2013 German Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2013 German Grand Prix

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the German Grand Prix. Here?s what the teams and drivers shared on Twitter during the Nurburgring race weekend.


F1 arrived at the home of the German Grand Prix amid intense debate over the series of tyre failures seen at Silverstone and Pirelli’s response to it by producing new tyres for this race. The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association raised the tension by threatening to boycott the race if further punctures occured.

The paddock dwellers were also treated to a screening of the upcoming Ron Howard film Rush which tells the story of the thrilling 1976 title battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.


Mercedes were comfortably quickest in first practice but Red Bull led the second session as an unwell Jules Bianchi kept his running to a minimum.

There was no sign of any repeat of the Silverstone punctures during practice which augured well for the rest of the weekend.


In a surprising turnaround Lewis Hamilton went from being off the pace in practice to clinching his third pole position. But a blunder by Mercedes saw Nico Rosberg drop out during Q2.


In warm conditions on Sunday the Red Bulls pounced on the Mercedes pair at the start. Sebastian Vettel withstood a late-race charge from Kimi Raikkonen to take his first home race win.

Share any other great Tweets you spotted during the British Grand Prix in the comments.

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2013 German Grand Prix

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9 comments on “2013 German Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

  1. That last Tweet just made me want to read the Team Radio transcript posts :)

  2. People often say that Rob Smedley is an integral part of Massa’s on track approach, keeping him calm etc. I’d actually say the same for Rocky and Vettel. I honestly think that Rocky deserves a lot of respect for how he handles Seb (who can clearly be a bit of a handful!) – without Rocky I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Seb making a few more mistakes.

    1. Not only that, but how often does he make a strategic error? Vettel deserves some credit for that too, obviously, but they’re certainly one of the best teams.

  3. Loved that last tweet. Excellent choice of words by Rocky for what is a special moment for Vettel.

  4. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    9th July 2013, 14:32

    The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Best looking car in the world at the moment?

    1. To be honest, 458 catches me more ;)

    2. If there was ever a reason to drive for Ferrari, it’s this car :P

    3. I like 458 alot more also, just so smooth and neat package.

      1. The 458 a smooth and neat package? With all the overstylised details like the taillights, the headlights etc, its about as far from smooth and neat as a Ferrari can get

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