2013 German Grand Prix championship points

2013 German Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013

2013 German Grand Prix

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    24 comments on “2013 German Grand Prix championship points”

    1. I rate this DWC is Vettels now. Hot and cold, the RBR car has an answer for everything.

      1. And the Comical Going ons at Ferrari helps that little bit. Yep, It’s Vettel’s

      2. F1 is a simple game: 22 men chase each other for 90 minutes…

        1. And in the end the germans win.

    2. Got to think Vettel has won already, we haven’t reached Asia season which is where Vettel dominates so it looks like teams should start prepping 2014 cars

      1. @bezza695
        The current gap between Vettel and Alonso is less than the gap between Alonso and Vettel was at this point last year, or the gap between Kimi and Lewis was in 2007 around the midway mark. Anything is still plausible. ;-)

        1. Comparing the two is a joke even with a DNF Vettel is 34pts ahead

        2. the gap will open because Vettel dominates Asia season, only race last season at the Asia part where he could have been beaten was Singapore

    3. Last year, Vettel did not win a single race in Europe. This year, he has won 1 out 4 races till now.
      With 3 more races in Europe to go, let us see what his final tally will be.

      1. I’d trade Vettel getting a few wins in Europe, provided he has a barren stretch when F1 moves to Asia/Americas at the end of the season!

        1. Vettel barren ? It’s time to wake up to reality :(

    4. Vettel is almost 4 times word champion v4tell ( we foretell , a convenient pun )

      1. Sebasti4n would be better :)

    5. loving the Polish flags in the background of the photo for this article – Still hoping Kubicas slow recovery continues.

    6. thatscienceguy
      7th July 2013, 16:46

      To those calling the championship over, calm down a bit folks.

      There’s still 10 races to go and who knows what could happen. Besides, a Vettel DNF would change things instantly.

      1. He had one last week and he’s still 34pts clear.

    7. Singapore, Japan, Korea and India is where Vettel will sweep 100 points from anyone.

      We saw this, not once, not twice but thrice in this title bid towards his 3rd WDC. No surprise for this year as well, if he sweeps them.

    8. Infact these coming races are the only chance to see if Lotus or Ferrari can do anything…i think if these coming races are dry then we could see Raikkonen close up again..

      1. In fact . If lotus find a way to make the tires work in cooler climate .. We may see a good battle between kimi and fernando for second place in WDC . If kimi gets 2nd in WDC , he will be in a constant improvement curve . Kimi WDC in red bull 2014 ? that’s already music to my ears …. wait I think I have to get back to the present …………..

    9. Championship is hardly over. It’s a Vettel retirement and fortunate Fred win from being basically even.

      I don’t blame people for jumping to conclusions and basically handing the championship to Vettel though. No-one is better at the business end of the season when all the pressure is on.

    10. Kimi will win Belgium, Alonso – Singapore Japan

    11. Anele (@anele-mbethe)
      8th July 2013, 11:00

      I see Alonso is acheiving his target of beating Hamilton.

    12. I can see where the comments are coming from with regards to the “championship being over” purely because of the contrasting situation this year to last. By round 9 in 2012 (British GP), the standings were as follows:

      1 – Alonso: 129 points
      2 – Webber: 116 points
      3 – Vettel: 100 points

      So a 29 point gap between the eventual title contenders with Vettel having recently retired from the lead of the European GP, a net 32 points loss for Vettel. At this point Alonso had no DNS’s [Did Not Score] on his scoresheet. If we correct the standings to compensate for this loss then the standings would change so as to leave the championship standings as follows:

      1 – Vettel: 125 points
      2 – Alonso: 122 points
      3 – Webber: 114 points

      In contrast, here are this years tallies for the top two contenders as taken from the article:

      1 – Vettel: 157 points
      2 – Alonso: 123 points

      If we now give the same treatment to these scores as previously and correct for any retirements/mechanical problems (despite the fact Alonso’s Malaysia retirement was initiated by driver error I shall ignore this and treat the incident in its entirety as a failure-induced retirement) the scores are as follows:

      1 – Vettel: 182 points
      2 – Alonso: 149 points

      *N.B. I have been particularly generous in my score corrections for Alonso and awarded him a hypothetical 3rd place in Malaysia (+15 points ALO) and a 2nd in Bahrain (+18 – 8th place = +14 points ALO). As for Vettel, I have awarded him 1st in Britain based on Webber’s late race pace suggesting he’d have been able to maintain the lead (so +25 points VET, -3 points ALO).

      So even with problems factored in, the gap only decreases by a solitary point in contrast to last year where the championship leader actually changed.

      So actually, I can see where @hamilfan, @bezza695, @joshua-mesh and @liambo are coming from. However, I don’t agree that it is “over”, there are still 250 points up for grabs! It is looking likely Vettel will win though; more likely than Alonso at this stage last year @kingshark.

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