the closing stages but fell to fifth place as he was passed by drivers who had stopped to take on new tyres.

Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber, British Grand Prix

Webber closed on Nico Rosberg in the final laps but the Mercedes driver had enough in hand to win by less than a second.

Nico Rosberg, British Grand Prix

Rosberg celebrates his second victory of 2013 which moves him up to sixth in the points standings.

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  1. I like the Williams drivers photo. A lot of talent from different eras.

    1. …and Susie Wolff too! Shame Webber couldn’t make it.

      1. Why Webber isn’t there?

        1. He was at the gathering (look at Williams twitter pictures) but I’m not sure why he wasn’t invited into the photo.

          1. @jeff1s

            Somebody had to take the picture!

      2. Hulk is also missing.

        1. DC wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

          1. And Brundle…

    2. +1 Great photo!

  2. That picture of Vettel being pushed upto the grid is amazing

  3. That picture of Williams: 7 race winners, 4 champions. Brilliant!

    1. 5 world champs

      1. Prost, Mansell, Hill, Button, who is the fifth?

        1. Mr. Williams himself?

        2. Rubens Barrichello

  4. I’d like to think that the empty space between Rosberg and Bottas behind Sir Frank was left there for Senna, like a missing man formation.

    1. Now picture Senna there just kind of grabbing onto Franks shoulders.

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