2013 German Grand Prix lap charts

2013 German Grand Prix

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013The appearance of the Safety Car in the middle of the race left pitwall strategists scrambling to react. Who were the winners and losers?

In any Safety Car situation the leading driver is likely to lose out as the pack suddenly closes up behind them. That was Sebastian Vettel. He didn’t have much of a margin over second placed Romain Grosjean but the deployment of the Safety Car brought his title rivals Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso back into contention.

This was also bad news for Grosjean. By staying out longer on the soft tyres at the start of the race he’d earned a 12 second lead over his team mate which was eradicated at a stroke. Over the final laps Lotus split the strategies between their drivers – putting Grosjean on mediums and Raikkonen on softs – which ultimately led to Grosjean being told to let Raikkonen by into second.

After the race Jenson Button said the Safety Car “didn?t help our strategy” but in the final reckoning it probably didn’t cost him all that much. He might have stood a better chance of beating Lewis Hamilton without it, but the time he lost behind the Caterhams also played a role in that.

However the Safety Car was bad news for another driver who started on medium tyres: Nico Hulkenberg. He pitted seven laps before it came out so there was no point in him returning to the pits. It meant that when he eventually made his pit stop on lap 37 he came out behind several drivers who caught up to heim behind the Safety Car.

The biggest winner had to be Mark Webber. He had fallen a lap behind due to a disastrous pit stop. The Safety Car meant he was waved back onto the lead lap and allowed to catch the field up, from where he swiftly made inroads towards the top ten.

The lap chart and race chart below reveal more about how the Safety Car shaped the race.

German Grand Prix lap chart

The positions of each driver on every lap. Use the control below to show/hide different drivers:


Lewis Hamilton1333335109777765554555558777777777777766665444610109977777666665
Sebastian Vettel2111111275433211111111111111111111111111125554433311111111111
Mark Webber322222211212121212121212121212121212019191919191919151515151515151514161615141413131312121199988888887
Kimi Raikkonen4444443338888766654443333333333333333333211111111133333222222
Romain Grosjean5555554421111122222222222222222222222222366665544422222333333
Daniel Ricciardo67776814131211111111111111111011151515151313111111111111111111111111111010131615151414141414131211111111111212121212
Felipe Massa7666
Fernando Alonso8888766542222988776666444444444444444444432222222244444444444
Jenson Button991010998653344333333334655555555555555555543333356665555555556
Nico Hulkenberg1011111110109864555444461211119876666666666666716151413121211109910101615141312121111111010
Nico Rosberg1112121211111098666657781515141413111111131313131313131313131313131212111111111011111111161412121210101010999
Paul di Resta12141313131917161514141414141414141313121212101010121212121212121212121212121111101010999888888899999101111
Sergio Perez1310998777131212121212121212119998768999999999998877777777665556666777778
Esteban Gutierrez14161616151412171615151515151515151414131314131414141414141414141414141414141313121216161616161616151514151514141414141414
Adrian Sutil151314141212161514131313131313131312101010109991010101010101010101010101099999101515151515141313131413131313131313
Jean-Eric Vergne1618181819201919181616161616161616161616161616
Valtteri Bottas17191919171513121110101010101010109888111215151515151515161616161616161615141514131312121213131211101010151616161616
Pastor Maldonado181515151413111110999989998777714121288888888888998888888877771016161616151515151515
Jules Bianchi19202020181720202018181818181818181819201918
Giedo van der Garde201717171616181819171717171717171717171820191817171616161616171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171818
Max Chilton212222222018151417202020202020202020201918201918181818181818181818181818181818181818181818181818181819191919191919191919
Charles Pic222121212121212121191919191919191919181717171716161717171717191919191919191919191919191919191919191918181818181818181717

German Grand Prix race chart

The gaps between each driver on every lap. Use the control below to show/hide different drivers:


Lewis Hamilton1.4881.9052.0132.3442.5274.33818.57316.7216.99718.32519.9220.33818.7828.6559.71911.05412.00114.01814.58816.07317.77421.44537.40746.2057.7635.4635.8194.9953.595.4086.8327.6688.6659.68410.02411.14712.30812.46812.66412.83712.1612.75414.03114.94220.2934.91133.78535.57734.99625.51426.24526.27825.51224.46224.1824.14724.00225.11925.48626.927
Sebastian Vettel0000001.32513.99214.69314.714.58613.94210.9170000000000000000000000000000.85815.27214.88715.25415.60315.13314.35813.83311.14500000000000
Mark Webber0.7160.990.9271.1190.9460.98400159.518159.055160.169160.702157.526146.34146.403145.925145.765146.586147.106146.968146.831147.485168.763201.309150.36107.57862.73718.7188.87411.13213.04915.0216.94218.80119.96721.82723.21127.29143.42142.51540.72340.77541.07141.3241.2642.32641.29441.08939.08428.68229.50531.46632.18432.23632.47933.09533.88434.54535.2937.562
Kimi Raikkonen1.9562.6592.6183.2733.3343.5682.4122.69817.39918.93920.33720.78619.23411.00610.92511.53212.62913.34812.78212.59912.88812.22212.31815.3752.591.932.8622.1591.3041.892.0141.9341.9371.3851.3921.6041.6361.841.9511.7870000000003.9933.4483.123.0562.762.5732.1371.6031.2651.0771.008
Romain Grosjean2.8333.3713.4133.8534.074.2943.2210.872000004.3333.4983.5632.8782.8532.3222.0942.0821.9822.6133.3921.8391.2551.7181.4890.8981.0511.0931.1391.0860.5770.5820.6640.720.7381.1433.22216.9616.28116.15916.31517.24516.87715.68615.29412.431.5981.8192.042.1031.9993.1753.7063.9814.5245.135.83
Daniel Ricciardo4.325.6857.0878.09111.9229.72229.91528.63729.15830.30731.40531.95530.50421.12222.76324.41325.90530.72948.19150.29351.81552.4353.93567.64628.4898.7949.0418.3185.58.58210.85313.10414.87716.50417.57119.43520.9922.65224.21628.09545.21145.69646.60647.34148.22448.51348.13648.99347.4337.45339.01841.07942.62844.61546.38848.93350.69652.5155.01856.975
Felipe Massa3.8165.0266.366
Fernando Alonso5.0156.5967.9289.55510.19210.72610.3888.6978.9659.69710.42813.01825.74114.85814.86614.92714.25314.53415.05616.42518.17419.44819.43725.7114.1752.7483.423.0971.8382.533.1843.6334.0843.9393.6253.854.1684.3114.2024.0032.9233.2433.6673.8414.3754.5384.1874.6154.7728.4327.1726.325.7734.7994.6164.5524.7095.1465.8797.721
Jenson Button5.6628.2549.98811.75513.23214.07614.06612.70813.13514.22416.07616.60914.2895.2176.147.4268.0919.43310.2311.45615.92632.73532.70341.2246.5373.9294.1623.7552.6123.8834.9675.8786.4566.7796.9727.5588.2598.6399.1059.358.98910.05211.31112.10513.21714.08716.45431.16427.63616.31116.81917.23316.90616.53517.11218.67420.2323.19725.12827.996
Nico Hulkenberg6.5668.82410.57212.41414.01114.94414.86413.61114.33616.14517.13818.1516.5327.2728.79810.59114.18132.74432.72732.92333.48134.52335.47845.1777.1294.5764.8614.322.984.7656.0187.2258.2599.0049.50110.77914.10530.02329.54931.53230.43730.86431.49932.04833.0933.53133.42536.01138.2243.72143.91544.63144.45345.03846.72947.01647.83347.90949.16649.892
Nico Rosberg7.0659.56811.5413.56215.43416.41616.63515.90916.57817.87619.09719.91718.33811.52713.37117.73933.89335.03936.14337.65938.6640.34342.23157.07432.90910.59410.7399.6256.1159.51511.96214.06815.98617.4418.8120.72422.23723.84225.35326.93927.20128.54930.11131.42533.69235.93936.39739.33751.80741.1741.66841.45742.98542.4142.05241.96942.65843.13744.19846.821
Paul di Resta7.65510.13612.14216.45734.47335.34835.55234.85235.23236.32337.50938.42436.80627.04328.18429.59830.77233.51934.91536.33637.78139.93741.75456.76231.4139.88610.0368.9885.7539.08611.49313.61115.49216.93918.16320.00721.62823.35224.79126.30826.08127.02528.40929.65631.14732.42832.90235.21634.88726.96129.00331.11333.24334.5136.96339.47842.25345.88850.1853.771
Sergio Perez5.8987.3718.65910.33811.41511.99414.08329.29629.78531.0332.0532.61131.11121.76923.39725.02426.6428.60729.7232.21533.03234.06734.95846.6621.7586.9687.426.4534.4817.239.22610.81712.72314.01715.02716.07817.05717.68218.36919.29819.60820.62621.90623.38925.05825.88926.09827.06225.8415.98819.20121.36522.33623.15325.31127.47829.33832.05434.56838.306
Esteban Gutierrez9.53612.27914.50217.14718.69222.84538.68537.24937.74338.70239.26539.91837.93927.62828.84430.28131.33234.2435.56237.42940.12845.26861.61277.22739.22211.23411.3210.2586.61810.00112.73814.56716.66218.3619.63821.4322.86524.79125.98627.45230.04548.32249.0650.251.37852.38452.23852.71350.96442.18543.67846.0146.83448.06149.83751.20752.93254.78958.55660.16
Adrian Sutil7.45510.58812.57814.76817.89434.26433.91932.33532.63333.63134.99735.85334.20224.36425.34326.57727.24429.32630.59532.68735.54936.68438.73650.39222.9227.6978.317.14857.7849.96211.77913.36514.69415.72818.17719.54321.46122.61823.61424.09425.8129.89249.61950.6651.28450.99751.64350.10240.25942.66944.34445.67747.14348.73450.36152.24754.13556.14857.738
Jean-Eric Vergne10.03413.54716.59722.99843.91445.7647.37147.98849.23851.14952.94354.23553.20944.59346.30848.71851.15853.76355.61357.76760.74473.638
Valtteri Bottas10.57814.66317.53821.15523.18824.97425.74625.1326.04227.75529.38130.61429.36719.91621.33523.21824.36527.06729.28231.89336.89142.19174.67492.9355.0622.96411.96410.9916.99411.92614.44716.74818.8820.75921.91823.62925.70227.5529.03832.01733.134.68636.57738.25539.96142.20943.69545.24644.61935.72538.0840.41942.24149.25892.5792.12101.281101.959103.461
Pastor Maldonado9.26211.83914.08916.67918.37220.07621.16320.7321.923.69125.35126.56325.19316.8618.47320.33921.77223.92625.73627.98632.33148.39549.27561.97621.1286.2356.0985.1964.156.5628.4210.26912.16913.4314.63217.1118.51819.9721.3522.823.06224.63126.4928.20329.86531.71132.32434.54734.32528.70161.34260.88960.29259.68359.64959.5259.76960.40261.12161.929
Jules Bianchi11.17515.30318.31322.04126.61347.13649.28750.06252.956.2459.6163.31863.82756.22959.66362.89966.33571.64890.35592.63895.407
Giedo van der Garde9.78413.18216.21520.02724.81145.1946.94248.59551.55254.76858.11261.10161.84954.4357.64861.00364.57568.45974.03794.3897.154101.243106.384124.49365.08324.49613.28412.3147.51212.84616.78920.70524.32427.71431.15635.20439.26646.00965.97868.40970.30773.55277.22480.64484.05587.3589.55692.62493.54886.19390.30493.97599.591103.655108.18113.239119.09126.739135.116
Max Chilton11.99716.89720.63424.86528.08331.69233.55638.23558.73862.95365.96969.03269.46961.93264.98467.67270.70973.65476.59182.268102.245104.783113.953133.99676.97738.06615.59814.7158.65613.6617.75421.81125.60529.23632.55636.59842.66364.39267.13470.11272.33775.64379.33182.70386.77590.00992.00895.38896.82891.06796.362103.134106.494110.066115.563121.457127.755134.163139.93
Charles Pic11.47516.27919.94526.18447.83949.95651.66951.88354.60157.95961.10264.52765.12557.61360.86163.94767.29670.74373.54776.30979.14481.60184.943107.98967.86827.75514.42313.118.23814.59219.18923.69927.80834.28757.12960.65663.58567.10969.96472.77374.48277.23280.4983.69387.51590.50492.58895.69296.97190.30593.16196.352101.364104.182108.571113.621119.688125.978130.023

2013 German Grand Prix

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  • 20 comments on “2013 German Grand Prix lap charts”

    1. Why did Webber lose 54 seconds to Vettel when the safety car was deployed?

      1. I assume it’s because on Vettel’s 24th lap, he completed most of it at full speed. As Webber was a lap down, his 24th lap was behind the safety car, presumably 54 seconds slower on that lap. Is that right…?

        1. Explains one slow lap, but not two. But I might be missing something.

          1. @mike-dee didn’t he pit as the SC was deployed? so did Vettel, maybe he held him up.

    2. Rosberg really was appallingly slow after the safety car

    3. the safety car cost grosjean a possible win today…

      1. Indeed. But it also gained Kimi a possible win.

        1. anyone losing points to webber today must be angry. Not cos he got his lap back as that rule has been there for ages it just usually doesnt effect the points but more due to the fact that the unsafe pit release wasnt a penalty of some kind.

          Odd decision to investigate both pit releases after the race.

          1. That rule is in place so that we don’t wind up with a Marussa leading the pack on a restart. It’s a good rule IMO. It worked in Webber’s case only because Webber had a really strong race pace. It seems to me that he was the fastest car in the second half of the race, and that’s with passing 11 or 12 cars during the period. It seems to have been an exceptional drive that nobody saw on the telly ..

    4. I am almost certain that Kimi would have won had he skipped his last stop.

      – He was 14 seconds ahead of Vettel with 12 laps to go.

      – Vettel was closing at half a second per lap.

      – Perez had his second pit stop on the same lap as Kimi, and he staid out until the end, and his lap times didn’t increase in the last 12 laps.

      – Vettel could not have gone quicker because he also had to defend from Grosjean.

      So I think Kimi would have had around 7-8 seconds advantage over Vettel at the end.

      Of course, all this was not known when they took the decision, but I think it would have been worth the risk as the absolute worst that could have happened would have been Kimi ending up in fourth position.

      1. You are not including a factor for continued tire degradation on Kimi’s car. He already had lots of laps on those tires and his pace was no better than Grosjan until the pit stop. In fact he needed the soft tires to pass Grosjan if I’m remembering it correctly.

        1. @breezyracer Well, Perez’ tyres didn’t really degrade a lot, and the Lotus is quite gentle on the tyre as well.

          Furthermore, Vettel’s tyres were of course also degrading.

          Plus there would have been 7-8 seconds of buffer that Kimi could have used to drive more slowly to preserve the tyre.

          Overall, I think it would have been worth the gamble as it would probably have gained the win (+7 points), and there was only a chance of dropping to fourth (-6 points).

          The drop to fourth would not have been certain anyway even if Vettel would have overtaken Kimi: Grosjean could have been ordered not to overtake Kimi and defend from Alonso.

      2. Interesting!
        I think you could be right.

        If Kimi and Alonso both hadn’t pitted, Vettel would have had to overtake both of them in the final few laps and that wouldn’t necessarily have happened.

        1. For Alonso it is different as he had to pit as had not used the soft tyre yet.

    5. Those Mercedes curves are something to behold. What happened to the iron clad conclusions that Mercedes had beat their tire woes due to their cheat-test in Barcelona and were racking up major points as a result? They got some tires today that are less heat-soaking than those used at the ultra highspeed, tire-killing Silverstone track and they still got wiped out. If not for the SC, Hamilton would have been a bit more than 25 seconds behind. A search team was sent out for Rosberg.

    6. Impressed by Maldonado’s track on the soft at the end – that wheel nut cost Williams a good score :(

    7. Just looking at the lap charts again, and considering the “Rosberg blocked Hamilton” thread on the forum, perhaps Nico’s reluctance to let Hamilton by did cost Lewis a place. I initially thought that 5th would have been the maximum possible anyway, and he was lucky to get Button at the end after Jenson was held up by the Caterhams, but perhaps he could have defended 4th from Alonso.

      Fernando was on Lewis’ tail just prior to the safety car, and Lewis was managing to keep Alonso behind (who was on much fresher tyres) until his pit stop just before the safety car. If Hamilton hadn’t been held up by Rosberg, he would have been a little further up the road, and would have held track position after the safety car. Then Alonso would have more than half the race to overtake Hamilton, but he would have had to do it on track, most likely, as trying the undercut with the soft tyres for a final stint would be risky.

    8. I think Grosjean would have won. It was a two horse race with Vettel and Grosjean had newer tyres. Had he not been forced to pit at the SC he would have overtaken Vettel be it on the track or pumping in a few laps then going on softs with 10 to go. Just my view.

      1. Actually Vettel had 1 lap newer tires. He pitted after Grosjean.

        1. @kieranh76 @breezyracer

          I think watenaccio is referring to a hypothetical race without safety car. Vettel would have stopped shortly after his actual stop (although he might have tried to draw this out), whereas Grosjean might have been able to go to lap 45 or so, when he could have put on the softs.

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